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Horse Riding in Bosque de Nativitas of Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

There's a green space in Mexico City called Bosque de Nativitas.

You can see the whole space in like an hour basically or less.

It's not too big.

You show up and you can also ride a horse also.

It's like 100 pesos for every 30 minutes.

They really tried pressuring me to do more than 30 minutes but I only opted for 30.

Which the ride itself didn't feel like it was actually 30 minutes.

Felt a bit shorter.

Anyway, they take you along some pre established route and that's it.

Was my first time riding a horse. Seemed OK.

I was glad I only did 30 minutes because it didn't feel like I would need more.

As the area itself, it looks OK.

OK for a quick walk around the area and then leave it at that.

Nothing else to say.

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