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Do Latinas of Latin America Have the Ugly Colored Hair?

Published April 5, 2022 in Dating Information - 0 Comments

Almost 5 years ago, I had arrived to Mexico City for the first time ever to live here.

Staying at an hotel near Centro Historico, I had to find an apartment to move into.

And I also wanted to go on some dates right away.

The very first Mexican chick that I ever went on a date with was some random chick who showed up to meet me in Zocalo area.

There was some big event going on in Zocalo area at the time that I had no idea what it was.

Anyway, I was trying to find her near the metro in front of Zocalo but just couldn't.

To the surprise of nobody, she showed up late.

Walking up the stairs from the metro, I see her though at some point.

Without telling me, she had her best friend with her.

And, to my surprise, she had ugly hair.

While it was mostly black, it also had some weird minor color to it that, if I remember right, was slightly purple or something.

Anyway, as I had written elsewhere on my blog, I realized that this would be a waste of time because she didn't look like her photos and also because she had her best friend with her.

So I knew for both reasons that we wouldn't be fucking.

Anyway, it didn't matter much because I needed to find some apartments to move into but didn't know Mexico City very well.

So I made up some bullshit lie about how we had to go to Roma Norte area to find a cafe to have food and coffee at.

But also "to meet someone."

With a meeting I had to check out an apartment in an hour (she showed up late as I said so the time between when she showed up and the apartment meeting was small by that point), I knew I had to get to Roma Norte anyhow soon to see this place.

But as I didn't know Mexico City well or how to get around, I had her introduce me to the public transportation to get me to this apartment.

When we got there, I had her call the landlord to let him know I showed up early.

He showed up.

I told her to wait outside and "maybe we can go to the cafe afterwards."

She didn't wait for me.

But it ended up being the very first apartment I ever lived at in Mexico City.

And also the first Mexican woman I ever "had a date with" if you want to call it that.

Where she had, as I said, ugly hair with some vomit color.

And yet people ask "do Latinas have ugly colored hair like women back home?"

Do Latinas Have Ugly Colored Hair like Gringas Back Home?

I already wrote about this topic before so I'll keep it brief.

Obviously, some places more liberal and urbanized like Mexico City have more women like this.

Second, obviously not every woman back home has ugly colored hair.

Third, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Most women down here in Latin America don't have ugly colored hair.

Sometimes, when they do change their hair, it's not to some ugly color but maybe blonde because they want to appear "more white" or whatever.

Still, a vast majority of women down here don't have ugly colored hair just like a vast majority of gringa women don't have ugly colored hair.

The only point here to make though is that, to the surprise of dudes who idolize foreign women, they will learn that this happens down here also.

It's not a topic to go on and on about.

Any story to bring up is nothing more than "oh, this chick over here had colored hair."

Who gives a fuck?

Still, it seems some dudes do when they think about going abroad to fuck or date foreign women.

They think that they don't have all of the characteristics of women back home but they do actually.

"Ugly colored hair" is a thing down here also.

But, just like home, it doesn't matter because most chicks don't fuck their hair up like that.

So that's all I got to say.

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