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Crazy Gringo Stories with Ayahuasca

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For those who don’t know, there is a plant-based psychedelic in South America known as ayahuasca.

When gringos take it in South America, they usually are doing it out of curiosity because they heard cool shit about it…

Or maybe they are some hippy type who likes the aspect it’s taken in more rural areas closer to the Amazon and all with some indigenous dude running the ceremony.

And plenty of other folks just want to do crazy ass shit.

Plus, as the stories show online, some folks also take it because they had some trauma in life and are looking for something to help them heal or deal with that trauma going forward.

Typically, people take ayahuasca in certain areas of South America more than others.

Like in cities in Peru or Bolivia close to the Amazon Rainforest.

Or Colombia or Brazil also actually.

However, you have folks taking ayahuasca far from the jungle so to speak in much more urban areas.

I’ve heard of people taking ayahuasca in places like Mexico City even to parts in the US also even.

Far from the Amazon.

At least, that’s the basics of what I’ve come to understand about ayahuasca.

Some odd years ago, I took it once also.

Though, unfortunately, I didn’t have any stories as crazy as the shit I’m going to show you today with this article.

My story with it the one time I took it is more personal anyhow.

Anyhow, enjoy also this video here that shows at the beginning how one could buy ayahuasca in the markets in Peru.

But enough of the basic ass trivia.

After all, that’s not why you clicked this article, is it?

Let’s get to the crazy stuff of people doing fucked up shit with ayahuasca somehow involved.

Because who doesn’t like a crazy story?

Man Cutting Off His Dick

So this is the video here that inspired me to write this article.

I’ve heard some crazy stories before about people doing ayahuasca but nothing about people cutting their dicks off.

So what happened?

I’ll summarize the story in the video but you can watch it above.

The basics of it is basically this random guy was using ayahuasca…

And was having a pretty bad experience with it overall.

As a result, he called his family to do a video call with him on Facetime.

And literally cut his dick off right in front of them through the video.

Though there are other details people claim like the guy might’ve been on other shit also.

But let’s move on and find other stories also that are crazy.

Murdering the Elderly Lady

I’ve already mentioned this story before on another article of mine that you can find here.

So I’ll keep it short and simple with a link to a documentary that gives more detail.

Basically, we have a Canadian guy named Sebastian Woodroffe that traveled to Peru for 4 years after generating enough donations online for his trip.

The purpose of his trip was to basically study ayahuasca in a place of Peru known as Iquitos. However, he ended up spending a lot more time in another more rural area known as Ucayali.

In Ucayali, there was some elderly lady known as Olivia Arevalo who had spiritual importance to the place.

Anyway, her son owed about 4,000 bucks to Sebastian but never paid him.

So Sebastian killed his mom, Olivia Arevalo.

Consequently, his 4 year trip to go study ayahuasca ended in disaster when the community decided to lynch the guy over him murdering Arevalo.

Here’s a video of the dude’s dead body that the police found.

Not necessarily a case of him doing crazy shit while on ayahuasca in the moment he murdered her but definitely makes for a crazy story.

And one of the more notable ones that come to mind.

Sexual Assault During Ayahuasca Ceremonies

This next story isn’t meant to detail anything fucked up someone on ayahuasca has done…

Instead, it’s more to highlight the risk of sexual abuse that has happened to some folks who have gone onto ayahuasca ceremonies.

Essentially, a lot of the stories involved have to do with the shaman of the ceremony taking advantage of someone who is under the effects of ayahuasca.

Here is an article by the BBC about one such story of someone being sexually abused during an ayahuasca ceremony.

You can read the story by clicking on that link but I’ll summarize it here.

Basically, a woman from New Zealand named Rebekah went to Peru in 2015 and tried ayahuasca.

The ayahuasca healer at the ceremony gave her special attention and was telling her about his lack of sexual chemistry with his wife.

Then the guy started abusing her and coercing her into sex acts while she was on ayahuasca.

The article also has another story included about sexual abuse during ayahuasca ceremonies.

Now in order to be more informative on the topic at large, here’s a video by a guy talking about the risk of sexual abuse during ayahuasca ceremonies for those interested.

Finding Aliens on Ayahuasca

Now onto a less dark experience with ayahuasca…

There is this video you can see here where this woman talks about her ayahuasca experience.

At any rate, her story starts at the 4:48 mark in the video.

I will summarize it here.

She was in Peru by Iquitos area on a 5 day retreat.

In her first experience, nothing happened apparently.

But the second experience was intense with gas figures everywhere, throwing out, couldn’t touch her body, etc.

When she went to bed later, she saw figures that seemed like ghosts.

Then she claimed to see another person in her room have his body taken over by an “alien soul.”

And the guy was howling at the stars speaking some different language.

And the alien experience stuff kept happening throughout the retreat with the guy.

Well, that’s certainly a more positive story than other ones it seems.

Maybe we now know who runs these aircrafts here the news media has been talking about recently...

Final Thoughts

These stories are just meant for entertainment.

A little bit of “wow” factor perhaps.

Like I said, I did ayahuasca myself only once and didn’t do crazy shit like kill elderly ladies….

Or cut my own dick off.

Fortunately, all 17 inches are still there.

So this article isn’t meant to demonize the use of ayahuasca.

Simply to provide some entertainment.

As former comedian Bill Hicks used to say in his standup below here…

Let’s not judge a particular substance based on a few idiots.

Though I’m not encouraging you do ayahuasca either.

Nor discouraging it.

It’s up to you – can be a crazy experience obviously.

For good or bad.

Enjoy anyway this last video here of Joe Rogan talking about ayahuasca.

At any rate, got any comments relevant to the topic?

Drop them below in the comment section.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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