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The Irony of Gringos Hating Other Gringos

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

As I wrote here, there's a certain gringo that hates seeing other gringos in his area of Latin America.

There are various reasons for why they hate seeing other gringos.

Some of the reasons seem legit to me and other times it just feels like a loser bitching about being around too many people that remind him of home where he was a loser also.

You can check out those other articles for a more detailed explanation of the reasons why gringos hate seeing other gringos in their area.

Putting that aside, there have been certain ironies that come with this topic that I have noticed over the years.

Let's cover some of them briefly.

Hate Gringos IRL But Cool Online

This is one I could never understand.

If you hate seeing gringos in your area in real life, why do you follow and interact with them online?

I get some of them might be cool personally but, in other cases, you don't know the dude you're interacting with.

For example, there's this dude who follows me on Twitter that seems to follow other gringos also.

I first learned about him when he came bitching to me on my Twitter photos about some other gringo that runs a blog you can find here wouldn't give him free advice.

I ignored it because I wasn't sure why he came to me bitching about it.

Regardless, he follows me and likes my photos.

But, as he posted one time on my Twitter, he doesn't like other gringos being in Mexico City and felt it was too many.

Couldn't really give an idea though as to how many is "too many."

But, if he doesn't like the fact that there are too many gringos in these parts, why does he follow a Twitter account that occasionally promotes life in Mexico City (including areas gringos don't go to).

Because another thing to wonder again is "how many is too many?"

Whenever I walk by Roma Norte for example, I hear no shortage of Spanish and see no shortage of Mexicans.

They're the majority as you'd expect.

When I went to a Starbucks and a bar yesterday in Roma Norte, the vast majority (almost everyone) was speaking Spanish and almost none of them appeared to be gringos.

....So I'm guessing the sight of any gringo -- even one -- annoys him?

Regardless of if that is his case, there are gringos out there who legit get annoyed at the sight of even one single gringo in their area.

They're fucking losers.

But, if you don't like gringos in your area, I can't see why you'd follow accounts and interact with dudes who promote a life in Latin America that would attract more gringos.

Granted, in my case, I doubt I am currently pushing any gringos towards Latin America given my online presence is fairly small (though, as I wrote before, I apparently have been converting one dude from high school to live down here).

And, like I said, the dude was, until he couldn't get free shit, following and enjoying the content of one other gringo running a more popular blog that is much more active in trying to get gringos to come to Latin America.

So I just don't get it.

Why support -- in any fashion even something as small as following their Twitter -- a gringo who promotes life in Latin America if you don't like seeing gringos down here?

Regardless of how much influence any of us gringos running blogs have, our simple presence down here should be something you are against if you don't like seeing gringos in your neighborhood.

Let's move on to the other side of the coin.

The Gringos Advertising Latin America

This one isn't as weird to me but still kinda is.

There's another gringo on Twitter that has made comments about not liking certain areas of Latin America having too many gringos like Cartagena.

And his reasons are along those that are more understandable.

What I don't get then is why he has an account on some other website giving free travel advice to Latin America and also articles you have to pay to see.

I get if maybe he's just trying to hustle for a few extra dollars.

Have another side income.

Shit like that.

But there's plenty of ways to make money on the internet.

To be fair, maybe he just underestimates his influence on the internet and ability to turn any place into another Cartagena.

And that's reasonable. None of us are the next International Living.

And the advice he gives, to be fair, is fairly basic.

Still, he does have greater reach than I do on Twitter with more followers and he's just one example out of others out there.

Gringos who complain of certain areas having too many gringos but then they are talking about "secret places in Brazil" to visit or whatever the fuck else.

If you don't like having gringos in your area, then shut the fuck up about those areas.

Because some of those gringos might then go to those areas.

Some of them might end up being travel bloggers who post videos about them or maybe even blog posts.

Perhaps post their content on Facebook expat groups to get more attention.

Others will visit.

If the place is as nice as you claim it is, it will get more attention over time.

The ball is rolling.

If, on the other hand, the place is a bit of a shithole with no accommodations for foreigners who need to work from their laptops, that will limit the amount of gringos and the length of stay each one has.

But you are still contributing to the effect of "one gringo talks about it, others talk about, some make Youtube videos about it, word spreads on Facebook expat groups, etc."

And, personally, I don't give a shit if I see another gringo or two in one of those areas.

Again, I get why a place like Cartagena or Cancun would've lost their appeal compared to the past.

