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Latin Americans Would Bitch More if Gringos Left the Bubble

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

There's a certain irony to Latin Americans (Mexicans in this case) bitching about gringos having it on "easy street" south of the border.

Of course, they don't always frame it as the problem being about us having it on "easy street" but I'd argue a lot of them are like that.

Especially in countries like Mexico where the President can bitch his people into being concerned about how nice of a salary a journalist has to distract from his own corruption as you can see here.

AMLO Loret

And, as you can see here, some people are more honest about their issue with us gringos showing up and having a relatively easy life and only liking those with "Mexican salaries."

In that comment above, apparently even said Mexican thinks that it'd be awesome if we gringos earned a local salary!

Though, while I don't know who that person is, I'd disagree in the sense that I think a lot of Latin Americans would be equally bitchy if more gringos were earning local salaries.

Of course, they can feel less bad about their own income if they saw gringos getting by on such pitiful amounts.

They won't be as easily reminded about how shit the life is in Neza or wherever they are.

But, on the flip side, certain issues they carry with us would still persist and a few other issues would come up if we started earning a "local currency."

Let me explain some of the issues that I see from the idea of gringos earning a "local wage."

The Demographic Issue

First, we only need to look at how some Latin Americans see immigrants of other Latin American countries to know how they'd react if gringos showed up on wages as poor as the locals have them.

As I wrote here, plenty of people in Latin America get bitchy when people of other Latin American countries show up in mass as immigrants.

They pretend they are better than the gringos but throw the same complaints of the newcomers bringing "drugs and crime" when, in most cases, most of the poor folks are not bringing either.

Be it the Colombians to Chile.

Or the Bolivians to Chile or Argentina.

Perhaps the Venezuelans to basically any country.

The Nicaraguans to Costa Rica.

The Haitians to the Dominican Republic.

The Central Americans to Mexico.

As I wrote here, you got Mexicans bitching about jobs being taken by the Haitians too.

So let's drop the bullshit.

If gringos were as poor as all these folks, you'd still be bitching.

Probably with some legitimate concerns and other concerns brought up that you don't give a fuck about but you use anyway because you don't want to be direct about what really bothers you.

That being, like people in most countries, you hate seeing people who are not like you with a different culture coming in mass.

Even if they are not likely to "replace you" and even if they come from a very similar culture (like Nicaragua to Costa Rica), you still bitch.

So imagine your frustrations when its worse with (usually) white skinned gringos coming in with English and a local income in "Mexican salary" that still probably makes you look like a loser with only 12 pesos to your name.

That's even worse.

The main difference now is that the gringos you bitch about online actually live in your neighborhood instead of the nicer one that you never have the money to visit.

Therefore, they are now your literal neighbors instead of some group of people you were not interacting with on a daily basis before.

Above all, like how you all bitch about Latin American immigrants coming in from some other country to yours, you find or come up with reasons to bitch because you are too afraid to just say "I don't like people who aren't like me moving in by the hundreds or thousands."

Still, there are other things to say.

The Latin Americans Missing Our Money

To keep it brief, some you would be bitchy if we didn't show up with money because you'd miss it.

I'm speaking more of those who work in tourism and depend on the USD of tourists to feed their kids.

Similar to those videos you saw of Costa Ricans struggling because the Pandemic cut out all the gringo tourists for a while, some of you would be bitchy if richer foreigners stopped showing up with money.


On the flip side, as we all know Latin America is no stranger to classism, some of you all would be bitchy if poor gringos showed up simply because they are poor.

Similar to how some of you all cheekily mention how "oh those gringos are poor back home" as a way to cope for the fact that even our poorest are still richer than you.

It's just a classist argument to feel better about yourself.

...But imagine if they were poor by Latin American standards earning a local wage?

Some of you all would bitch then because you just dislike poor folks.

So stop pretending that richer gringos are a problem due to gentrification when you'd all be bitching in reverse too.

The Rug is Lifted

As I wrote here, sometimes Latin Americans like to put things under the rug when it comes to the issues of their countries.

