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Visa Issue Introducing a Latin American Girlfriend to Family

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Among the gringos who travel to Latin America, many find themselves looking for love or sex specifically.

For either crowd or for anyone who lives in Latin America for that matter, it’s entirely possible that you will fall in love down here.

And, regardless of how serious the relationship gets, there might come a point where the family back home wants to see the girlfriend.

And she’s just a girlfriend.

Not married yet!

In those moments, you could try to fly the girl back to your country of origin like the US.

However, as we all know, the US can be a bit restrictive when it comes to who it lets into the country.

Especially if the girl in question isn’t technically married to you.

Under those circumstances, you’ll likely find yourself going through extra hoops to get her into the US.

Hell, even if you were married to her, there are hoops you got to consider.

Having said all that though, not every Latin country is equal.

Some Latin American countries are much more generous than others when it comes to who they let travel to their country visa free.

So, if you happen to be a foreigner who has had a strong Latina fetish since you were young for decades now, you might be wondering “which Latin country should I pursue to find a wife?”

For plenty of men, the options most considered are usually places like Colombia or Brazil because of the reputation that the women have from those spots.

Though you also got foreigners who go to Mexico or Costa Rica because they can satisfy whatever Latina fetish the dude has and are more well-known among foreigners to Latin America.

Still, you might not be one of those gringos who comes down here specifically for the women but have other reasons.

And, as you live down here, you might consider various reasons against each other to decide which country to relocate to.

One of those reasons might be the visa consideration when thinking which country will be easier to allow you to bring a woman back home to introduce you to the family.

And much of this topic came to my attention again not too long ago.

The Mexican Girl Stuck in Mexico

About a week ago, I went to one of those “language exchange” events you sometimes see in some parts of Latin America that I wrote about here.

Where basically the purpose of the event is to “practice languages” like English or Spanish but there isn’t always a whole lot of practicing going on.

More of an event at whatever bar to have a few drinks, meet new people, make a friend and perhaps fuck some random chick.

Oh yeah – and practice languages.

Anyway, I’m at this event because I’ve been feeling a little more of a desire to go out and meet new folks.

While there, I met some random dude who was dating this Mexican chick that was with him.

I forgot their names or maybe I never asked. Let’s call him John and his girl Maria.

Very typical names – I’m not very creative.

Anyway, the topic of immigration came up.

Which, in these days, it has its place in conversations it seems among foreigners living in Mexico.

As I wrote here, Mexico is taking efforts against foreigners coming to Mexico and those trying to live here on tourist visas.

Long story short, there’s been people given fewer days to visit than they planned for a vacation, migration agents asking for papers from foreigners on the streets and the bus, deporting others, etc.

Anyway, the topic came up.

The dude in question seemed a little bit concerned and was basically just giving his own little monologue about the concerns he had.

Where he’s on a tourist visa with this being his first visit to Mexico and he wants to come back to see her again soon in a month or less but worries he won’t get many days.

At some point, she chipped in and talked about how it is much more difficult for her to get into the US to see his family.

That “the US is stricter.”

I think she was just feeling insecure about the commentary being made on how Mexico is being stricter these days and wanted to give the usual ol’ “it happens elsewhere too” comment.

But she had a point – for most Mexicans, it can be very difficult to enter the US legally.

At any rate, I didn’t chip in too much on the topic because it’s one of those topics that can really get other people emotional or angry at you if you have the wrong opinion that they don’t agree with.

Some folks just take different opinions really emotionally.

So the night went on and that was that.

And it reminded me of my very limited experience with the topic.

My Limited Experience

Being honest, my family back home has never had too much interest in the women I have dated down here.

For one, I rarely tell them that I am dating anyone unless it gets very serious. They only know of two chicks I’ve dated.

And also because I rarely pursue formal relationships and usually prefer just casual fun.

But, among those two chicks that they did know about, family back home has rarely expressed interest in them when I was with them.

For either one though, I think my mom is usually the most curious. Her curiosity usually extends to wanting photos and insisting that I buy her gifts.

With the first girl though, a Colombian chick named Marcela, she was able to get a visa into the US without too much difficulty.

However, it wasn’t to see family. It was for some other reason.

And with her, I don’t remember anyone in the family expressing an interest to see her.

For the other girl, a Mexican named Brenda, I had an uncle who was curious if she would make it to a Christmas gathering one time.

That was it.

Generally speaking, I feel my family is more “far apart from each other” in a way and less curious about each other’s lives.

So that might explain my experience with the topic anyhow.

And personally, I’m cool with that.

Unless I knew I was going to marry a chick and it was getting very serious, I wouldn’t want to spend the money to bring her into the US for a family visit.

It would have to get very serious beyond just a year of dating.

Serious enough that I look at her stomach and naturally think “oh yeah, I’m putting 10 sons into you, girl.”

If she ain’t serious enough to be having my 10 sons, then she ain’t serious enough to show the family.

Either way, let’s wrap this up with some final tips.

Final Tips

First, you could obviously just consider marrying the chick to have an easier time bringing her back home. For us Americans, there’ll still probably be a shit ton of paperwork or something. I’ve never been married nor tried bringing a wife into the US but I imagine it’s time consuming.

Second, on that note about time consuming, I can only imagine that you’d need to get official documents showing your marriage is legit and/or that your kids you have with her are actually from you. Given the shit nature of the bureaucracy in Latin America, I can only imagine that this step is going to suck.

Third, if you were to go down here specifically to find love, I would encourage you to think seriously how that’s going to work in the long run if you don’t actually care for the country she is from.

Fourth, but if you are weighing your options as to which Latin country is better for you and visa considerations come to mind, then I can get it. My only tip here is to just keep in mind that the information you read online might not apply to you as sometimes information can be biased for Americans or maybe other specific nationalities if I had to guess.

Fifth, when speaking for nationalities, I heard folks from the European Union have an easier time with this issue than others.

Sixth, when it comes to Canadians, I read online that supposedly Mexico is a good option for you all.

Seventh, for us Americans (best nationality on the planet, am I right?), this source here from the US Government indicates that Chile is the only country in Latin America that has visa-free travel to the US. Well. Chilean women can’t be too bad, right?

When fucking your Chilean wife, you can always make a dumb joke like “oh mami, tu pussy tiene el sabor de Chile! Pica mucho! Pica Pica! Chile Chile!”

Disclaimer: I hereby apologize for my odd humor. Allow me to put the bottle of rum down.

Seventh, I imagine finding a Latina down here who has a good income would have an easier time being allowed into the US. Same could be said if she fits the description of other qualities that the government of your country looks for before granting a visa to someone (probably someone who isn’t poor or poses as a risk to overstaying the visa and becoming an illegal immigrant that takes a local job).

Anyway, that’s all I got to say.

Drop a comment below if you got anything to add.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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