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The Gringo Looking for a Summer of Love With a Green Card Hunting Latina

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There are stereotypes given to those dating across borders.

For the Latinas dating foreigners, we all know the stereotypes about how they just want the green card or cash.

On the other hand, you got gringos who get the stereotypes of just being losers back home, are just sex tourists or are "only here for the summer."

While there is plenty of smoke behind the fire for each side, I also think it's often overplayed by those just looking to be bitchy and judgemental against those "dating outside" of their space so to speak.

Be it the Latino man who be bitching about Latina women not fucking him and choosing the foreign man.

Or the foreign women back home who be bitching about the foreign guy dating Latina gals.

In the end, it often comes down to those who ain't fucking anyway leaning on stereotypes about those in "their group" choosing to fuck those "outside" of the group.

Be it the incel Latino boy or the femcel foreign cunt.

I've seen it personally in my experience and seen it applicable to others in real life.

Let's cover some minor examples (no gunshots included) by starting with the one that reminded me of this topic.

"Summer of Love"

This is a phrase that SOME Latin Americans will use to describe the relationship they see between a local Latino or Latina and a foreigner (usually Latina with a foreign man though).

The idea being that what they have is a "summer of love."

Or "verano de amor" or however they describe it.

When they say it though like this in the context where it is said, it usually means that "it isn't something to last."

Basically implying that it's actually nothing serious and will end soon enough when the foreigner in question goes back home.

Or that he's only here to fuck her holes silly but, when it's time, he will go back home and leave her behind.

Personally, I think Latin Americans say this more often because 1) some don't like seeing one of "their own" dating a foreigner due to jealously (be it man or woman), 2) some might have had their own heart broken by a foreigner and are projecting shit and 3) some of the statement is based on the Latin American belief that we foreigners are not forever to their country.

It's a topic I wrote here about the Latin American bewilderment to us foreigners living in their country.

Quite frankly, some truly can't accept the idea of us as immigrants (despite bitching about us using the term expat oddly enough) and so some just naturally assume that it'd be a "summer of love" if they can't see us actually permanently relocating to a life down here.

Not too long ago, I went to some expat event that was mostly of foreigners but a few Mexicans in the group.

And the moment that reminded me of this topic was when I was just standing around making small talk with a group of people.

The group included a Mexican guy named Rafael that I wrote about here and there was a couple in our group making small talk included.

The couple happened to be a Mexican gal with an Asian dude (not from the US but from some random Asian country that I never asked where he was from exactly).

Anyway, small talk with drinks in hand was made.

And, though I don't remember well the conversation leading up to it, I just remember Rafael saying something to them about how it's all "just a summer of love."

Which again is to imply that what they have is just "for the moment" or "temporary" and that it'll end in a few months.

Her face changed.

The guy in question seemingly didn't speak Spanish very well and so didn't understand what Rafael said.

She did obviously.

And corrected him as politely as she could saying "no, we've been together for a few years" in Spanish.

He nodded away and went "ah yeah ... right OK" in Spanish.

Oddly enough, the vibe in our small group changed from that point and they walked away to go talk to other people.

So did I.

It didn't dissolve in the second he said it but you could feel the sourness from her specifically after he said that.

I didn't contribute much to that topic obviously as I have no idea how serious their relationship really is.

But it's something I have noticed applied to me also before.

Many years ago when I was in a relationship with a gal named Marcela, I remember a few folks making that comment.

While my Spanish was pretty good back then, it wasn't perfect and once the comment went over my head.

It didn't go over Marcela's head though and she got annoyed about it one time when it was suggested.

In fact, now that I think about it, I think that was the only relationship I had with a Latina where comments like that were made about us.

So, to be fair, it's not like this stereotype is going to hit you in the face always or even at all.

But it could happen in the same way you got those thinking that she is only with you for green card or money.

Years later, I was with a gal in Mexico where someone said to her that she is only with me for the money as you can read here.

At the end of the day, these ideas will never die and I can see why not: there is smoke behind the fire.

You do have those with the Latina only for "the summer" and Latinas only looking for something like a green card or cash.

While I do think it's overplayed (especially by bitter types who hate our relationships), I also see how they are true in some cases in the real world.

It is what it is.

But you get the point anyhow.

I could also complain about the exact opposite: Latinas being assumed to just being with the gringo for the green card or cash but you already know about that stereotype much more.

So let's wrap this up because I don't need to explain that one.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it goes both ways.

Just like how you got black women & white men who bitch about interracial relationships when they see a black dude with a white chick.

Or an Asian guy bitching about white guys with Asian chicks.

So on and so on.

Ultimately, you got those who ain't getting fucked bitching about it by blaming those "dating outside of their group."

The point here though is how stereotypes exist for both groups.

For both the local Latina gal and the foreign man.

While there is plenty of smoke behind the fire and I don't blame people for using those stereotypes, I also think they are overplayed sometimes.

Especially by jaded folks.

But that's all I got to say.

It's not that big of a topic.

Got anything to add?

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Thanks for reading.

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