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A Taxi Ride Through Mina la Estancia of Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

In Tlahuac area of Mexico City, you have some green space on Google Maps called Mina la Estancia.

It's basically a dirt road that cuts through some green area where workers extract minerals to be used in construction projects.

There's absolutely no gringos nor tourists here.

Not populated at all.

Once you go down the road far enough, you don't see any housing for the most part.

Just a bunch of green space and occasional spaces here and there for extracting minerals.

I took a taxi down this road simply out of curiosity to see what it was as it looked interesting on Google Maps.

We stopped at the first photo below to take some pics and some workers were curious what I was taking photos of.

They were friendly but had simply never seen anyone take photos of the area.

I explained I was just curious about what was over here and they were cool.

Went on our way down the road to take more pictures.

Overall, it makes for an OK visit.

I think the round trip on the taxi to this place and back home was something like 150 pesos or 7 bucks for basically an hour and some random minutes?

Cheap to visit and come back if you happen to be in the area.

Has some nice green spots to take pictures of and it was cool to be away from all of the major buildings of CDMX and the urban jungle that it is.

To feel away from it even though we were technically still in CDMX.

Also, there's a volcano in the area that you can get a good view of by going down this road called Volcan Xaltepec.

There's other volcanoes nearby in the area that you can see when headed towards Mina La Estancia.

Anyway, enjoy the photos below.

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