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The Etiquette of Walking with Your Mexican Girlfriend in Public

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How should you walk with your Mexican girlfriend when in public?

There's this idea out there on the internet that, when walking with her, you have to be the one closest to the edge of the sidewalk.

Where she doesn't have to walk that close to the edge of the sidewalk or on the street itself.

Something like that.

Similar to the age old idea in the US that, when walking with a woman, you take your jacket and place it over a puddle to let her walk over like you can see here.

Being from the US, I don't know anyone who does that.


Because you'd walk around the fucking puddle.

Why ruin my jacket?

She too dumb to know how to walk around it?

Got down syndrome, she does?

Makes no sense.

But, when I was seeing American women during my very brief dating life up there before moving to Latin America, I never once met one that insisted I take off my jacket to cover the rain puddle.

Similarly, I never once met a Mexican woman who took offense to how we walk together.

Granted, I've never been conscious of it either.

If I'm walking with a woman, maybe we're walking casually and she could be walking in the street or maybe she isn't.

Sometimes I'll grab their hand while walking and, if that happens, there's a chance I might be walking her ass too fast.

Because, as I wrote here, Mexicans walk like fucking turtles and go way too damn slow.

I always have to be conscious to myself to walk slower when I'm with most women down here.

Most. Sometimes I meet one who doesn't treat walking at a normal pace like a mentally challenging activity.

But that's about it as far as any "walking etiquette" that I'm familiar with women of Mexico.

But, from what I've heard like in videos such as this one here, apparently the idea goes that you are advertising her ass as being a prostitute or available to be taken if you have her walking on the street.


"The first unwritten rule of Mexico is that if a man and woman are walking together on a sidewalk and the woman is on the side closest to the traffic, well then she's not your girlfriend or wife. You're her pimp and she's for sale. So if you're ever walking down the sidewalk with your partner, make sure that she's on the inside away from traffic because this is really ingrained into Mexican culture and it's really, really important."

With most women I meet on Tinder though, that wouldn't bother me because I'm just trying to fuck her also and not make her my girlfriend.

But also because, as I said, no Mexican woman ever said shit or gave me negative vibes after walking together.

Granted, maybe I'm lucky.

Perhaps all of them happened to be walking on the sidewalk but I kinda doubt that.

I'm not conscious anyhow of where they're walking because, like I said, it's not a real world issue when it comes to dating Mexican women in specifically Mexico City, Estado de Mexico or Pachuca de Soto of Hidalgo.

The 3 places of Mexico where I'm most familiar with dating women down here.

But also keep in mind that Mexico City is full of women from all over the country that I've met and none of them have given me shit about it either.

It just doesn't happen.

I don't know where these other gringos get these ideas from.

Is there some specific Mexican state where women dump your ass right there for having them walk on the street?

Which, to be fair, that might be part of the issue.

Like you can see here with a quote from a comment in the comment section of that video, sometimes regional or generational differences do matter when talking about dating Mexican women or anything to do with Mexico.

"#1 is not a general rule. I think it applies in just a few small cities. This leads to a huge misconception of Mexico

" I'm Mexican, I've never heard about rule #1, and I lived in 3 major cities... only one female friend asked me to allow her to walk on the "inside" of the sidewalk, but that was it..."

"it's more of a low/middle class thing, big cities may not show this commonly"


Just like in any country where regional and generational differences matter.

So I'm not saying that you absolutely won't find a single Mexican woman who won't give you shit about this.

What I can say though is that:

Based on my experience alone after 6 years of dating women from all over the country, this is complete bullshit. Never met one like this.

Second, if a chick were to give you shit about this where maybe she had to take one step onto the street, I'm going to guess she's a real fresa type bitch that is stuck up as fuck.

Though, as you can see in the comments, apparently it's a low or middle class thing?

Perhaps a rural thing like those from small cities.

But, while living in poor urban areas of Mexico City like Pedregal de Santo Domingo or visiting San Miguel Teotongo, I see no shortage of women (and everyone literally) just walking all over the street.

Poor barrio chicks of CDMX definitely don't have this "I ain't walking on the street" attitude.

They walk on the street like they own the fucking place with complete disregard for vehicles.

This type of woman though that doesn't walk on the street is guaranteed to be a starfish in bed. 

But that assumes you do fuck her.

My best guess is that a woman like this who is stuck up about where she walking outside is probably someone who isn't that interested in you anyhow.

If she's being like this over walking, she probably just isn't that into you physically and sexually.

I just don't see how she could be.

So it'll be a lot more work to fuck her than other women and the sex will be shit anyhow.

Just not worth it.

Always know when to cut out a woman that isn't worth it because there's more out there and the sex is going to be shit anyhow.

But, like I said, it probably won't be an issue because I've never met a Mexican woman like this.

I honestly think it's just one of those legends you hear about Mexico that people like to claim is legit but, for the most part, really isn't.

Finally, with you being a gringo, I'd bet that one stuck up woman who gets her panties in a twist over this shit would excuse your improper walking etiquette just because you're a gringo.

"Oh, he's not from here, different culture, all fine."

Sometimes locals down here -- like I wrote here -- do let us get away with shit on the assumption we didn't know better (when it comes to speaking Spanish, cultural customs, etc).

Though, if something like this really gets under her skin, I imagine she's going to be letting you know soon that it does (especially if she's not that into you sexually but, for whatever reason, is still seeing you).

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Don't worry about this shit when it comes to dating Mexican women.

And, like I said, if you find a Mexican woman like this (1 out of a million), get yourself a better one.

This one bitches about where she's walking and the next one will cook you enchiladas and give you a blowjob after.

Hard choice to pick which one is better?

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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