But, for some of these gringos who just hate seeing any other gringo in these areas, then why the fuck are you talking about them?

 Gringos on Politics

You have a gringo who is left leaning and calls it racist when you say Mexicans should learn English and assimilate to the culture back home.

Then said gringo will come to Mexico City and bitch about foreigners from the US or elsewhere not learning Spanish.

Of course, they only bitch about gringos from the US, Canada or elsewhere and not those from Haiti for example as I wrote here.

Their thinking is simple to understand:

1. They want to feel superior to other gringos on the local language as I wrote before and others want to be on a "moral high horse" by being "the good gringo." Kinda like a woman who says she "ain't like the other hoes." These are some effeminate motherfuckers who are using social justice talking points to feel better than others and different.

2. They have an inherit bias against white people that dictates in their mind who should be held to the standard of assimilating to the other person's culture.

Outside of that, you have non-left leaning gringos who are in agreement at not liking gringos who don't speak Spanish or assimilating enough.

They have a tendency to share the first characteristic described above at wanting to feel superior based on knowing the language/culture/region better than other gringos (without feeling the need to feel superior on social justice talking points).

What I find odd about these specific, non-left leaning gringos though is that they tend to have a high regard for countries that are very prideful of their culture and demanding that others respect (read: assimilate) to their culture.

There's a few things that come to mind with these folks:

1. You'd think they would expect Mexicans and Latin Americans to assimilate better to the US but I'm not always sure about that. They tend to be more right wing and right wing folks are like that. However, given these are gringos who have spent years in Latin America and assimilated to some degree themselves, I'd wonder if they'd truly demand Mexicans to do the same in our country. When you've spent enough time learning Spanish and Latin American culture from many countries, I'd imagine that bias against those who don't assimilate back home weakens.

2. One very odd thing that comes to mind is how they respect the dominant culture (Mexican for example) to demand we (gringos) assimilate as it shows Mexicans being prideful of their culture but yet said gringos NEVER (left wing or right wing actually) seem prideful of being American or American culture.

They are the "anti-patriots."

The people who are the biggest anti-patriots, in my opinion, were probably some of the biggest losers back home.

In many cases, I doubt they got laid much or had much money and so they feel bitter about it.

But sometimes that is not always the case.

Other times, I feel these types just hate the US because of politics but seem so low IQ to not separate the culture of the people from the larger government at hand.

They both influence each other greatly but can also be seen separately but yet these types don't seem to realize that.

Above all though, they have this respect for cultures that demand assimilation and are nationalistic but yet have no respect for their own culture and, at times, seemingly wish to distance themselves from that culture and anybody else from it (like when they hate seeing gringos speaking English down here).

If they were consistent, they'd be happy to see gringos speaking English and bring American culture down here.

But they're not consistent.

They're fucking cucks against their own culture.

By their own logic, they're fucking losers.

You only respect cultures that stay strong, demand their place in society to exist and yet don't stand up for your own culture to be well represented down here?

Now, to be fair, they might say something like "well, cultures should stay in specific countries and, if you move somewhere, you should assimilate."

Which I get.

But I think is very naive.

You will never put away the "American" in you to some shelf that can ignored.

And you know that.

There will always be every little detail about you that screams AMERICAN.

No matter how much you hate seeing your fellow countrymen, you will ALWAYS be one of them down here.

Even when it comes to Mexican-Americans, they are NEVER see as "Mexican enough" down here and actually are "not really Mexican" and instead "American" in the eyes of most Mexicans.

Because that's what they fucking are.

And they have more of a connection and knowledge of Mexican culture than you do.

It's the same reason that you -- as the gringo who hates other gringos in his corner of Latin America -- finds it annoying when you see too many other gringos in said area.

Even if all of those gringos happened to speak Spanish and knew the culture so well, their simple presence would piss you off and make you find some other corner to stay in.

Let's just be fucking real. That's how you are.

What's even weirder about some of these gringos is that some of them will also hold a high regard for people of other cultures coming down here and not assimilating because it is "based" and an example of being prideful of your own culture.

For example, I remember talking with a friend of mine named Blayde who is from the US.

From West Virginia -- as red as it gets.

And he gives the same shit about other gringos not assimilating, not learning Spanish, etc.

But yet, in one conversation we had, seems to hold in high regard specifically the French and Chinese.

I don't remember how or why those specific nationalities came up but they did.

And how he has high respect for some of them -- especially the Chinese -- because "they come to Mexico, they hold their own culture, have their own barrio chino, don't speak Spanish, etc."

