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Apartment Hunting in the East of CDMX

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Over the few weeks before July 14th, I began looking for a new apartment to move to in Mexico City.

Back then, I was living in Pedregal de Santo Domingo of Coyoacan in Mexico City.

And I have moved since.

During the process of finding a new place, I decided to look for some apartment anywhere in the east of the city.

That means somewhere around Agricola Oriental, Pantitlan, Tlahuac, Bosque de Aragon or Iztapalapa.

I have been to Bosque de Aragon before for a brief visit but I had never lived anywhere in the east of the city.

Just about everywhere else though!

And the main reason for why I wanted to move to this part of the city is for that reason alone: check out the east.

I have plans on visiting as many parts of the city I haven't seen yet before I return to Iowa for a brief visit and begin traveling again through Latin America.

I have tried though to move to this part of the city -- on two other occasions -- to around Agricola Oriental or Pantitlan but failed in both cases.

It generally seems like those two areas do not have a high abundance of quick, easy rooms to move into for a month or two when compared to the rest of the city.

Was I successful this time?

Or did I move somewhere else in the east of the city?

Let's get to it.

The Hate for Colombians & Cubans

The first place I checked out was in Iztapalapa and was close to Central de Abastos.

Honestly, I kinda liked the idea of living near Central de Abastos as my spot for Iztapalapa given everyone knows about it.

When I showed up to Iztapalapa, I generally found the area to feel safer and more developed than where I have been living in Pedregal de Santo Domingo.

The buildings just looked more developed.

Nothing against Santo Domingo. I do like the neighborhood and have spent a year there but it's not the nicest looking area to the eye.

Here's a picture of the street that I walked along towards the apartment and a second photo of the street where the apartment was located on.

Anyway, once I showed up to the first apartment, there was a young woman in quite likely her 30s and an old grandma at the place.

It seemed to be a family run building with just a few strangers renting out other rooms there.

They had two rooms to show me.

Once we got to the top of the building where the rooms are, I could immediately tell that this wasn't the place for me.


Like a wind of hot air hitting you in the face once you got up the stairs.

And we were not even in the first bedroom yet!

To be fair though, the bigger room did have a fan available.

I could easily guess why.

And neither room looked bad at all.

It was just the immense heat.

There were other problems with the place too.

For one, I don't like living in places where an entire family lives for various reasons.

They can be OK but sometimes, for obvious reasons, don't like it when you bring women back to fuck.

Not really open to the idea of you turning their place into a motel.

Also, in case you feel like not paying last month's rent to get your deposit back with whatever excuse, it can be trickier to leave without being seen as obviously moving out with all your stuff.

You have to be more careful about it and think "at what hours would they not notice me?"

Versus a place where the landlord and their family does NOT live there and you can just walk out whenever with your deposit back.

Second, they told me that internet was included in Whatsapp but then told me it wasn't and comes extra.

Which is another point: they ended up trying to nickle and dime me by adding in so many extra charges for this, that and everything under the sun to live there.

Not even just with expenses for utilities (which they said was included in the price) but other random things that are supposedly needed to be paid to live there.

It could be a case of them noticing I am a gringo and wanting extra money. Who knows.

Third, they told me that the kitchen cannot be used. Then how the fuck am I going to cook or make black tea?

Fourth, they told me that I can only shower once a day. Which is fine as I normally do that unless I've been to the gym that day.

Fifth, no leaving the house past 8 PM and you got to give them the keys at that hour!

.....The fuck?

Sixth, the old woman in question really rubbed me the wrong way for a few reasons.

While she seemed to like me as we sat down on the balcony for a 20 minute discussion, I suspected we probably would not get along.

The main reason being is that she seemed to be an overly controlling boomer type that needs to know everything and will be watching you like.

Always looking for something to complain about or micro manage while you live there.

Finally, there were some comments of hers that, while they didn't annoy me, I did find weird.

Specifically, she hates Colombians, Cubans and Venezuelans.

Ended up going on about how she always had terrible experience renting to them and "never again!"

And that, with Cubans specifically, they are "a little bit too dark."

In contrast, she literally said to her 30 year old daughter in front of me that "I like this young man. He seems well educated, is white, speaks Spanish well, etc."

I didn't really say anything too that and it wasn't much of a surprise to me that she did.

Some Latin Americans -- like I wrote about here -- can be a little less PC about race and much more direct in how they say things.

