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Do Latinas in Latin America Really Hate Reggaeton?

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The other day, I was going through Tinder and found this interesting profile description here.

What was interesting to me was how this chick claims to not like reggaeton!

When dating Latinas in Latin America, you’ll notice that a few might express a disinterest or dislike of reggaeton music.

For those who don’t listen to reggaeton, here’s a few good examples of what Latinas think of when they think of reggaeton.

The examples above involving more direct language on sex and more examples of sexy women in minimal clothing.

Their issue being that, from their perspective, it’s “sexist” and “objectives women” and some shit.

Now, to be fair, most of the issue that Latinas have with reggaeton stops at just saying that they don’t listen to it.

Nothing hostile really.

Though, as a funny example, I remember one girl some odd months ago or however long ago it was who straight up blocked me because I said I liked reggaeton.

We were talking about whatever and I asked her what music she likes.

She asked the same of me.

I told her the truth that I’m really down for most types of music and gave some examples.

One of the examples was reggaeton.

She said to me “really? Reggaeton?”

And the tone of the conversation changed in Whatsapp.

It went from her being engaging in the conversation and overall warm to cautious.

Finally, she sent me a random text out of the blue maybe an hour or so later saying something to the effect of “sorry, if you like reggaeton, we aren’t compatible.”

A block followed.

Now, to be honest, it was kinda funny when it happened.

Never had a chick block me for liking reggaeton casually before.

Part of me doubts that was the reason and there must’ve been some other reason for her blocking me because it sounds pretty extreme.

Like really? Blocking someone for liking reggaeton?

Though, being honest, I don’t want to portray all Latinas as hating reggaeton.

There’s plenty who love it!

For example, there’s a friend of mine named Angie who, in my first year in Mexico, would sing karoke after enough shots of vodka at any bar in Roma Norte to songs like this one here.

Some odd months ago, I met a Mexican chick and our first night involved tequila, getting my dick sucked and plenty of reggaeton as you can read here.

Among plenty of other chicks who I found like reggaeton.

Having said all this, I think most of the chicks who express a disinterest in reggaeton likely come from one of the following groups.

Truly Not Interested

Just to get it out of the way, you do have some Latinas who truly don’t like reggaeton.

Not necessarily because they see it as sexist.

It’s just not their cup of tea.

Not interested!

They might like rock or salsa or whatever else.

No reggaeton though.

And no reason for disliking reggaeton outside of the fact that it simply doesn’t fit their taste.

Fair enough.

Religious Reasons

This type of Latina is rare in my experience.

Granted, I don’t date too many religious chicks and most I find looking to hookup happen to not be religious.

So who I hang out with might influence how rare I see this type of Latina to be.

Anyway, as you saw in the reggaeton videos above, there’s clearly some sexual vibes in the songs and music videos.

Years ago in Colombia, I met a Peruvian chick named Katherine.

We went to a bar.

I ended up getting a handjob in the back of the bar but wasn’t able to take it past that.

Why not?

She claimed to be very religious and “we don’t do that back in Peru” and how she was a virgin until marriage.

No pussy without a ring, motherfucker!

First time my boy Jesus ever cockblocked.

Jesus, que le pasa, hermano?!

Anyway, despite she being cool with reggaeton music at the bar, she did tell me later after that date that she doesn’t like reggaeton for religious reasons.

You can read more of that story here.

She’s not the only Latina I’ve heard say this but all 2 of them really are rare in my experience.

And it has been 2 actually.

Granted, I’m not necessarily probing the reasons of every Latina for why they don’t like reggaeton.

Never been particularly interested if it was for religious reasons or not.

So it might be more than 2.

And, being honest, this reason for disliking reggaeton, if I had to guess, is probably more common among older folks and those in certain areas of Latin America.

A place like Mexico City, more broadly speaking, is likely less religious than Xela of Guatemala.

Anyway, let’s leave it at that.

The Anti-Reggaeton Sheep

 This group, in my opinion, makes up the vast majority of Latinas who say that they don’t like reggaeton.

These types simply dislike it because it’s a common thing for other women to say.

And it’s a common thing to think that reggaeton these days is overly sexual.

Therefore, reggaeton is bad.

I call these women sheep because they aren’t very logical about it.

First, I’ve seen it plenty of times that they are down to dance and listen to reggaeton at a bar with me or with other men at spots I have visited.

Seemingly no issue on their end.

Second, when you actually discuss logically with them about how reggaeton these days isn’t overly sexual, they always agree with me.

Granted, who doesn’t?

I’m Matt el Reggaetonero – I’m always right.


My point to them is always the same – reggaeton made today isn’t the same as the reggaeton you are thinking of like in those videos above where things are much more sexualized.

When they think of reggaeton, they think of something like this song here.

As a side note, they probably haven't heard of this song and it's not really THAT old but the video gets the point across.

Nice tits.

Still, in reality, reggaeton played in plenty of bars resembles songs like these here.

There’s a huge ass difference between the two.

The first is more sexualized.

The second is more “I love you, you love me, we have each other’s hearts oh baby girl.”

It’s not sexualized!

Second, the reggaeton singers of the past had more hunger in their songs.

You could feel it.

You could tell they actually knew struggle and were hungry.

Real emotion and soul in their singing.

And, beyond the soul and hunger, I like the "sexism" as some call it in older reggaeton videos.

I wouldn't call it sexist though.

But if it's sexist to want to see hot Latinas half nude (preferably nude) dancing to lyrics about fucking, then I'm guilty as shit.


Just my opinion alone but they don’t sound hungry.

They sound civilized.

Rocky 3 -- You Got Civilized


Nowadays, it resembles more of a “I love her, she has my heart, I hope she kisses me!”

One just RUINS pussy and other asks “may I thrust again?”

They ain’t the same.

And when I say that, Latinas always laugh and agree with me.

They get what I mean.

So, because of that, I feel most Latinas don’t actually hate reggaeton.

Even those who say that they dislike it, in my experience, tend to not actually dislike it.

And there might be another reason to explain this.

“I’m Not a Slut”

Dudes like to think of themselves as 12 inch dick swinging tough motherfuckers.

Women like to think of themselves as “not like the other hoes” and “not slutty.”

In the same way that Latinas (and other women) on Tinder will say shit like “if you want sex, THEN SWIPE LEFT” despite sucking your dick in the first 5 minutes of the date…

You also have those who, in my opinion, express a dislike of reggaeton in their Tinder bios simply because they associate reggaeton with sex and want to come across as “not like the other hoes.”

“Oh, she don’t like reggaeton. She’s not like those other hoes. She don’t get down like that.”

That’s just my opinion anyway.

It comes across like when Latinas (and other women) say that they aren’t looking for sex but will fuck easy enough anyhow.

They simply want to advertise themselves – on an app known for sex ironically enough – as not being easy when anyone in public can find their profiles if they download Tinder.

Anyway, let’s wrap this up.

Final Verdict: Be Cautious with Reggaeton?

Should you worry about expressing a like for reggaeton to Latinas?

Fuck no.

Despite being blocked just one time out of a million Latinas I’ve matched with, it’s not an issue.

And, more importantly, you shouldn’t give a fuck if Latinas like reggaeton or not.

As I said, most don’t actually have a burning passion of hatred for the genre.

Most come across like they are just following the opinion of other women just because to fit in and all that.

Among any other motivations mentioned and not mentioned.

Anyhow, it doesn’t matter really and it’s just a small observation you’ll have when dating Latinas in that it’s not entirely uncommon for some to express a disinterest in the genre on online dating apps.

But that’s all I got to say for now.

Anyway, enjoy this reggaeton viejo here.

And leave any comments below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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