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A Trip to Bosque de Tláhuac of Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

After visiting two parks in Mexico City known as Parque Cuitlahuac and El Zapote, I had a taxi driver take me to Bosque de Tlahuac.

Bosque de Tlahuac is located in Tlahuac area of Mexico City obviously.

I had been to other "bosques" in the city such as Tlaplan and Chapultepec for example.

Was curious how this one compared to the others I've been to.

At first, I wasn't sure if I should visit Bosque de Tlahuac as I knew it would close at around 6:30 and it was 4:30 before I got into the taxi.

Still, I got there by 5:30 coming from a bit up north and actually that hour gave me enough time to walk through the area and see what it was like.

My taxi driver was pissed off half way through the trip.

On the phone constantly bitching at his wife who needed him to be there earlier than he expected to watch the kids as she was leaving the house earlier than she told him.

Which then turned the dude into being a Grand Theft Auto player moving as quickly around the traffic, yelling at the window "HIJO DE SU PUTA MADRE!!!" at random people and so on.

Which was both entertaining and also made the taxi ride less expensive.

No bullshit.

No taking an extra long time to get the meter up.

Just straight to Bosque de Tlahuac!

Along the way, I also saw some avenues around these parts that seemed like decent places to live if you prefer a more "third world" neighborhood that has lots of activity outside.

Once we got there, I checked out the area in the park.

A few things to mention:

For one, it looked like you could pay someone to ride you around the park if you wanted.

Second, they have a lake but it was all dried up when I got there.

Third, it kinda looked like they were trying to plant more trees in the area.

Fourth, plenty of space obviously for physical activity. They had a track space you could run around. Kinda reminded me of middle school and high school when I was in track.

Fifth, they have plenty of food spots obviously.

Compared to Chapultepec, it's obviously less touristy and less hustlers trying to make money off you or scam you. Didn't get that vibe whatsoever.

Compared to Bosque de Tlaplan, the space is a lot smaller. Not as easy to get lost.

Anyway, it's not really my favorite out of all of the bosques in Mexico City. Appreciated that there were not as many hustlers but there just wasn't too much walking space.

You could get through the area in an hour.

Spend more time if you wish.

They also had a space for dogs to play.

It wasn't a bad place to visit though. Worth visiting if you are in Tlahuac.

Just doesn't have as much of a "bosque" vibe to it like Tlaplan does where you can more easily get lost and feel you are "kinda" in an actual "bosque" (even if you are not obviously).

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

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