Like "mejorar la raza" as a concept to some.

And this woman -- being a boomer as well -- also came across as a stereotypical "descendent of the Spanish" type lady.

Very white and something about her that screamed she is the daughter of Cristobal Colon looking down on "those brown people."

Just her general attitude had a strong sniff of pretentiousness and whatever else.

At any rate, while she was going on about how dislike for certain nationalities, I had to ask her who else is on her shit list.

Argentines? Nope! They're "good people."

Brazilians? Depends. Those of "color humilde" (as she put it) were "not so good." "No tanto" she said if I remember right.

Very clearly one could see the type of people she liked the most.

At any rate, I can't blame her for not liking Colombians.

I like Colombians for the most part. Depends on the person.

But I also remember my days in Colombia and just feeling like the country has way more scammers than most other countries I have been to.

Reminds me of this scene from Scarface here.

Tony Montana: "I don't like fucking Colombians!!"

At any rate, I shook their hands and left soon after as I had to get to the next apartment to check out.

The Lost Apartment of Iztapalapa

This next place was pretty close as it was also in Iztapalapa.

It was located between Metro UAM-I and Metro Const. de 1917.

Once I got to the general area, I immediately liked what I was seeing outside the metro station.

Here's a picture of the general area.

Some Tego Calderon could be heard playing nearby as you can hear this song here.

Some nearby market in sight.

Plenty of foot traffic and lots of activity in general.

I quite liked it!

Immediately, I get looking for some street called "Calle 5" or whatever the number was.

Passing by some little market, I get around to asking numerous people where this street is but almost none of them know.

Every single one has no idea.

Until I ask this one lady selling tortillas and she called over some fat dude having some beer with his friends.

He immediately knows and points me in the right direction.

As I get walking, I notice some noise behind me a minute or two later and it's him running towards me.

He wanted to inform me that it's actually a few more streets further than he said.

I thanked him and carried on.

Given he was the only one who knew where it was, it got me thinking that maybe this "Calle 5" or whatever the number was is one of those "streets to nowhere."

I have no idea how to describe what I mean other then, in Mexico City and other areas, you got these semi destitute looking narrow streets that lead you to very ugly looking area.

They tend to be streets that get overlooked easily by even the locals.

Well, I was partly right but the street I had to find was not overly difficult to find soon after.

Also, as I kept on walking, I noticed that Iztapalapa has a shit ton of murals.

And whoever did them did a good job!

It's something I wrote about here where poorer areas of Latin America with lots of violence sometimes get a "visual change" to make the area look more colorful for various reasons.

Anyway, I eventually find this "Calle 5" or whatever the number was and turn right.

Soon enough, I get to the place.

The neighborhood itself that I turned onto was pretty ugly though.

It also felt dead with no activity whatsoever and just not very exciting looking.

A little bubble of grey, destitute looking buildings.

One after another.

They all look the same.

Each grey building seemingly an ideal place to hide a dead body or gangbang a random woman with your homies. 

Osama Bid Laden probably had a beer or two with Pablo Escobar in these parts.

At any rate, I find the building easily enough as it did look slightly nicer than the other buildings. Had a bigger door with more obvious security. Stood out a little bit in how much nicer it was.

Once I knocked, some woman answered and let me in.

She then explained how, despite agreeing to meet today at this exact hour, she had someone else visit the building and they immediately occupied the room before I got there.

She tried to message me to let me know that the room is taken but I don't usually carry my phone with me outside.

Anyway, I walked out empty handed that day.

The first apartment seemed shit and the second one was taken before I could show up.

I immediately grab a taxi and paid about 20 pesos to just take me back to the metro.

But, as we drove along, I asked him if he knew of any places in rent in the area that I could check out now given I am in the area and did like some parts of this neighborhood.

He took me back to the metro but showed me first a street right next to the metro that supposedly always has a lot more apartment listings.

It did have some as you could see here!

But I checked them out and didn't like them.

So still empty handed.

So far, no luck in Iztapalapa

A Private Building in Agricola Oriental

A few days later, I headed towards Metro Agricola Oriental on the purple line of the metro.

At around 2 PM, I was set to meet some dude in the metro over there that could show me his place.

He lived like 5 minutes distance from the metro but I prefer, if possible, to have the landlord meet me in the metro to take me to the apartment.

