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Two Love Birds of Latin America Singing in a Foreign Language

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Back when I lived in Buenos Aires of Argentina, I remember going out for the night with some friends.

A Brazilian named Thalison and a Colombian named Sebastian.

Part of our group included another Brazilian dude, some really hot Colombian women and a Brazilian gal.

While I forgot what her name was, let's just call her Juliana.

Going to some club together, we all chip in some cash for some champagne at this pretty fancy looking club.

For some reason, they always liked ordering champagne whenever we went out to some club.

At any rate, I remember getting to know Juliana well.

We started dancing at this club, began making out at a later point, exchanged numbers and all that.

Never got more intimate than that with her though even though we did meet on a few other occasions as she'd be invited along with our group to whatever club or bar we would go to.

In my interactions with her though, one funny thing to mention was how she didn't speak a lick of English and I didn't speak a lick of Portuguese.

Granted, I did go to Brazil for a quick trip around this time period and so I did learn a few Portuguese words.

More importantly, Spanish and Portuguese are very similar and so, if you speak Spanish, you can usually kinda understand some Portuguese when reading it (less so when listening to it spoken).

Regardless, our conversations between us were never in the native language of either one of us.

No English or Portuguese.

Only Spanish.

And neither one of us spoke Spanish perfectly.

We both learned it at a later age in our later teenager years or early 20s (I started in high school).

On top of that, her Spanish was a little bit weaker than mine and it came clear to me that she had some minor difficulty in expressing herself.

But, as it relates to any chemistry between us, that didn't seem to matter.

Though she was one of those cases where I should've pushed things further and tried to get her to a motel or something, I didn't.

Still, as I wrote here, you don't always need to understand the language of the other person to have the chemistry that we did for the short period of time that we knew each other.

Though it helps obviously, sometimes physical chemistry and attraction can overcome that barrier.

At any rate, it must've been a comedy though for anyone listening to us speak to each other because, as I said, neither one of us is native in Spanish.

We are using a language foreign to both of us to have any communication.

And it's a funny sight to be seen once in a blue moon when you do see it down here.

I only bring this up because, as of recently, I saw the exact same thing happen not too long ago.

Meeting Matt's Girlfriend

Funny enough, I met another foreigner very recently named Matt.

Young guy who is  traveling and is in Mexico City for a few months.

He posted on Facebook asking if anyone wants to hang with him and I went along with it because I'm trying to meet more people these days and keep myself busy outside of the house.

When I met him near Condesa area, he brought along his girlfriend also.

There were some other foreigners who came along that I didn't know that I guessed just felt like meeting up with us through Facebook and we all went for some coffee.

Though I don't remember where Matt is from because I don't think I actually asked him, I'm pretty sure he's from the US or Canada.

Has more of a North American accent.

His girlfriend was Asian and didn't speak English whatsoever.

I have no idea where she was from but, if I had to guess, maybe a wealthier country like Japan or South Korea?

I'm only guessing a wealthier one because it'd be easier to travel for someone from a wealthier country that has more visa free options to its passport.

But who knows.

Either way, she didn't speak English and he didn't speak her native language.

They both spoke in Spanish to each other and his command of Spanish was clearly stronger than hers.

Her Spanish reminded me of my Spanish when I spent a few months in Guatemala nearly a decade ago.

Where she had some understanding of Spanish but just needed more real world practice and seemed to be in that moment where you are putting in more mental effort to translate what is said to you and more mental effort to properly put together sentences.

Either way, there isn't much more to say than to bring light to this type of "international couple" that you notice.

Similarly, I have a friend of mine named Angie who I have known for years now in Mexico.

I know she is dating some dude from the Netherlands or one of those small European countries anyway.

They speak in English to each other.

Her native language isn't English (though her understanding of English is pretty damn good) and obviously the boyfriend from the Netherlands speaks Dutch natively.

Though, from what I have heard of the Netherlands (only been there once), I heard most other there speak English pretty damn well also.

So it might not be the same scenario between them where you have this awkward international couple that both speak in a foreign language to each other that only one or perhaps neither of them have a strong command of.

Sometimes they both might have that strong command of the foreign language (what is likely the case with Angie and her Dutch boyfriend).

Anything to Add?

Above all, that's the main point to bring light to: this type of international couple you meet when traveling abroad.

Not just to Latin America but any part of the world.

If you got anything to add or any stories of your own, drop a comment below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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