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The Latin American Air Freshener: Pozole

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

I might have a new business idea for anyone who has the money to invest in it.

Thinking of starting a business that could make you millions?

I have a hunch that this idea just could work in Mexico at least.

You see, I had just come from spending the night at a chick's place named Angie near Metro Portales.

Before we went to her place, she visited me and got scared shitless by the vatos of the street.

We then went inside.

She ordered some extra food for herself despite having a few flautas laying around as I full as fuck.

She ordered pozole specifically.

Finished her food.

We spent a lot of time on the rooftop also.

Plenty of fun.

Then we went to her place.

Watched a movie.

Woke up in the morning.

I woke up earlier than she did and it was one of those cases like you can see in this meme here.

To be fair, it was 6 AM so it wasn't like she was sleeping in until 2 PM.

Anyway, I left for my place when possible and that was that.

When I got back to my apartment though, the pozole was still laying around and she didn't completely finish all of it.

Most of it though.

But we left it behind when we went to her place.

So it had a full night of just laying around in my room.

And, I shit you not, it left a certain smell in my room for the next few days.

And it fucking smelled great.

God damn, it was a good smell.

I'm not exaggerating either.

Even though I threw it away, the smell stayed but it was so fucking good.

Really made working in my room even better as I work from home.

And it got me thinking -- why isn't there some product to spread the "pozole" smell for those who'd want it?

Given this is Mexico, I suspect that such a product could sell.

The Pozole Air Freshener

We all want our apartments and rooms to smell nice.

But have you ever wanted it to smell like POZOLE?!?

I get it.

It sounds weird.

Not very usual.

But I promise you that, after those few days, you'd love it just like I did.

While I don't care that much for eating pozole (it's OK), I loved the smell it left.

And I'm not joking nor am I trying to be a smart ass.

This is something that, at least for Mexicans, I'd bet would sell well.

For other nationalities?

If they have a nose, it should sell fine elsewhere!

But, given how nationalistic Mexicans can be sometimes, a "pozole air freshener" should have extra appeal.

For just a small price of 95 pesos for this deluxe product, you too can work from home with the perpetual delicious smell of pozole.

For those wanting to make a profit, I'm sure you could even specialize the product by having a variety of pozole smells for those to choose from:

1. The Pozole Guerrerense Air Freshener (75 pesos)

2. The Pozole Tradicional Air Freshener (89 pesos)

3. The Pozole Norteño Air Freshener (70 pesos)

4. The Pozole Jalisciense Air Freshener (95 pesos because it is so superior to all the other pozoles out there)

Pozole video

And much more!

Anything to Add?

I'm dead serious right now.

I would pay to have that smell of pozole that I smelled that morning in my room all the time.

It smelled so damn good.

Of course, this article is named "the Latin American air freshener."

One would have to wonder what the equivalent would be in other Latin American countries.

Though, like I said, if they have a nose, then they should be happy with the "Pozole Air Freshener" too.

But that's all I got to say for now.

Just dropping a small idea out there for a business and also just something I noticed about how damn good pozole smells when left in your room.

Something about it.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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