Just easier to find it so that, when I am in a new area, it's not some fucking "finding nemo" game of running around street to street trying to find the place and potentially getting lost.

Once I get there, I find the dude right away in the metro and we walk back.

There were two dudes who lived in the apartment building and they both seemed pretty chill.

The streets themselves seemed fine and not overly dangerous or destitute looking.

Not a whole lot of street food nearby but I did notice a few supermarkets near the place on Google Maps.

The apartment building itself though had some benefits.

For one, it was safer. Had private security at the front desk (though, as I wrote here, front door security is sometimes dog shit in Latin America).

Second, the apartment itself was more modern and recently constructed.

From my impression after having done some apartment hunting in the area, it seemed like they were in the process of making or having finished some more modern apartment rentals in the area despite it being known as relatively poorer and, as you can see here, one of the top 5 most dangerous neighborhoods of Mexico City.

Regardless, the reputation didn't scare me as the streets this place was near felt safe and, for whatever reason, I've really wanted to move to this section of the city for a month or two around or close to Pantitlan.

Anyway, another thing I liked was that both dudes living there worked from home just like I did. 

Would hopefully then have decent wifi given we are all dependent on it for work.

And the place seemed alright! Had a little balcony and even some cats.

All around, it seemed like a viable option.

Unfortunately, they couldn't rent out to me.

They told me that had an emergency and needed to rent out a room to a family member. Not sure if bullshit or not but that's what happened with that place unfortunately.

Was definitely high on my list.

But there was one other apartment rental that I was curious about in the same area.

Can You Trust Camilo The Colombian?

Next up, there was a place located between Metro Agricola Oriental and Metro Canal de San Juan that really caught my attention.

The main reason was that it didn't require a deposit and so I wouldn't have to do my usual song and dance with the landlord for why I can't pay last month's rent to get it back when that moment comes.

It's usually just a "sorry, my debit card doesn't work. Someone stole my money. Please give me some time to get a new card."

Then just delay them until a month is about over and ditch.

It always works and they never pursue you for the last month's rent.

So, with this dude, such a song and dance wouldn't have been necessary.

He was a Colombian man anyway that seemed to be about my age, seemed to have decent money, had a certain tensity in his personality but was overall pretty cool.

Had a few dogs that I really liked.

The dude even offered to buy a new bed for the room before I would move in and wanted a "few days notice" before I would.

He apparently even ordered the bed from what he told me so that I'd be ready to move in.

Really needs a roommate, huh?

No deposit and buying a new bed for the place?

Nice guy!

On top of all of that, the building itself was also in a new building with an apartment recently made and with its own security guard.

Here are some pictures of the walk towards this apartment.

To be honest though, I was having some doubts about living here.

There was just something inside me that was telling me that something isn't right about the deal.

That he'll somehow try to fuck me over.

If I'm being honest, part of it was because he was Colombian.

I've met plenty of cool Colombians but it is harder to trust your average Colombian in any interaction.

Compared to other nationalities, they really do have a shit ton more scammers.

Though Camilo was from Bogota and so that did make me trust him a little more.

At least he's not from Quilla or Cali.

Or Medellin?

That too!

Anyway, the other reason why I was having doubts was because the dude wanted me to deposit money into the place before moving in.

That's something I never do.

The only time I ever deposited any money was when I moved into Roma Norte for the second time and I gave the landlord 500 pesos to "reserve" the place before anyone could take it.

To me, 500 pesos or 25 bucks isn't too much of a risk. If I get fucked over, the world isn't over and maybe I can reserve the place.

Though, to be fair, I would never give out even 500 pesos like that because you just don't know if the dude will take it and tell you to fuck off and block your Whatsapp number.

In the case with Roma Norte, I had already lived in that apartment building before and even remembered the landlord. Some established trust was there.

So, with Camilo the Colombian, the question was: "could you trust him with a deposit?"

On one hand, the idea of him buying a bed for the spot made it seem a little more legit. OK, if he's buying a bed, then surely he's taking this seriously?

Second, the dude genuinely seemed like he came from some money. 

.....Well, does he really if he lives in Agricola Oriental?

But he did kinda seem like it!

And, above all, he actually gave me the keys to the apartment.

He wanted me to show up to the apartment building to take the keys before the weekend because he was going to be leaving that same day to some part of Mexico with his girlfriend.

