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When the Barrio Girl is Pimped by Her Boyfriend in Latin America

Published July 1, 2022 in Dating Information , Mexico - 0 Comments

Imagine you are going out to see some random chick you met on Tinder, some Latin American Cupid dating website or wherever.

You two have a good time.

Maybe even fuck.

And you two meet up on other occasions too since then.

During that time though, she might be trying to get you to spend money on her.

Buy her food.

She might even bring some of that food home.

Perhaps give her money to help pay rent.

Whatever it might be.

And, throughout the time, you start to see yourself as getting serious with her.

Maybe even ask her to be in a relationship with you.

Something more formal than paying for meals, helping pay rent and fucking.

But actually get serious.

Meet her family and she meets your family.

However, she might not dig that idea.

"Let's wait a little longer" she tells you.

And you're confused.

You two seem pretty serious already.

Why wait any longer?

But then you're in for a shock.

You find out that she already has a boyfriend.

And that her boyfriend knows about you and is OK with her talking with you and other men.

Even fucking them.

No, he's not a cuck.

Well, I guess he is actually.

Even if she isn't fucking other dudes, he's still using her to squeeze money out of other men and he's broke.

But he's not into the idea of her entertaining other men.

He's just a broke ass motherfucker living in the shithole barrio that is basically pimping her on the side to entertain foreigners.

The Pimp Boyfriend of the Latin American Barrio

Now, to be fair, I don't think most of these dudes actually send their girl to dates and fuck other men.

Some probably do and maybe it's not that rare among them.

But, as I wrote here, it's always been my observation that they have the girl work old foreign men on Latin American Cupid dating websites.

And have the guys send money despite never even having met in person.

That's always what seems to be more common among this behavior.

However, sometimes it is the case that the barrio dude does OK his girl going on a date with a foreign dude.

And, though maybe they target local men with money too, it feels like it always involves a foreign man paying money on her.

Just the other day, I was talking with a Mexican guy I know named Andres that lives in an area known as Pedregal de Santo Domingo of Mexico City.

It's a relatively young and poor area of Mexico City that you can see photos of in this article I wrote here.

And he was telling me about a cousin of his that is in this shit.

Has a girlfriend that began meeting up with foreigners that hang in Roma Norte or Condesa starting a year ago.

Ever since the news about all the new gringos coming to Mexico City, they got the idea to milk some of them for money and food.

Though Andres doesn't know the names of any of the guys, he told me that he thinks she milks them in total for around 4000 to 600 pesos a month in either money, small gifts or food.

Which is about 200 to 300 bucks a month.

I didn't ask though if she actually fucks any of the dudes or just meets up with them and gives them the false promise of something more.

Who knows.

And really I was surprised at the number.

Only 300 bucks at most?

Maybe more?

Still not that much.

Though, in a lot of Mexico City outside of touristy areas, that can cover rent for a whole month if just renting a room.

While I haven't seen pictures of his girlfriend, I'm guessing she's either not very good at milking men for shit or maybe she's not the best looking.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Final Thoughts

To be fair, I don't think most barrio dudes are out there like this pimping their girlfriend for money.

And I live and have lived in various neighborhoods that were rougher around the edges.

You just don't hear about this happening as often as some men might make it out to be.

But it's not as rare as you think either.

One thing that should be said though is that, based on my observations, it seems more common in the "Caribbean" area of Latin America.

Be it the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Caribbean part of Colombia, etc.

Let's throw Venezuelans in there too.

Among those groups, I'd bet you this type of behavior is more common among their barrio types than what you see in Mexico for example.

Or Peru.

There might be reasons for that.

For one, women from t hose countries are usually hotter on average.

But I also think there has to be something cultural at work too.

In my experience in those areas and dealing with people from those areas, I definitely notice way more people hustling, involved in scams or whatever else for a quick buck in those areas than elsewhere.

Of course, people like that exist in every country.

Only that those specific countries I mentioned seem to have way more of that shit happening in general.

In the same way you got way more cases of scopolamine in Colombia than Mexico as I wrote here.

There might be various reasons for that (such as where scopolamine is made) but there's no reason why more women in Mexico or Argentina couldn't get their hands on it.

They just don't.

And part of the reason is because, compared to other countries, you definitely notice more of that hustle against foreign or relatively wealthier men in people from places like Colombia or the DR than Paraguay or Nicaragua.

But that's all I got to say.

Above all, just know that your barrio girl very well might have some barrio boyfriend and he is OK with her hustling you for something extra.

Even if that includes fucking you or, at the very least, sending you nice messages on Colombian Cupid.

Most barrio girls though -- even in Colombia -- don't have that boyfriend on the side though but it's something you might encounter down here when dating Latin American women.

If you got anything to add though, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

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