This is one of the biggest issues with some of them dreaming of a day for gringos to be as poor as them down here.

If that were the case, said gringos would be living in areas where a majority of Latin Americans live.

That being poor ass urban neighborhoods like Iztapalapa of Mexico City.

Let's face it -- most are not living in Iztapalapa or small villages of Chiapas (and even small villages, like I wrote here, have issues).

Of course, the US and most countries have poor areas.

South side of Chicago.

The difference is that the average quality of life that the usual American has is higher than the average Mexican or Latin American at large (regardless of country).

We don't live perfectly and have plenty of poor as fuck areas but we do have higher quality of life on average.

If a gringo from the "first world" of any country were to show up to live the life of an average Latin America, his quality of life would likely be lower than back home if he was also dependent on a "Mexican salary" while living there. 

And he'd talk.

That's the issue with your wet dream of "gringos having it hard like us" because they'd notice more fuckery with your countries.

Then they'd talk.

And you -- as an insecure little bitch -- would complain about it.

Trust me -- I live in Iztapalapa.

I've been to many other "not so Polanco" areas of Latin America (in Mexico and in the rest of the region).

My first trip to Latin America was to a small village in Chiapas.

And when we gringos bring up our observations about relatively "not so Polanco areas," you all act like insecure little bitches. 

Like I wrote here for example of an upper class Mexican feeling insecure about how to properly flush a toilet in this region.

Now imagine such a minor comment like that and take it by x100.

Where they might even make a blog and write all their comments about the areas a majority or at least a high percentage of locals live in that are not overly nice.

Perhaps they make Youtube videos about those areas like you can see here.

Visiting the most dangerous favela/area/city of x Latin American area

I know -- based on what I read online -- that some of you bitch about those Youtube videos because they don't show "the best" of your respective country.

So let's cut the bullshit.


You don't REALLY want gringos leaving the bubble of Latin America.

Obviously, there'd be concern about gentrification in those areas too.

.....Though places like Iztapalapa or Tepito might need a little as some would argue.

However, I doubt that'd be an issue because most gringos aren't moving to those areas "for the lolz" and "why the fuck not."

If they had to live in those areas though and it wasn't by choice while earning a "Mexican salary," probably they don't have much money and so they aren't gentrifying anything.

So it goes back to the previous points.

If too many went to specific areas like that but didn't spend much,  you'd find other reasons to bitch like how "they don't pay taxes!!!!" even though  that's not your real issue.

Your real issue is said area has too many people who aren't like you.

Stop being a bitch and just admit it.

No respect for the man who can't just say what really bothers him versus the man who comes up with bullshit issues that he really doesn't care for.

.....You really give a fuck if your new neighbor pays taxes or not? Retard.

And, outside of that issue, you'd again have the new delimma of gringos moving in and writing about (IN ENGLISH) all the deeper issues that areas not cookie cutter made for tourists show.

And we all know plenty of you don't want that.

It's why the mayor of CDMX chose to improve Line 1 of the Metro (a metro more tourists from Roma or Condesa are more likely to use) than any of the other metro lines that equally have many problems.

She might have other reasons but one of them is probably because people with more money and foreign voices use them.

Just like how areas in other parts of the world give more fucks for the tourists with money than the poor ass locals living in Iztapalapa.

Poor ass locals who had to go through this shit here.

Mexico City Line 12 Metro Collapse

Above all, let's not pretend you want gringos leaving the bubble.

It might invite more uncomfortable opinions that you don't want to hear about areas a majority of your people live in (outside of the popular, expensive areas anyway).

And you'd have to hear more English and see more white people outside when you were just jerking off 5 minutes ago in your bedroom about "VIVA LA RAZA DE BRONCE!!!!"

You don't want that.


You might bitch about the gringos in Roma Norte and Condesa gentrifying areas that you could never afford though and were never looking to move to (and probably haven't visited in forever).

But you don't want those other issues mentioned coming to your neighborhood.

So shut the fuck up. 

Anyway, leave any comments below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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