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How Tall is Tall when Dating Latinas in Latin America?

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Over a year ago, I remember seeing this interesting video on the internet that you can see here.

Where basically this really short dude thought that some of the women in the bagel shop were laughing at him for his height and he gets angry.

Afterwards, I found an interview that the news did with him here.

While watching both videos, I remember thinking to myself the following: “you know, couldn’t this dude have better luck finding a woman who could tolerate his height abroad?”

According to Wikipedia here, supposedly the average height of women in both Bolivia and Nepal around or below 5 feet.

And, given this dude seems to be around 5 feet, then I guess we know where he can find love more easily!

Of course, he could also pay for prostitutes in Latin America where you can find chicks to fuck you for 5 to 10 bucks also.

Dude could be a literal midget with down syndrome and a simple Abraham Lincoln could get his dick wet anyway down here.

Still, assuming the dude wants love and not just sex, then obviously he’d need to focus on finding women who are very short and also accepting of a very short dude.

Because I’m sure that probably most 5-foot-tall women don’t want a 5-foot-tall man.

Regardless, unless the dude could find a 6’5-foot-tall women who fetishizes 5-foot-tall men, then all know his best shot is with women around that height.

Obviously, in countries like the US and especially taller places like Sweden, finding such a woman is going to require more work because most women in quite a few countries are bigger than 5 feet.

Which brings us back to Bolivia and Nepal as said before!

Beyond this guy specifically though, I do think this is a small detail to dating in Latin America that plenty of men notice over time.

Though the detail in question is more “in your face” in some parts of Latin America than others.

The detail being as said already: that a foreigner might notice that people in his specific part of Latin America are shorter on average than people back home.

Meaning less competition from the local men and easier to impress the local women.

Back home, you might’ve had an average height of just 5’9.

Not bad and you can definitely still get women but the height isn’t impressive either.

Just normal.

But, in some parts of Latin America, being 5’9 really does feel like you are 6 foot tall.

It’s a detail that I wrote before on this blog but figured to finally dedicate an article to it given that I was reminded of it today.

“If You’re Not 178, Swipe Left!”

Back home in the US, you do see the not so uncommon woman on Tinder who’ll say something like “if you’re not 6 foot, swipe left!”

While I find most Latinas in Latin America to not be as direct about their preferences (though they still have them, they just seem less likely to advertise them), you do anyway have some who put height preferences in their bio.

In my experience, the usual height preferences that I have noticed in Mexico City anyway is somewhere in the 170s.

Which, for the Americans, that means cm and not feet.

So you’ll find that most women, when they list their preferences, will typically express interest in men somewhere from 170 to 180 cm.

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone show a preference on Tinder for anything above 180 and it is usually a little bit shorter than that like say 175 to 180 (5’7 to 5’10).

Anything lower isn’t as common either actually as 170 cm is actually 5’5 and I would say that most Latinas who are going for 170 are being generous.

Even in Mexico.

But I guess that does reflect again the main point: that women in some parts of Latin America are arguably more generous when it comes to height than women back in the US as I’m confident that your average 5’5 dude would have more luck down here than back home.

Though, as I have hinted at before, it depends also on location.

Which Part of Latin America?

This is something that matters a lot obviously.

The 5’5 dude probably will have more luck in Chiapas of Mexico or Bolivia than he will in Buenos Aires of Argentina or Rio de Janeiro of Brazil.

What I have noticed is this: people in Latin America that are in areas that either have a very high European or African influence in the local demographics will have taller people.

So the 5’5 dude actually is going to have a rougher time in places like that.

Now, to be fair, this dude, like you can see here, can still win attention from a local woman on being a provider or the assumption that he’d be a more loyal husband that can provide better for her current children or future ones that she wants.

As I wrote here, gringo hunters do exist in Latin America and that will give the 5’5 American a little bit of a leg up.

Still, without question, he WILL have an easier time finding short women who can find his height “tolerable” in areas of Latin America that generally have more indigenous influence in the demographics than European or African.

And that is really how I’ve noticed it over the years here.

Places with more indigenous influence tend to have shorter men and shorter women.

Of course, you got plenty of average height and tall men in those parts too but it’s just an average.

Typically, that is what you see more often in places like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, parts of Mexico, etc.

Even in Mexico City, which has plenty of dudes taller than me, I still find that there’s a lot more men shorter than me and my height does seem “more of a positive” than just normal like how it is back home.

As I was talking with a friend of mine named Blayde months ago about this, he remarked the same thing that he feels like “he’s closer to 6 feet tall” then just 5’9 given how it’s more common to find some REALLY short people in this city.

As I said, I was reminded again of this topic today that got me writing about this.

“Oh Thank God You Are Actually 180!”

As an American, it’s a question of what do you tell people regarding your height on Tinder.

I use feet normally instead of cm but a life abroad requires you to use cm obviously.

Still, cm is a little bit awkward for me because the Google conversations always give you odd numbers like 5.9744.

Normally says back home “I am 5 foot, 9 inches and this number and that number and 5 more numbers.”

Anyway, I just go for 180 as, according to Google, that seems right on the mark or close to it (ignoring the extra 5 numbers that follow the estimate).

So 180 I am!

At any rate, I went on a date today with some random chick.

*checks notes*

Apparently her name was “Maribel.”

Anyway, I had Maribel show up close to where I live at Metro CU.

From there, we went to this random park that I think is called something like “park of the moustache” in Spanish or something weird like that.

I forgot the exact name but I think it’s something like that.

Anyway, it’s close to Metro CU area.

But, before we got there, I saw her waiting for me in Metro CU.

She was looking at her phone but saw me approaching her.

Overall, she was very nice.

Her immediate impression of me seemed very positive also in that she remarked quite happily that “I am actually the height I said I was!”

She, on the other hand, happened to be slightly shorter than me at what I could guess was maybe 5’7 or 5’8?

Which, as a side point, is a detail you notice in the women in Mexico who say to you how happy they are that you are actually 180.

It is ALMOST always women who are basically close to your height at around 5’7 to 5’10.

And I imagine that it must be hell for women any taller than that in Mexico.

Because said women at just 5’7 to 5’10 will remark about how “it is difficult to find a man she likes that is actually around this height range.”

Which, to be fair to Mexican dudes, there are plenty of men who stand at 5’9 to 5’10.

I don’t want to make it seem like we’re an exotic species down here.

But it is true that men in Mexico tend to be shorter than those back home on average with some regions having much shorter men like Chiapas or Oaxaca (both with more indigenous demographics).

Obviously, you probably won’t notice this small advantage to the dating scene if you move to parts of Mexico like in the north near the border where I can only imagine that the average dude is taller or closer anyway to how it is in the US.

Still, over the years of living in Mexico, this type of reaction from chicks who are close to my height or who have the same height as me has never been entirely rare.

In short, being “180” actually is an advantage here where, as I said before, it’s just normal back home.

But that’s just Mexico!

As I said, my height would bring even more to the table in a place like Bolivia but not so much in a place like Argentina or Brazil maybe.

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

A small detail to life and dating down here in Latin America.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

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