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Do Women in Latin America Care Less About STDs?

Published August 3, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

There is a certain difference you notice between women of "more developed" countries like the US and countries in Latin America.

Of course, we are talking here with VERY broad generalizations when comparing an entire region full of over 20 countries and whatever "more developed" countries we wish to throw into the mix beyond just the US.

Anyway, while understanding it's just a generalization, one thing I have noticed over the years is that women in Latin America seem to have less fucks about STDs.

There is definitely a difference in the amount of concern between women from the US and Canada and Latin American women on this subject.

For example, when I was in college, I remember knowing a dude named Kevin in a fraternity that cheated on his girlfriend.

His girlfriend, to be fair, was Latina.

I think Asian-Latina actually.

Not born and raised in Latin America.

Regardless, there was a lot of yelling one day at the house when I was there where she confronted him on it.

And, among all of the anger and yelling, she mentioned something about STDs.

While she didn't say she gave him an STD, she did seem worry and "was going to get tested."

And assumingly bring him more hell if she was infected.

Similarly, you see videos online of couples discussing this issue like in this video here.

Basically, some chick is concerned about STD risk from her unfaithful partner.

Now, to be fair, I'm confident that, out of ALL of the men and women in Latin America, some of them were probably worried about the risk of getting an STD or actually finding out they got one after their partner cheated.

But, having said that, I have literally NEVER heard a single Latin American person raise these concerns after discovering infidelity (and I mean a person born and raised in Latin America and not raised in the US like Kevin's girlfriend).

There are differences between Latinos born and raised outside of Latin America and born and raised in the US but that's another topic for another day.

Anyway, despite all the infidelity I've seen down here, I have literally just never seen a single person bring up concerns about STDs when finding out about the infidelity.


Of course, like I said, I'm sure some have and I'm sure you could also find examples of it online.

And I'm sure there are other examples I could think of regarding the difference in rhetoric surrounding STDs from women from the US and Canada to Latin American women.

But, moving beyond this example, there's also the behavior in the bedroom itself.

In my time dating Latin American women and comparing them to women from back home, I've definitely noticed over the years that women back home are more conscious about using a condom for sex.

In fact, I've even met women from back home who would have condoms available in their college dorm room for the latest man to stop by.

On top of my head, I don't think I've EVER met a single Latin American woman who just had condoms available for her next fuck stick.

Though, as I wrote here, I did have one buy me condoms on the way to her apartment years ago.

But she did not have condoms just available like that to always be ready. 

On top of that, I've had more cases of Latin American women just trying to sit on my dick right away without the condom versus women back home who don't seem as quick to fuck until a condom is on.

Though, to be fair, you do have Latin American women who will insist on the condom before fucking and you do have American or Canadian women that just fuck right away without it.

Again, these are just generalizations.

Regardless, the overarching point right here is that women in Latin America do seem relatively more casual and not as concerned about if a condom is being used or not.

Thinking it through, one could ponder why that is.

There's a few things that come to mind.


I'm personally of the belief that countries with less socioeconomic development have more women like this.

Not going to explain how the correlation isn't just a correlation.

What is the causation?

I'm not entirely sure.

Does a higher IQ mean you are more concerned about STDs on average?

Better access to sex education?

I don't know.

But I do notice trends easily enough and this is one I've noticed.

Areas with less development tend to have less people concerned about STDs.

That's it.

Though, to be fair, I think it only goes up to a point.

While Uruguay isn't as developed as the US economically and while I haven't fucked a single Uruguayan in my life as of this writing, I'd be willing to bet that the average Uruguayan is as concerned about STDs as the average American.


And, on an individual level, that some woman from a upper class background in Mexico City would be more concerned than a rural woman from a poorer area of some random area in Canada.


More Religious

I've heard that more religious people tend to sometimes not like condoms, contraceptives, etc.

Honestly, I have no experience with this.

I'm not religious and I don't ask religious people how they feel about it.

Just heard this can be true -- especially for Catholics.

Anyway, while dealing with Latinas in Latin America -- a region known for having lots of Catholics -- I'm not entirely sure how true this is for this region.


Anyway, I have no idea how much this is important for why Latinas down here seem less concerned about using condoms.

What I will say though is that, as I wrote here, the Latinos and Latinas I interact with down here are not overly religious as you'd expect from a young 20s something crowd in an urban area like Mexico City.

So I'll leave it at that.

STD Rates

Despite how, through my personal experiences only, Latin Americans seem less concerned about STDs, I do know that STDs are obviously common in both parts of the world.

Folks in the US and Canada have their fair share of them and they aren't really that much better I think than Latin Americans on actually having them or not.

So what do the statistics say?

For the US, we have this: "CDC estimates 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a sexually transmitted infection. New data published by the CDC estimate that on any given day in 2018, 1 in 5 people in the U.S. had a sexually transmitted infection (STI)."

There's also this article here that shows a lot of Americans don't care too much about condom use.

For Mexico, we have this: "En México, 30% de las personas que se encuentran entre los 18 y 30 años han padecido o tienen una enfermedad de transmisión sexual, de acuerdo con datos del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) en 2019."

For Colombia, we have this: "Un 3% de las mujeres entre los 15 y los 49 años dice haber tenido una infección de transmisión sexual (ITS) durante el último año."

"Es necesario tener en cuenta que entre quienes mencionaron haber oído hablar de  infecciones de transmisión sexual (ITS) , el 31 %  no conoce ningún síntoma en el hombre y 28 % ningún síntoma en la mujer, lo cual significa que cerca de la mitad (las que no han oído hablar de ITS y no conocen síntomas) no saben nada sobre ITS."

"Solamente la mitad (52 %) de las mujeres, reportaron haber usado condón durante la primera relación sexual."

"Entre las mujeres de 15-24 años de edad que fueron encuestadas, el 54 % de ellas tuvieron relaciones de alto riesgo, que se define como el haber tenido relaciones sexuales en los últimos 12 meses con otra persona diferente a su esposo o compañero permanente; solamente el 45 % de ellas usaron el condón durante la última relación sexual."

At any rate, that's all I could find in a quick 30 minute Google search for each Latin American country.

Half of them didn't have any quick statistics I could find and the rest had statistics only on AIDs statistics.

Either way, this information should be taken into consideration.

At any rate, let's wrap this up.

Anything to Add?

Personally, I'm not trying to judge Latin American women for, at least in my experience, seemingly not caring as much about STDs.

After all, who am I to judge?

I hate condoms too!

....Well, who the fuck doesn't?

Still, it's just an observation I've had over the years that, at least compared to women I've known back home, it does feel like concerns about STDs are not as strong but, like I said, it depends obviously on the individual you are speaking about and also the specific region of Latin America we are discussing in my opinion.

It's just a detail to dating down here that you might notice or perhaps you notice the opposite. We all have different experiences. 

But that's all I got to say.

Got anything to add?

Drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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