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Back when I was in high school, I never really had an interest in Latin America.

However, I did obviously end up living down here for reasons as you can read here.

Where I basically started traveling just out of fun and as a goal for my 20s but then I enjoyed the easier life down here given the cheap cost of living.

Well, by the time I got in college, I took courses on Latin American history and that was my first exposure to learning about this region.

Mostly through academic textbooks.

With, over time, some actual trips down here to learn first hand.

Nowadays, I’m more interested in learning what other expats or travelers have to say about Latin America.

Personally, I find a deeper interest in real life stories of others down here

Or information that cuts through the bullshit and isn’t looking at life here through rose-colored glasses.

Either one works.

So there are some websites then and Youtube channels that I like that I believe give plenty of good, funny or useful information on life down here.

And so, to cut to the chase, enjoy the list below of what online resources I like the most.

Maybe you will enjoy them also.

Expat Files

Expat Files is a podcast by an American guy who calls himself Johnny Mueller.

Who has visited other Latin American countries and has more experience in Guatemala than anywhere else.

By far, this is one of the best podcasts – if not the best – as it goes into so much detail on different aspects of life down here.

The only things that need to be mention as a word of caution…

First, his podcast sometimes briefly goes political – in case that would get under your skin.

Plus his podcast has a strong influence by life in Guatemala as you can imagine.

Which -- given Guatemala doesn’t represent life in all of Latin America – is something you should be mindful of when listening to the podcast.

Regardless, Johnny Mueller has spent quite a number of years in Latin America so there is plenty to learn from and the stories in his podcasts can be entertaining at times.

You can find the podcast here.

My Latin Life

This is a podcast by a relatively young Canadian guy named Vance.

Who, from my understanding, basically always had an interest in Latin America and decided to travel to the region at a younger age.

Visited a few countries and has more experience in Mexico and Peru as of this writing from what I remember.

One detail I particularly like about his website is that he sometimes shares vintage photos of Latin American countries.

In the coming years, I suspect also he might write more about Paraguay since he seems to have an interest in that country – so if that interests you or if you just want to know more about life in Latin America…

Then follow the website here.

Expat Chronicles

This is a website by an American guy named Colin Post.

Whose experience in Latin America is more tied to Colombia and Peru.

You can find hundreds of articles on this website I believe – many of them covering topics such as having a family in Peru, drugs and crime in Colombia, some articles related to business I believe and much more.

The only unfortunate thing is that the website doesn’t seem too active in terms of frequency of posts but it does get updated for sure every once in a while.

It’s an interesting website anyway and I strongly recommend it.

Check out his website here.

Ed’s Latin Travel Adventures

This is a website run by a British guy named Ed.

Who has some experience traveling around Latin America with some cool stories as well.

For example, I particularly liked this story he wrote about his time in Cuba.

Either way, from my impression, it seems he has more experience in Peru and you can find some good information on that country as well on his website.

Check out his website here.

LATAM Capitalist

Here’s a unique website.

Interested in investing in Latin America?

At LATAM Capitalist, in their words, this website is all about “living and investing in Latin America.”

Which is definitely an important aspect in living down here in regards to building wealth and living comfortably in Latin America.

Check out the website here.

Bald and Bankrupt

This is a Youtube channel that doesn’t really go into life specifically about Latin America.

Instead, it’s a travel Youtube channel where a guy named Bald and Bankrupt runs around the world getting himself into different adventures that are entertaining.

And sometimes that means going to Latin America.

Here’s a fun video below of him trying to get into a Bolivian village.

And here is his Youtube channel.

Indigo Traveler

This is another Youtube channel that covers traveling to a wide variety of places around the world.

And so happens to produce a very high quality documentary that gives you a great inside look into life in Venezuela.

I strongly recommend watching it below here.

And keep in mind this is just one of his videos on life in Venezuela – there are many more.

All of them very interesting.

And quite possibly he might cover other Latin American countries in the future so definitely give him a follow.

Here’s his Youtube channel here.

Central America

This is a website that covers life in all Central American countries.

The cool thing about this website is that it has numerous contributors who have lived and visited every Central American country.

Meaning it’s not all written from the perspective of just one person who maybe spent a week in Nicaragua and then a day in Guatemala and 10 years in Panama.

But actually there are a variety of people with more extensive experience in each country.

So that’s pretty cool.

Check out his website here.

Medellin Guru

Here is probably one of the best resources I have seen regarding life in Medellin, Colombia and Colombia in general.

Plenty of solid information here so definitely worth checking out.

Here is his website here.

Caracas Chronicles

Here is another website that focuses on life in Venezuela.

Regardless of if you plan on visiting Venezuela these days…

It definitely serves for an interesting read on a country very few get to visit these days.

Here is the website here.

Mexico News Daily

This is a website that has some really good information on life in Mexico.

If you have an interest in Mexico and what other expats say about it as well…

Then check it out here.

Here is Havana

This is an interesting blog about life in Havana and Cuba generally speaking.

If you want to know more about Cuba and Havana, then check out the website here.

Paraguay Mike

This is a website run by a guy who lives in Paraguay that calls himself Mike.

He has some good experiences in this country and has some nice information as well.

You can find his website here.

Though I would recommend you follow his Youtube channel here as it seems to have more information about life in Paraguay.

Don’t Ask

This is a small Youtube channel that has a few very interesting videos on life in Uruguay.

If you would like to know more and enjoy his content, follow his Youtube channel here.

And here’s an example of one of his videos on life in Uruguay that is quite nice.


This isn’t a website or blog to recommend…

But instead a Twitter account.

The person behind this Twitter account regularly posts or retweets small bits of information and really nice photos of Brazil.

Follow it here.

Stories of Latin America

This is a really interesting website that has plenty of good information on life in Latin America.

With just a bunch of great and interesting stories.

Who, by the way, did a guest post for my website that you can read here.

And check out his website here.

Colombia Calling

This is another podcast that really goes into life in Colombia and provides plenty of interesting detail and analysis.

Definitely check it out here.

Mat Youkee

Well, look at that!

Another Matt!

Just with one less T.

But still.

Here is a writer that has plenty of great stories on life in Latin America.

Check it out here.

Emma Louise Jay

Here is another website by a woman named Emma who lives in Retiro, Colombia.

She also has a decent Twitter account to follow here with nice updates.

And check out her website here about life in Colombia.

All Chile

Given my interest in possibly relocating to Chile one day…

This is another website that has my attention.

It’s a large forum that has plenty of people contributing new information on life in Chile.

So definitely check it out here.

Other Resources?

There are plenty of other resources you can check out if you want.

I mainly included the ones that I check out a little more often than others.

But if you have a question as to any other resources for any other countries in particular…

Just ask me below in the comment section and I will probably try to help direct you towards an appropriate resource.

Or if you have a comment, let me know also below.

And speaking of resources to follow in regards to life in Latin America….

Follow my Twitter here.


Best regards,


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