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Photos of the Center of Tláhuac in Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

I'm not sure if anyone actually calls this place "the center of Tlahuac" but that's what it felt like to me.

Compared to the rest of Tlahuac that I've ran through in the last 2 weeks, this place felt "more central" than anything.

Just had more development. Looked nicer. The alcaldia is right here. A nice lake nearby. Metro Tlahuac is right next door. So on and so on.

So, for purposes of this article, I'm calling it "the center of Tlahauc."

Anyway, if you happen to want to live in Tlahuac, I'd recommend you set up shop near this area.

It's one part of Tlahauc that seemed more livable.

Actually, if Metro Tlahuac was just slightly closer (and if said Metro Line 12 was functional again), it'd be a place that I would actually not mind setting up shop in.

Metro Tlahuac is apparently about a 28 minute walk from this area so it's not ideal in that sense.

Otherwise though, the area would be fucking awesome for me if the metro was within a 10 minute walk from me.

After all, you have plenty of food options, a nice little park to chill and take dates to, a few bars nearby, a market in the same area, etc.

Plus, you have one of my favorite green spaces I've seen in Mexico City nearby: Lago de Los Reyes Aztecas.

Would be awesome to live near there and take a ride on the boat whenever for just 20 bucks per hour.

And, when speaking of lakes, you have lagunas de xico nearby. 

Though it has no tourism infrastructure right now, that is also a lake VERY close to this area that could become a more popular destination to visit if the Mexico City/State of Mexico governments ever get on it.

Plus, you are close to all the little "pueblos" in the area like Mixquic for example and not too far from Milpa Alta either on a quick taxi ride if you wish to see a relatively more rural area and feel like you are somehow getting away from the urban jungle of Mexico City (even though Milpa Alta is technically in Mexico City).

They really do need a metro station located right outside the Alcaldia Tlahuac. Would really be the final thing that makes this place very suitable for me to live in.

Anyway, I got nothing else to add. Just a lot of potential I see here as a general area I think wouldn't be too bad for living and, with a few changes, could easily be a very solid choice for a life in Mexico City.

Enjoy the photos I took below of the area.

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