When I got there, he gave me the keys just fine. Didn't mention anything about money.

When I got back home to Santo Domingo, I found him messaging me being like "hey bro, I was expecting you to give me the money in the moment for the keys."

Which was weird because he didn't say that ahead of time and also didn't say anything about money when I got there or when he gave me the keys.

He gave me the keys without saying a single thing about money.

And I get why he'd want some guarantee of money after handing me the keys. After all, in theory, I could show up over there and steal his shit. He did show me the keys worked for both the door to the apartment and the door to the bedroom.

Still, I just don't give money to anybody until after I have moved all of my shit inside and have keys in hand that are proven to work.

I don't give a fuck about "his situation" and how "he doesn't know if I will not go with the deal or not" or how "he has other people interested."

You can wipe your ass with such statements. It doesn't matter to me.

I'm not putting myself in a situation where I could potentially lose money by depositing to you and then you blocking my number.

After all, he could have taken the 200 dollars in rent that he wanted and then spend like 20 bucks or whatever changing the locks.

In Latin America, I just don't trust a single soul to not fuck me over. It's not that I believe all Latin Americans are bad people. It's just that institutions don't work as well here and I don't trust the process to get my money back if I deposit without the keys. I know I won't.

Sure, you could lose out on a potential deal but who gives a fuck? There's so many places you could move to and I never find it hard to find a quick and cheap place to move in for a few months.

Another thing too was this dude told me that he is literally leaving on a Friday afternoon after he gave me the keys and won't be back until the following Monday.

But then he also told me that "he needs the first month's rent now" to be deposited because he has someone "very interested" in seeing the place on Saturday that HE will be showing to them that day.

How the fuck is he going to be showing this place on Saturday if he is gone with his girlfriend to some beach area that, according to him, is far away from CDMX and he won't be back until Monday?

Makes no sense.

Anyway, I was firm on not giving him any money until I moved in with my shit.

Then, a few days later, he tells me that he'll have to cancel our arrangement and that he won't be able to move me in because he is moving somewhere else in a few days.

Even saw him post on a Facebook rental group that I am part of looking for a rental in Polanco. I guess that's where he's going.

Which makes even less sense.

Wouldn't he have known he was moving so soon? So why try to rent the place out?

He then wanted the keys back as you can see here.

I told him that "I'm in Tijuana." Basically I'm not giving the keys back.

I have no intention of using them but he can be more than free to pay the money to change the locks if he wants.

Not my problem.

Here's a picture of the keys anyhow.

Anyway, it all seemed a bit weird (especially with him having to move to a new place in like a week).

In hindsight, my guess is the following: the dude knew ahead of time that he was moving out. I even remember seeing a bunch of boxes in the place all stacked and full just laying around. And, before moving out, he was looking to get a quick 200 bucks "just for the lolz" or something.

That or he had some immediate emergency or change in his life that is forcing him to Polanco right away.

Who knows.

Anyway, like I said, I had some weird feelings about the whole arrangement anyway but didn't mind the idea of moving in and then giving him the money because I had the keys and there really wasn't much risk to me given no deposit either.

But, with the deal with him blown out of the water, my third attempt at moving to Pantitlan area was fucked.

Someday. Someday I'll get there, god damn it.

Perhaps sooner than later!

I did have this one dude message me telling me that he'll have a new place available near Pantitlan on August 15th.


Back to Iztapalapa

Next, there was another apartment in Iztapalapa that sounded good.

It was located between Metro Atlalico and Metro Iztapalapa

Just about a 5 minute walk from the metro anyhow.

And I liked the nearby avenue it was located on.

"Ermita Iztapalapa."

Seemed like another decent part of Iztapalapa that appealed to me.

Once stepping outside, I walked into some furniture place and asked the lone employee about how to get to a certain street from there.

He walked outside with me and pointed me in the right direction.

And told me to specifically not go down some street called "Los Reyes."

Told me literally 5 times that it was dangerous. Don't go down that street! Go down the one a few streets down.

Which I wasn't even interested in "Los Reyes" because the building was not on that street and was actually in a gated community a few streets down.

Given how dangerous "Los Reyes" is, I had to check it out!

....Just how bad could it be?

Surely it's fine!

It's the street of "The Kings" so it must be OK!

Here's some pictures of "Los Reyes" that I took walking all the way down the street until I reached some path that would've taken me left or right.

