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The Sexiest Weather Girls in Honduras

Published May 1, 2022 in Chicas del Clima , Honduras - 0 Comments

Interested in looking at the sexiest weather girls in Honduras?

Funny enough, this is a topic that comes up sometimes among gringo expats in Latin America.

Over the time here, you'll notice that the weather women here tend to be sexier back home.

You even got plenty of memes dedicated to the topic like you can see here.

And, oddly enough, they do in places like Honduras!

As we'll see, even Honduras has sexy weather girls that everyone (minus the feminists and the eunuchs) appreciate. 

So let's get to some examples.

Daniela Servellón

As you can see here, this chick seems to be the most famous "chica de clima" of Honduras.

"Daniela Servellón, la guapa chica del clima en la TV de Honduras. Conocida por dar el clima en los noticieros de TV Azteca en Honduras, Daniela Servellón saltó a la fama en poco tiempo por sus constantes apariciones en la pantalla chica y por compartir fotos en las que acapara la atención en Instagram."

Belinda Aguilar

Random Chica del Clima de Honduras

Finally, there's this random chick here.

Final Thoughts

And that's it for now!

Similar to most other smaller Latin American countries, I couldn't find many other examples to provide but I did the best I could within a solid 15 minutes of armchair research.

For some Latin American countries, I could easily find sexy weather girls and for other ones it was harder to find.

If you got anything to add (such as which weather women in Latin America you like), then drop a comment below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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