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The Latin American Love for Russia & China

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One thing you might notice about some Latin American folks is their love for Russia and China.

Though, in many cases, said Latin American doesn't know much about Russia or China.

It's not like they have a Russian or Chinese girlfriend to explain their bias for the countries.

It's not like they spent years living there and have some great connection to either place.

Nor do they know the languages of either country.

If you ask them to explain to you something about either country, the information you'd get is very basic and not always very specific.

Sometimes they might have something to mention though.

The Polish Confusion on the Mexican Love for Russia

As I edit this article, here's an interesting example I came across recently after first publishing this.

Sitting down in a bar in Centro Historico, I was with a Polish chick.

We met up on Tinder and were just having a few beers.

Mostly discussing life in Mexico.

The conversation soon turned into one of those "odd things Mexicans do" style conversations.

Get two gringos together in a room with some beers and guaranteed they just might start shit talking the Latin American country they are in.

Not in a very negative way most of the time.

....Most of the time.

But can be as simple as "why do Mexicans do this or that? Weird as fuck, no?"

One of those "weird as fuck" things that she noticed about Mexicans was their love for Russia.

And, before she even said it that directly, I knew she was going to say exactly that.

I've had this conversation before.

I've seen it myself.

I know where the plane is landing and how it is going to land.

And she begins discussing how she met some random Mexican dude who professed support for Russia in the Ukraine war.

When she questioned him on it, he didn't know jack shit about the war in Ukraine.

Doesn't know anything about what is going on there.

Not even why Russia is doing what it is doing.

Couldn't even give you talking points about how the US has military bases over there around Russia, has NATO on their border or whatever the hell else.

The Mexican guy just didn't know jack shit about anything to do with that part of the world or the war itself.

But found himself casually saying how he supports Russia in what they are doing.

And it was her impression from the conversation that the guy simply supports Russia because, in his mind, supporting Russia on anything is equal to being against whatever the US wants.

To Latin Americans like this dude, it doesn't matter how atrocious Russia's actions are.

As long as it "sticks it to the yankees," then it's all good to him.

As long as it is somehow "anti US."

And she told me that she ended up ripping the dude a new one because her family lives near the conflict supposedly and how she is worried it could spill over to the rest of Europe and so on and so on.

On top of it all, she just couldn't believe how retarded some of the locals are down here with supporting Russia without knowing jack shit about the war.

That so many seemingly have this very low IQ, down syndrome way of thinking which equates to nothing more than "DRRRR DRRR IF US DONT LIKE IT, VERY GOOD YES YES."

In my own personal life, I have seen examples of this before but let's bring up one I think I might've mentioned on my blog already.

Another Example

For example, I remember getting into a mini argument with some random Mexican dude many months or maybe even a year ago now.

I don't remember his name but the conversation was very basic where the dude, for whatever reason, decided to bring up vaccines.

And how Russia has been a better ally to Mexico when it comes to bringing Covid vaccines to the country and that, in his words, the US hasn't done much of anything.

I'm paraphrasing as it's been such a long time since that mini conversation and I don't remember how exactly he said it right now.

But I remember looking up casually in the moment to see what the US has done because I knew what he said wasn't entirely accurate.

It is true that Russia has supplied vaccines. No denying that.

Though the quality of such vaccines can always be questioned just like they can be with the various ones coming out of the US.

At any rate, you can see here that the US has donated 62 million vaccines to Latin America.

But, to be fair to Russia, they did give 24 million doses to Mexico specifically as you can read here and many more doses to the rest of Latin America.

And so, regardless of what you think about the vaccine, there is no denying that Russia has provided vaccines to Latin America.

It's only the complete denial from this one guy that the US hasn't done much of anything for Latin America on this topic despite the obvious evidence.

One could wonder why that is.

It could just be ignorance about the situation.

Nobody is completely knowledgeable about everything and maybe he just didn't read about it.

And, as I wrote here, Russia has been using "vaccine diplomacy" to improve its standing in Latin America over the last few years.

Though I would argue that the reason is deeper for the bias for Russia and China that you see among some Latin Americans.

And I emphasize some -- you have plenty who also have a bias for the US and allied countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc.

The Bias for Russia & China

For one, you obviously have some countries in Latin America that have more leftist leaders who have better diplomacy with Russia and China.

Countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc.

And, for those specific countries, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why you'd find more people to have a bias for Russia and China given the relationship that those countries have with each other and the more modern hostilities that the US has towards all of them.