Felt perfectly OK.

Had a few stray dogs but they didn't look menacing nor they did threaten to bite my balls off.

Saw only two homeless looking dudes that didn't look very menacing. In fact, they looked quite tired and docile. One of them was even limping.

So even the homeless people of "Los Reyes" appeared to not be dangerous!

Anyway, I moved on to finally find this apartment building in the nearby gated community.

Found it easy enough.

The security guard was waiting for me.

The gated community itself didn't appear to be overly wealthy. Looked normal.

The building itself was perfectly OK. The bedroom looked very nice. Had a fan.

There was one other dude who lived there that worked from home so I assumed the wifi had to be OK.

And it was perfectly fine as the old lady who greeted me wanted me to meet her son that lives in Canada.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what he was doing there.

He's apparently a lawyer in some city called Burnaby.

Seemed like a nice guy and the Facebook video call showed the place had decent wifi, I suppose.

I didn't pick that place though.

I was close to picking it but it had a few issues.

For one, the room itself had access to some separate room that had cleaning supplies. The cleaning lady would need to have access to my room and be able to just walk in whenever she likes once a week to get access to those cleaning supplies and she only comes in early morning at around 8 or 9 AM.

Given I work late hours and am not awake usually until 11 AM or 12 PM, I knew this would be a deal breaker.

No fucking way am I going to live here with a fucking cleaning lady waking me up and just barging right in.

I even asked if they could just place the cleaning supplies outside my bedroom on that one day a week she arrives but the old woman told me "no!!! no es posible, Matthew!!!"

Why the fuck not?

"Just no!!"


Second, I didn't like the fact that the place wouldn't allow visitors. So basically living here means no sex with strange Mexican women from Tinder.

It's not even just about the indirect "no fucking rule" that they place by not allowing visitors. It's also just a principle of mine. Why the fuck would I choose to live somewhere that even has a rule like that? If I'm paying rent as a grown ass adult, I should be able to have visitors.

Especially if the visitor is just a random ass chick who is not going to make noise (unless she's like that when fucking) but overall will be chill.

She shows up. We watch a movie. Well, for 10 minutes. Then we fuck. Then she leaves.

What's the problem?

Of course, I didn't explain it as "I'll be using this room as a motel when needed."

Just asked about "visitors" in general and it was a no.

So it's a no from me then.

Anyway, the place generally would've been a solid choice if it wasn't for those two things.

Located in a area of Iztapalapa that appealed to me, has a security guard, good wifi, great bedroom, metro is very close, has a dangerous street of "the Kings" that I can walk down whenever I want to feel like a badass, etc.

What else could a man need?

Well, it is what it is.

I'm not going to be woken up 4 hours early every Monday just because we can't place the few cleaning supplies outside my bedroom for those brief occasions and I'm not going to tolerate being told that I'm not allowed to have a visitor for a room I am paying for as a grown ass adult.

Here's some pictures anyway of the general area before I got back onto the metro.

The hunt for an apartment continues.

Video Calling Apartments

At this point, I seriously started considering moving to Tlahuac instead.

I found a lot more options in this area but kinda disregarded them at first as I wasn't very keen on moving to Tlahuac.

I've always wanted to move here "just because" given it is far away from any point of CDMX I have ever known.

But, on the flip side, it always seemed like a real shit hole to me in a way that, while I can enjoy some shit hole areas like Santo Domingo, this area just never appealed to me for some reason.

Perhaps part of the reason is because nowadays there is no metro to the area since it collapsed a little over a year ago.

Not having the metro is a major negative to me.

Plus, whenever I looked at the area on Google Maps, a lot of the neighborhoods I looked at near the apartments I knew about looked to be shittier than Santo Domingo even.

Some of them looked to be REALLY knee deep in poverty.

Still, like with any "dangerous" area, you can always find a safer place within a dangerous area to move to.

Usually somewhere along a major avenue that has enough commercial activity and foot traffic.

What is interesting to me though about this area is that some of the areas of Tlahuac seem to be more rural from what I'm seeing online.

Rural? In CDMX?

Indeed so.

Anyway, given the lack of metro, I decided to not visit any specific buildings in the area before moving in because I didn't want to figure out how the hell to get over there and navigate the my way around with a metro.

I really am lost when I don't have a metro.

It's how I have ALWAYS gotten my way around the city (unless I needed an Uber or Taxi).

