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Visiting Bosque de Tlalpan in Mexico City

Published August 3, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Bosque de Tlalpan is located in Tlalpan of Mexico City.

Definitely worth a visit.

The space is actually pretty decently sized for a park in Mexico City and there's lots of walking or jogging that could be done.

One thing about this park though is that it's very easy to get lost.

Very fucking easy.

I ended up walking down some random trail and just kept on walking and walking and walking and walking.

Eventually, I had to leave after like two hours because I knew I had an apartment to check out later in the afternoon.

However, I couldn't fucking find the way out.

I soon realized -- especially after remembering how the park looked on Google Maps in relation to other nearby places -- that I'd get out quicker by walking the opposite direction of where Six Flags is.

Six Flags is located right next to the park and, along the walk around, you'll find a walk that seperates you from Six Flags.

Some of the rides are even in sights.

So, if you happen to get lost, a good rule of thumb (at least in my experience) is to walk away from all the screaming of the Six Flags visitors.

The less excited people scared for their life that you can hear, the better.

But really this place just needs more random signs posted telling you exactly where you are.

Otherwise, it's easy to go down this random trail and that one and this one and that one and this one and so on and so on.

It does make though for a nice space to just walk around away from people.

If you want a space where it kinda feels like you have left the urban jungle of Mexico City and where you'll cross paths with an occasional person maybe once every 20 minutes, then this place is right for you.

That's one thing I really liked about it.

And, to be honest, it's probably easier to find your way out then I let on.

I'm sure those who have been jogging around there know the trails a tiny bit better than what I did on my first trip there just going down random trails to wherever they'd lead me.

Outside of that, there's also a big building outside the park that you'll see in the first photo below.

It actually isn't that important.

I walked inside thinking it might be important. Perhaps a museum? Who knows!

But then I found out it seems to be mostly for holding events or whatever.

Some speaker in the back speaking to a small group of people when I walked in.

So I walked back out and back towards the park.

Anyway, it's definitely a cool space to be in.

If you are living in Tlalpan, definitely worth visiting.

The two only thing I would change about it -- outside of adding more signs -- is to add more benches to sit down on and also more the Six Flags away from it.

Benches for when you maybe want a nice spot away from everyone else to sit alone with your girlfriend or wife.

Or maybe by yourself!

But also then get rid of the fucking Six Flags.

Whose bright idea was to place a loud space full of people next to this park?

Don't they realize it'd be a pretty decent place to get away from most people and the urbanization of Mexico City?

It really is!

Even as it is now, it's OK for that purpose to a limited degree.

But having the Six Flags there is kinda dumb.

It doesn't ruin the park whatsoever. Just makes it where a certain section of the park doesn't give that vibe of "being away from others, lost among the trees."

That's all really.

Just move the Six Flags somewhere else.

Anyway, the park overall is pretty decent.

It was pretty clean too and not really any trash on the ground.

Definitely worth a visit and, if I was living in Tlalpan, I'd visit frequently enough.

Enjoy the photos I included below.

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