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The Latin American Who Hates Gringos But Never Met One

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

There's a certain oddity you notice in people of many backgrounds.

Not just with Latin Americans or, in the case of this article, with Mexicans.

That oddity being where some of the people in question from that group have a dislike of some other group of people without ever actually having met or interacted with anyone from that group.

And they base their entire perspective of you on those pre conceived notions, talking points but no actual experiences.

Quite often, the people who do this the most unironically tend to be folks who have a shit ton of problems and are just blaming all of said problems on "that other group."

And some groups obviously have it way harder than others in terms of the amount of discrimination they face.

Obviously, such discrimination increases when the group in question involves poor people or when in times of war where the group in the country is part of the same group that the country is at war with.

Here in Latin America and Mexico City specifically, that has become more noticeable on my end among some Mexicans who dislike the new wave of gringos coming in.

What is always ironic though is that the same Mexican who bitches the most about gringos and white foreigners in general (because, to such an ignorant retard, all white foreigners are gringos as part of his insecurity complex is tied to white people) are also the ones who will be the loudest in saying "MEXICO IS VERY WELCOMING TO FOREIGNERS!!"

That'd be like if I spent an hour bitching to a random black dude about how "black people commit so many crimes" but then turned around and said "WELL ACTUALLY BLACK PEOPLE ARE VERY WELCOME HERE."

The irony is amazing but seems to go over the head of the character giving both talking points.

At any rate, there was a recent moment that reminded me of this again.

The Mexican Hating His Imaginary Enemy

Only imaginary because said Mexican never actually met or interacted with too many of his so called "enemy."

But it is what it is.

Specifically though, I remember being in a taxi that I wrote about here where I was leaving a part of Mexico City near Xochimilco.

This was when I was spending a month near Tlahuac area.

And I got talking with the taxi driver and he asked me cheerfully "where are you from?"

He seemed quite cheerful.

And, as some readers know, sometimes I say I am from Russia simply because I don't feel like a random stranger wanting to vomit their broken ass English onto me.

He then asks me some questions about Russia.

It's funny too because, in these days, they sometimes ask about the Ukraine War and if I support it.

I just go "well, it is what it is."

They're never hostile. Just curious.

Anyway, I am Russian to this man.

And, perhaps feeling safe to say so in my company that he assumes is not that of a gringo, he begins complaining about gringos.

I mostly nod along to what he's saying as I don't care too much.

But he said something that was interesting to me.

Where he brought up how "they aren't paying taxes" and "have it easy here" and "are increasing the rent."

The usual complaints of any Mexican who hates gringos.

Out of curiosity, I didn't feel the need to argue with the dude but I wanted to ask him something given he was seemingly a taxi driver around Tlahuac area.

An area with seemingly no gringos.

So I asked him "where do you live? What part of the city?"

"Me? What part?" he asks.

I nod.

"In Iztapalapa" I believe he said.

"A lot of gringos over there?" I ask him.

"No" he says while looking a little bit confused as to the question.

Well, as I write this article, at least one now, huh?

Then I asked him "how many foreigners do you usually meet or pick up?"

He answered something along the lines of "none, maybe a few Colombians, Venezuelans but not many."

So not many gringos.

Then he mentioned casually how "I am the first Russian he met"

Putin would be proud that his first Russian was an American.

Anyway, the ride wasn't very long.

The bit where I asked him like two questions lasted maybe 20 to 30 seconds and I went back to nodding along to what he was saying.

We got back to my place fairly quickly and, after mentioning I was one of his first Russians, he went back to his tirade about "gringos this, gringos that."

How Mexicans have it harder in the US.

So on and so on.

With a final "bienvenido a Mexico" or some shit like that.

Obviously, he didn't get a tip.

But it did bring up a curious point.

The Online Hate

I'm currently writing an article on the whole topic of "Mexicans being bitchy about too many gringos in Mexico City" that you see so often discussed online these days.

It'll take me forever to write as I'm going through a lot of material for it.

Anyhow, one thing I have noticed is that a lot of the apparent hate is mostly online based.

Rarely do you get a local Mexican to have the balls to say how he feels about "the gringos" in real life and, in this case, was only because he thought I wasn't one.

Regardless, I do want to emphasize that most Mexicans do seem chill about gringos or foreigners in general.

Some even bend over backwards to please us and seem self-hating against Mexico with a preference for the foreigner.

It all depends on who you are dealing with.

The odd thing I have noticed though is what I said before at the beginning of the article.

Where the dude who is hating -- in some cases but not always -- literally has no experience with the group he is bitching about.

And definitely not the issues he complains about.

Given his lack of interaction picking up gringos in Iztapalapa and Tlahuac (likely do the lack of them), you have to wonder how does he know that they don't pay taxes.

Do they all not pay taxes?

And, more importantly, how the fuck do they raise HIS rent in Iztapalapa?

Motherfucker, you literally live in what Mexicans call "the culero" of the city.

Nobody is raising your fucking rent.

You just a loser who keeps making 7000 to 9000 pesos a month and being a resentful bitch about it so you find some other group to blame your lack of success on.

Because, even with the few gringos like me who live here, I'm not raising rent.

I pay just slightly over 100 bucks a month to live in Iztapalapa.

Rent isn't being raised by me.

I'm not overpaying for shit.

But, for some reason, he perceives the gringos in Roma Norte and Condesa as raising his rent in Iztapalapa.

It's like the online hate that I mentioned before that really is 99% of the hate you see as most of it isn't in real life.

Most Mexicans are chill in real life.

Still, you see some resentful loser Mexicans bitching online who, like the taxi dude in Tlahuac, don't live in areas that the gringos are impacting.

Just check their Twitter profiles.

Motherfucker be living by Metro Pantitlan and crying like a bitch about "THE GRINGOS ARE RAISING MY RENT!!"

You can't make this shit up.

Of course, you do have some Mexicans who do live in those areas like Condesa and be bitching that they'll have to settle for a normal area with rent going up from 7000 to 12,000.

The other irony though is that some of the resentful poor Mexicans who laugh and go "HAHA WHITE MEXICAN!!! FUCK YOU AND DIE OF HUNGER!!!"

But that's also because, outside of their envoy and resentment against the white Mexicans who do better than them and are whiter, it should be said that some Mexicans in general just like getting off at laughing at those who go through inconveniences or misfortune to feel better about themselves. 

Which, after laughing at said white Mexicans for no longer being able to brag about living in a trendy neighborhood, they'll then turn around and, while living in Iztapalapa, cry like a bitch about the imaginary gringos raising their rent in a shit hole where no other gringos exist because the motherfucker is too useless to find a better paying job that doesn't settle at 7,500 pesos a month. 

Anyway, it's a funny detail that you notice in some Mexicans that complain about foreigners.

Not all but just some.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

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