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The Latin Americans Who Also Earn Dollars Working Remotely

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

Having moved to a new apartment a month ago in Iztapalapa of Mexico City, I soon enough got to know some of my new neighbors.

From what I know, there's one chick that lives on the rooftop, one chick who lives on the same floor, one chick who lives with her boyfriend/husband on the bottom floor, the landlord with his family and one fat dude who lives in the room across from me.

While preparing some tea, the dude came into the area getting ready to cook some chicken from the looks of it.

We got talking.

Though I don't remember his name, he's obviously another Mexican dude who, similar to me, happens to work remotely.

But not just that.

The dude does the same type of work I do with affiliate income.

So we got talking.

As I imagine he doesn't meet too many people who does that work given most Mexicans I meet seem confused as to what "affiliate income" is and also I don't meet too many foreigners in Iztapalapa for obvious reasons.

Much less those who make money from affiliate income for, as I wrote here, more and more are coming to Latin America with more real jobs while working remotely still.

Anyway, the dude seemingly makes his money doing affiliate income for pet related products.

He also speaks English well enough.

To be fair, I don't know nor did I ask if he makes affiliate income marketing in English or Spanish but, if I had to guess, probably English.

Simply more of a market to appeal to and that market usually has more money to spend.

Though, to be fair, you do have some Latin American countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile or Brazil where you have more of an audience that is OK with online shopping.

At least compared to certain countries like Nicaragua, Cuba (obviously), Bolivia, etc.

Anyway, I should be fair in saying too that the dude does have a "real job."

It's not like he only makes money from affiliate income.

Just a side hustle that throws a few Benjamins to the bank account whenever.

...Or do I mean a few Juarez(es)?

Anyway, it's an aspect to life down here where you occasionally meet the Latin American that actually makes USD remotely just like we gringos do.

Here's a few more examples.

Andres the Translator

As I wrote here, I once met a Latin American dude in Mexico City named Andres.

I don't think he was Mexican if I remember right but some other nationality?

Anyway, he happened to move into the apartment building briefly where I was living by Metro Juanacatlan.

And we went for a beer.

He was telling me how he also, as nothing more than a side hustle, makes money online doing informal translation work.

English to Spanish mostly.

As he put it, supposedly "Spanish to English" doesn't pay as well?

I have no idea how true that is but I'll leave his word there as it is.

Anyway, that's a side hustle he did.

No idea how many dollars he was making per month doing that but he seemed comfortable.

Going from that though, there's a certain "side hustle" though that you do notice among some Latin Americans that I am more familiar with and isn't so "formal" either.

Cam Modeling "Colombians"

As I mentioned elsewhere on my blog, I make affiliate income from cam modeling websites.

A chick signs up to be a cam model and I make a percentage of what she earns.

A dude signs up and I make a percentage of what he faps to.

Among other affiliate income sources but cam modeling income is where most of it comes from right now in 2022.

Anyway, given I work within that area, I'm familiar as well with the "industry" a little bit.

In particular, I can tell you that there's no shortage of Latin American women who are cam models of many nationalities.

Many claim to be Colombian because, on some of these websites, it seems to be the trend to say you are Colombian if you are Latina.

I'm pretty confident not all of them are Colombian but they just go with the program for whatever reason.

It reminds me of this article here on another blog where some dude is asking for advice on how to deal with his "Colombian cam model girlfriend."

It also reminds me of this story from 90 Day Fiance where some American dude tries dating a Colombian chick who was a cam model when he met her and tried to get her off the websites as you can read here.

90 Day Fiance Mike Colombia

Anyway, among jobs Latin Americans take up to make those dollars remotely, I'm inclined to believe that a higher than what you'd expect percentage are doing cam model/onlyfans work.

Though that might be a sampling bias given the affiliate income I make but it seems to be popular enough anyhow among some of them.

Anyway, let's wrap this up.

Latin Americans Making USD Working Remotely

In many cases, people down here in Latin America sometimes think it's only us gringos making money remotely.

And, as you can see here, sometimes get bitchy about it because we aren't earning a local wage and they are stuck living in Neza with no income and no bitches.

But the truth is that you do have some Latin Americans that do actually make an online income.

Of course, there are challenges to them making that online income.

I'm not personally familiar with all of them as I am not a local Latin American trying to make that income remotely while not being a citizen from a more developed country.

But, from what I have learned informally, it seems like some of the challenges include, but not limited to:

1. Not knowing enough English to deal with the clients.

2. For some, seemingly getting paid can be a challenge if you don't have a bank account in the US (not sure if other payment services like Paypal fix this but it's what I've heard).

3. Some having a bias against hiring you out of per-conceived notions that you speak shit English for not being from the US and/or that quality of your work will be shit for being from a "third world country" (though, to be fair, you have some who prefer to hire those because they assume wages can be cheaper).

4. Wanting to pay way lower than what they know they'd pay a local from a more developed country like the US and finding offense to that.

5. Obviously, I imagine most of these Latin American types are not eligible for worker benefits from those using them for a simple job versus some of the American types who get paid to work remotely from a company back home.

Among other issues probably!

Maybe some cultural ones.

I imagine time zone issues are not too bad given it's all in the Americas.

So on and so on.

At any rate, it's a specific topic you notice down here when it comes to some Latin Americans engaging in remote work for that USD.

Nothing more to be said.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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