Second, you have some Latin Americans who have a victim complex that simply dislike all things US.

They see themselves as perpetual victims of the US even though the dude in question is just some employee at a local mechanic shop in Chaco of Estado de Mexico and whose life hasn't really been that impacted by the US up to this point.

Yet, despite those details, they do know about the fuckery the US has had with their country historically like the US taking Texas for example.

Or, if they were from Guatemala, they might think about the time the US overthrew their government decades ago.

Whatever the specifics might be, it's the same case as the Latin American blaming all of their problems (literally all of them) onto the US and using that as the reason for why their country is relatively poorer and, by extension, why they have no money in the bank and no woman to fuck them.

That isn't to deny the role the US has had in Latin America.

To discuss the current conditions of any Latin American country does require room for discussing the role of the US.

Though, as I wrote here, you simply have those who blame literally all of the problems onto the US with little to no discussion allowed about other factors, including many internal ones, to explain the current status of their country and, by extension, their own lives.

Therefore, when dealing with a Latin American who is like this, you have to understand that they see anything as "anti US" as a good thing.

It doesn't matter who it is.

Adolf Hitler could be running Germany again and killing twice as many people but he'd be seen as "the good guy" by this type of Latin America simply because Germany was at war with the US during World War 2.

Literally anybody -- with no exaggeration included -- would be seen as a good force for the world if they were simply "anti US.

It doesn't matter what atrocities either Russia, China or literally Adolf Hitler have committed because they don't see that as impacting them directly but the behavior of the US more clearly does.

That's as far as their thinking on the matter goes for some of these folks in Latin America who think about these matters.

And nothing will convince them otherwise.

Third, as you can read here, Russia specifically has been more successful in promoting its own media propaganda throughout Latin America.

Their news programs do have decent reach to Latin American audiences and so that will influence the perception of some down here.

Fourth, it should be said too that any one opinion doesn't make a Latin American biased in favor of Russia or China.

Sometimes different opinions are just different opinions.

Like the guy who thought that Russia has done a great job at providing vaccines and the US hasn't done jack shit.

In reality, one of those statements is true as I said but the other isn't at all.

It could be the case that the guy had a bias against the US but it also, to be fair to him, could again be explained by a simple bit of ignorance due to not reading enough about the topic.

And the same could be said on any other singular issues.

For example, maybe you encounter a Latin American who thinks that China should take Taiwan.

Doesn't mean that they are a cheerleader for China.

It could be the case that they have a genuine reason for thinking as such on that one issue.

So, when discussing this topic, keep in mind that the Latin American in question might not always be as biased as you think he is.

His opinion could still be dogshit and misinformed (or better informed than yours!) but he isn't necessarily as biased as you think he is.

Finally, you have some Latin Americans who just wish to be "edgy."

The type is usually fat or very skinny, fairly young in his 20s, lives with his parents, has no money and has no bitches.

This isn't unique to Latin Americans though.

You have this type of character in every single country.

And quite a few young men have been like this at one point.

If they are just trying to be ironic every so often, then who cares?

But some do double down perpetually on the "always trying to be edgy" and some do wonder when they will grow out of it.

.....Have some thought the same about me? Never!

But, in all seriousness, that's another character you meet who comes across as a cheerleader for Russia and China.

They don't really hold firm on the opinions they express.

You could get them to crack easily enough on admitting that what they believe is bullshit.

And sometimes their "edgy" opinion has nothing to do with Russia or China.

It could be worse than that.

For example, as I referenced in this article here, you have Latin Americans (despite being very brown with no blue eyes or blonde hair to speak of) that are wannabe neo-nazis.

Without question, that's a much more obvious example of a Latin American (or a person of any background) that is just trying to be edgy for the sake of being edgy.

These people exist in likely every (or most) cultures and it's not specific to Latin America.

Just something you'll see down here occasionally.

Anyway, I think that about covers it.

As I said, not everyone who favors Russia or China on international issues is being unreasonably biased (or at all really).

But these are the usual characters I have noticed the most when it comes to those who are being biased.

And, as I hinted at, sometimes the bias is actually very logic like in the case of those who are Cuban or Venezuelan perhaps.

Though, as I wrote here or here, one could wonder how logical they are being too in supporting, by extension then, those governments that are allied with Russia or China but oppress their own people and use others as scapegoats to explain away their government's failures.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

It's not too complex of a topic.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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