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How to Handle Lack of AC in Mexico City

Published April 10, 2022 in Health & Safety , Mexico - 0 Comments

I don't got a story for you with this article.

Outside of random ass moments of sitting in apartments in Mexico City and sweating my ass off.

I already wrote about that with stories included in articles like this one here.

Being in Mexico City and sweating your ass off in an apartment isn't an unusual moment over my 5 years here.

As I type this article, the back of my head is sweating with the back of my hair a little bit wet.

Anyway, other foreigners in Mexico City have issues with the lack of AC in this city.

Most places don't have AC.

Though, to be fair, I've known some who say their apartments are also very cold instead of very hot. Depends on the apartment really.  

What's my advice for this if you want to live in Mexico City?

I'll keep it simple for you with some advice I have.

First, buy a portable AC if you can. 

Second, when checking out a new apartment, make sure to notice the difference between the heat of the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. For whatever reason, bedrooms always seem much hotter as fuck versus the rest of the apartment in my experience. 

Make sure to pay attention to how it feels opening the door and walking into the bedroom versus how hot it is outside.

Third, if you can't afford a portable AC, get a fan. You can get a cheap one for as low as 5 bucks in Walmart in my experience. Or a used fan on Facebook. 

Fourth, many will say that it's less hot in summer. That's because it rains a shit ton more. I agree. It usually is less hot. 

Fifth, as I wrote here, some parts of Mexico City are more hot than others. Basically, it is hotter in the north near GAM or Azcapotzalco area for example and colder in areas like Tlaplan or Coyoacan.

Sixth, opening the window helps obviously. However, be careful as Mexico City is terrible with mosquitos. When I lived near Lindavista Metro, the cleaning lady I had was obsessed with opening the window of my bedroom because of how hot the room was while working.

I never allowed her to do that until the landlord forced me to. Oddly enough, I didn't pay last month's rent and ditched.

Fucking retard. Piss off the client and he leaves. No money for you, dipshit.

Anyway, there were other reasons for why I left but the heat of the room was intense and one reason I left.

But, going back to the cleaning lady, one reason I didn't want her to open the window was because I knew it'd let mosquitos in.

And came in they did when she could finally open it.

I ended up having to take the anti mosquito repellent downstairs that the landlord owned and used it to kill the mosquitos.

When I lived in other parts of Mexico City, mosquitos were a problem usually except in the south of the city.

While I'm sure mosquitos exist down here in Coyoacan, I've never had issues with them in the south or near Tlaplan.

Anywhere north of that? Mosquito invasion every fucking night unless you keep the windows closed.

So, while you could open the windows to help with the heat, just make sure to have something to kill them. It's absolutely necessary. 

Seventh, get some heat blocking curtains.

Eighth, obviously prefer a place that has windows not facing the sun when it is rising. 

Ninth, obviously coming from a place that is hotter like Texas will influence how much you need adjustments versus coming from a place like Maine.

Anyway, that's all I got to say.

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Thanks for reading.

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