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The Gringo Who Laughs in Spanish: “Jajaja”

When I was first learning Spanish in high school, I remember how some of my old friends and I would make fun of the Spanish way of typing out laughter.

The "jajajaja" instead of the "hahahaha."

Where we'd pronounce the "jajaja" with a English sounding J instead of a Spanish sounding one.

Just seemed funny to us for some reason how people in the Spanish speaking world wrote "hahahaha" down with a J instead of an H.

At any rate, I've never been shy of ironically using the "jajaja" on my blog.

But unironically?

To be honest, I've written out the "jajaja" unironically as well once in a blue moon down here.

Especially when I first began living in Latin America.

Over the years though, it does feel kinda dorky to write it out "jajaja" unironically as a gringo.

After all, I'm not Latin American nor a native Spanish speaker!

Still, it's a minor topic that, as far as I am aware, nobody really gives a shit about except a few other gringo expats.

Never had anyone local down here find it weird or say anything when I have unironically used the "jajaja" instead of the "hahaha."

It is then a minor topic among a few gringo expats: should you ever type out unironically the "jajaja" as a non-Latin American.

Well, I don't have any major stories involving this because, like I said, nobody has given a fuck whenever I have typed out the "jajaja."

But there's a few thoughts that come to mind.

Final Thoughts

First, who cares?

It really isn't that important.

If you, as a gringo, wish to type out "jajaja," then cool.

Do whatever.

Second, is it kinda dorky to do so?

As I get older, I lean more towards that opinion but I don't care personally if a gringo does that or not.

Third, does it hurt your chances with Latinas?

I've heard some gringos say that.

That it's just weird and might make her find you weird.

Honestly, I've never had that experience.

Not one Latina has given any fucks about me typing "jajaja."

But, to a certain degree, I guess I can kinda see how it doesn't  help?

After all, for the specific type of Latina that fetishizes foreigners (like I wrote about here), then I guess it's not helpful to type out the "jajaja" because you are sounding too much like a local doing that.

But, if you a foreigner that she is attracted to, I highly doubt that she's going to drop you over the "jajaja."

So who gives a fuck?

Fourth, is it a sign of a gringo trying too hard to "be like a Latino?"

Eh, I've heard this argument.

Like a gringo who uses too much local slang or whatever and seems like he is trying too hard to be one of the locals.

Be something that he isn't.

Honestly, I could see the overuse of the "jajaja" as a potential sign that the gringo might be one of those types but I'd say that most who use the "jajaja" are not like that.

A vast majority are not if I had to guess.

Only that those who are trying to be like a local would probably only use "jajajaja."

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

Here's a screenshot I found on Twitter of some random non-Latin American woman using the "jajaja" unironically as an example of such.

But, like I said, who cares?

If she prefers typing it out like that (or anyone for that matter), then whatever.

Not a big topic but a very minor one that comes up once in a blue moon online (and seemingly only online where gringos critique this).

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

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