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Time in the Feria de Zapotitlán in Tláhuac of Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

In the area of Tlahuac in Mexico City, there's a metro station known as Zapotitlan.

On a random afternoon not too long ago, I came across a little event going on in Tlahuac area.

I had a taxi driver take me from Lagunas de Xico and asked him what was going on.

He told me there was a "feria" going on named "feria de Zapotitlan."

Other locals in the area, when I asked them what was the name of this event, told me it was named the same way.

So we'll call it Feria de Zapotitlan.

Anyway, the taxi driver was taking me home but I asked him to let me off here so I can check it out.

Basically, there were a bunch of games you could play.

More suitable for kids, teenagers and families.

Some decent food though that was cheap.

Had three small gorditas for the price of 20 pesos.

Stuff to buy too.

Anyway, I got nothing else to say on this event.

I don't know when it's held normally. Was just something I stumbled upon and decided to take pics of to document anything happening in the area for those thinking of moving to Tlahuac.

Enjoy the pics below!

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