It reminds me of this meme I found here that shows the difference between different "races" of Latin America.

The Chinese man -- never learns Spanish.

The gringo -- maybe?

Anyway, I don't disagree with that.

In my experience here in Latin America, it does seem like Chinese folks are less likely to learn Spanish than gringos.

I'd give them less shit though because, to be fair, the jump from Mandarin to Spanish is bigger than English to Spanish.

Same excuse can't be used for French though.

Regardless though of the difficulty of learning that other language, you can't hold the Chinese to a lower standard if we are being ideologically consistent.

If you are Chinese and immigrate to Mexico, by your own logic, you should learn Spanish just like the gringos.

A tourist? Who gives a fuck.

And, to be fair, I don't give a fuck if you learn Spanish or not EVER as a gringo or Chinese dude in Mexico.

Spend decades and don't learn it? Not my problem. I don't need to judge you to feel better about myself on that one issue. I don't give a fuck if you speak it or not.

But this type of gringo -- like Bryan for example -- has an odd way of holding different standards for gringos from back home and people of non-anglo cultures basically.

Where, even if you immigrate here, it's somehow "based" and shows you are "prideful" of your culture if you are from France or China and don't learn Spanish.

You make your own community for your own people and hold your own representing your own culture here.


But, if you are a gringo from a country like the US or Canada, then you are fucking terrible for not learning Spanish, assimilating enough, etc.

Again, you notice these inconsistencies in how people speak about these issues and you realize that, above all, they are bullshit.

They're not the real reasons why people get mad about the gringos (or people like them from back home).

And, to be fair, I could be wrong in saying this but I think this whole "not liking seeing people from your own country" is more of a thing from people from the US, Canada, etc.

I've seen plenty of French or Israeli people love hanging with each other and not give each other shit for not assimilating enough.

Especially the Israelis. They stick like glue.

Still, above all, it's an odd inconsistency in some of the non-left leaning gringos you notice who bitch about others not assimilating enough.

To summarize:

For one, they sometimes (though maybe not always) hold a different standard for foreigners from non-anglo countries than they do from other countries. And, within that, you might reasonably suspect that they are just talking out of their ass by making up shit they don't like when really there are deeper reasons for their discontentment.

Second, you have those who hold in high regard people that "stand tall" with their culture but yet these same gringos seem to shit on their own culture and people from said culture. Regardless of if you have immigrated to another country or not, wouldn't you, by this logic, want to to be prideful of your own culture and have it represented elsewhere? What does that make them by their own logic?

On that second point, it's always been my opinion that gringos should do a better job at demanding their representation abroad and have their interests served even better than they are now.

I won't go into that topic now because I'd spend another 5000 words writing about it but, if you want, you can read about that opinion I wrote here.

Anyway, let's wrap this up.

Anything I missed?

Those were the main observations I've had over the last week as this topic has been something I've been thinking about over and over.

Above all, it just rubs me the wrong way these faggot ass gringos who hate their own kind.

You all should be prideful of being American.

If an area becomes "too Americanized" like San Miguel de Allende, you should be happy.

Our people and our culture is taking over a specific area.

We might not be there forever but we are making our mark.

We will leave behind an influence over long enough.

It shouldn't be that we be dicks to the locals but do our part to improve the community, leave behind our influence and so on.

Just like any other immigrant community that goes to another country and leaves behind its influence.

But that's one of the gringo's biggest problems.

The gringo often comes from a country like the US that demands humbleness due to the Protestant influence on its culture over the centuries.

And not to forget the worse gringos of all -- the left leaning ones -- who have a deeper resentment against the culture of our home country the most.

But -- left leaning or right leaning -- you all are the same.

Most of you are faggot ass cucks with no self-respect for your own culture or long term game plan for our community down here.

Granted, it might be the case, as it often is, that most of you don't see a long term future down here and plan to leave in a few weeks, months or maybe a few years.

Or you are a gringo that doesn't necessarily hate his own people or country and wasn't a loser back home but you simply don't want more gringos in your area because it'll mean you can't live their for less than 1,000 bucks a month and the local women will find you less exotic.

In either scenario, you aren't thinking of it along the lines of "gringo immigrant community" but more along the lines of just wanting your own little paradise all to yourself.

I get that.

This article then isn't for you.

At any rate, there are probably other ironies about the gringos who hate gringos.

If more come to mind, I'll try to remember to include them here.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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