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Watching Latin American TV

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I was standing in a shared hotel room in Nicaragua with some other folks I went to Nicaragua with to do a missionary trip.

Build houses and shit.

As we were standing around in this hotel room, one of the dudes turns the TV on.

It was one of the first times I saw the TV in Latin America.

There were some noticeable differences I noticed that day and also on other days living here over the years regardless of the country.

Small little differences here and there between watching the TV in Latin America versus watching the TV back home in the US.

Let's me break them down.

Older TVs

This is one thing you notice about Latin America: The TVs do seem here to be older than back home on average.

And I emphasize "on average."

They do have flat screen TVs and shit.

But, on average, the typical person does have older looking TVs than what I'm used to back home.

Which I don't mind whatever nor do I judge.

In fact, it's kinda cool I guess in that it makes me feel like I'm living back in the early 2000s or some shit.

It is what it is.

In fact, in the current apartment building where I live now in Iztapalapa of Mexico City, we have this exact TV that you can see here.

Sexy Weather Women

When I was growing up, we had "Dave" giving us the weather.

Who is the Dave?

I don't fucking know.

But "Dave" is whoever.

Be it an overweight weather man with 2 kids back home or maybe some menopausal woman named Sarah in her mid 40s.

It's become a meme in its own way but there is some truth to it that some Latin American countries kick the living shit out of the US when it comes to the weather women.

Mexico being such an obvious example.

Though, in case you wish to look at sexy Latin American weather women, you should click here where you'll find all of the articles I wrote covering sexy Latin American weather women in as many countries as I could.

It is true -- some countries like Ecuador might not have as many sexy weather women as one could hope for.

But other countries -- like Mexico or even Bolivia -- kick the living shit out of the US when it comes to this.

Here's one example of a sexy Latin American weather woman.

Dubbing US Shows

This was one thing that I found kinda funny when I first began living here.

Being from small town Iowa with no prior experience outside the US, I had no idea that they were dubbing American shows into Spanish.

It makes sense obviously.

And is no longer worthy of mention as I know by now that obviously they do this.

I just didn't think that shows like Pawn Stars would be interesting to folks down here.

Couldn't they make their own shows to do the same material and not just dub our shit?

Well, it is what it is.

They'd rather dub it and that's fine.

Here's an example.

Mexican Culture Imported

In other Latin American countries from what I remember, you might see shit that is imported from Mexico.

Like telenovelas for example.

Just seems to be that Mexico has more of a dominating influence in the TVs of other countries than visa versa.

Similar Interests

You are in a hotel in Colombia with some random Colombian gal that you are seeing.

It's late at night.

Turn the TV on.

And it's some late night murder program.

Latin American investigators are trying to solve some murder.

Or it be whatever the hell it be.

I've had nights watching shows like that with random gals spending the night with me.

On one hand, it's cool.

But you do realize how similar our people are.

Be it watching shows like that or watching comedy shit or whatever.

People often talk about how different folks are across the border from the US to Latin America.

But no -- we have way more similarities.

At least in terms of what people enjoy watching (among many other things).

Here's an example anyway.

Football (Soccer)

What is there to say?

They like soccer here!

Before coming here, I never cared for it.

Kinda saw it as a more effeminate sport.

It soon grew on me as I spent more time here.

And you'll see it plenty of times when turning on the TV down here.

Not as Strong

Given all the dubbing and other things I'll say, it might be obvious here.

But you do notice that TV programming isn't as strong here as it is back home.

Not as many TV channels who have as much money to make as high quality programming on average.

It is what it is.

More State Propaganda

This might not be something to talk about as an American.

We do have lots of biases in our TV with MSNBC and Fox for example.

Or, as you can see here, the connection between the Pentagon and Mainstream Media leading up to the Iraq War.

Still, as an American, it does feel like "state propaganda" is a little more obvious and in your face down here than up there but it heavily depends on the country you are in or the programming it is coming from.

Like the shit you see coming from Venezuela that you can see here.

Not every Latin American country is like that.

And, when it comes to the news (be it the papers or TV), you do see a lot of them just reiterating stories made from back home but translated to Spanish.

It does make you question either 1) the quality of local journalism and 2) just how important events back home mean to folks down here when you see shit from back home so often reported down here through some mediums.

Bolivian History Channel 

When I was in Bolivia, I got a good deal of "Bolivian history channel" programming because my first host family would play it often enough.

I liked it.

I'm sure similar exists in other Latin American countries.

Above all, for those who like history, I guess it's shit to keep in mind.

Telenovelas & Shit?

Speaking of specific shit you'll find in Latin American TVs, telenovelas and similar feminine shit is something you see other gringos and Latin Americans reference.

I got to be honest with you -- I don't think I've ever watched a Telenovela episode.

Maybe in some Spanish language college class at one point but even then I doubt it.

Anyway, I figured I should at least mention that shit or something.

And there is this show that I see referenced on Twitter every so often that you see here.

Las Reinas Del Barrio ♡Exclusive Remix♡ Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso

Not sure if it is a telenovela but it does seem to have hot Latina women and that's enough to catch my attention.


Lower Quality Content

Finally, I will add also that one of my most initial impressions of TV down here is how low quality the TV production is.

That TV programming just doesn't seem as high quality production as back home.

That's all.

Anything to Add?

For now, that is everything that comes to mind.

There are likely MANY other things to bring up when comparing TV down here to TV back home.

Things that I haven't even noticed or have forgotten about that perhaps you are thinking about now.

Drop any comments you have below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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