Rarely have gotten onto a bus or a combi in Mexico City.

Anyway, because of that, I ended up doing video calls with a few potential places that seemed legit.

The first one was in a gated community but the neighborhood outside the gated community looked like complete shit.

Worse than anywhere I've lived in so far.

Located near Metro Tlahuac.

The dude seemed legit. Just one guy living there renting out a room.

A little bit older than me though in his mid 50s.

I would've chosen his place but, as you can see here, he was insistent on wanting a deposit before I moved in.

The conversation went on from there with him trying to rationalize why I need to give the deposit ahead of time.

Regardless of how legit his concerns are (which are understandable as we never met in person and only by video call), I simply don't care as I said before.

I'm not giving money ahead of time without keys in hand and all my shit already moved in.

Plus, the dude kept calling me "amigo" and I just don't like that.

I'm not your "amigo" if I don't know you and, for whatever reason, scammers with an IQ hovering above those with down syndrome around the world from Turkey to Mexico all seem to love calling you "friend" from what I've noticed due to traveling over the years. 

If I don't know you and you are calling me "friend," my bullshit meter is going off.

Next, there were two other places that looked legit.

One was in Iztapalapa near Metro Atlalico. I could've visited this one in person but got too lazy to do so.

And another literally on the border between Tlahuac and Iztapalapa and relatively close to Metro Tezonco and Metro Olivos.

For those who don't know, the path between Metro Tezonco and Metro Olivos is where the metro collapsed as you can see here.

Both apartments looked perfectly fine to me. Both allowed visitors. Both were in areas I wanted to check out.

Moving Day

Anyway, it was July 14th when I finally moved.

I was set to move on July 13th but I felt like giving myself another day to think things through.

Which place should I pick?

On July 14th, I still had not made a decision.

Either option looked perfectly fine.

I was leaning towards the one in Iztapalapa because they were quick to respond to my messages and I generally do have a real interest to live in Iztapalapa.

Some parts of the area I genuinely liked.

And the neighborhood outside the apartment building looked fine from what I was on Google Maps.

With Tlahuac, there is a part of me that genuinely feels the need to move here "just because." Try some new shit out. Put myself out of my comfort zone. Let's check out this far southeastern corner that I have no experience with.

But the neighborhoods really looked kinda shitty and it has no metro.

On the other hand, the place didn't require a deposit and it's only 90 bucks in rent.

90 fucking dollars.

1800 pinches pesos.

With no deposit needed also, I wouldn't need to do a song and dance for a month to get my deposit back.

Though, for 90 bucks, it wouldn't be like I'm trying to get much back anyhow.

Also, the place in Iztapalapa seemed to be a family run business and I didn't want to live in a building where someone's entire family is living there (even though they seemed very nice over the phone).

So, because of the minimal cost and no deposit (among other things mentioned), I chose Tlahuac.

Currently located somewhere along the border between Iztapalapa and Tlahuac or near Metro Tezonco and Metro Olivos.

Between the two options, I literally made a decision about two hours before I ditched my old spot in Santo Domingo and just told the other option that I didn't move because "my Uber driver wasn't able to find your place."

Here's a picture of the area outside.

Is the place OK?

Given the price and that I never even checked this place out in person before arriving, it's MUCH better than I expected.

The place has hot water (first time I've had a hot shower in 7 months), no bugs of any kind in the building (cockroaches, mosquitos, etc), the kitchen is clean, bedroom is decent sized and not just some closet sized place, one of the neighbors and the landlord is chill and we have a deported Mexican dude in the house who seems OK but kinda has a anti-social vibe to him. 

The only thing I don't like about this place is that the wifi is absolute shit at random hours.

At first it was shit in the afternoon until 10 PM but now it becomes shit at around 12 AM to 1 AM.

But, outside of that, everything is OK.

I've been taking UBER to nearby areas in Tlahuac or Iztapalapa.

Just trying to cover my bases of what to see here before moving on.

Given I'm not that excited about being in this area without a metro and I didn't pay a deposit, I'll probably ditch by middle of August.

Do another apartment hunt and aim for an area in Iztapalapa that I liked or maybe shoot for that place near Pantitlan that I mentioned before.

Something like that.

Anyway, that's all I got to say for now.

For my initial thoughts on Tlahuac after my first week here, check out this article here.

Follow my Twitter here.

And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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