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The Judgement Against Younger Expats in Latin America

Published November 7, 2021 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 1 Comment

Some odd months ago, I remember living in an apartment building of Roma Norte.

While there, there were numerous other people living in the building, including a considerably older European woman.

She was from some random small country that few people have heard of and I can’t even remember what it was right now.

Overall, she wasn’t a terrible person but pretty judgemental overall.

She would often try to remind people living in the building to “wear your mask!!!” and hate it whenever anyone, including myself, brought over dates or visits to their respective rooms.

To also complaining whenever there were any gatherings in the building among the other people living there.

Be those basic get togethers during the afternoon or mini parties during the night.

Almost felt like she was auditioning to be a mom again.

Suffice to say, plenty of people in the building were ready for her to move out already because she was the only one who wanted to interfere in the activities of others and often came across as a bit judgemental.

One other thing that she came across as judgemental about was the sight of any younger foreigner living in Latin America like herself.

As I said, she was a bit older.

Probably in her 60s perhaps?

Realistically speaking, she could’ve been retired given that she looked old enough.

Perhaps even living in Mexico on some form of retirement income.

But anyone younger than her living down here on whatever income they earn currently?

Well, she never saw anyone like that, including myself or a few others, in a positive light.

While she had moments of being nice like offering the occasional brownie to other people like me living in the building, her attitude towards us younger folks living in Roma Norte was a bit weird.

Some weird form of judgement.

As a notable example, I remember one afternoon where I was sitting down by a table on the balcony with another American named Alex.

We were talking about whatever for an hour or so when the European chick came upstairs to cook something and make some tea.

She came onto the balcony to chat with us also.

Now, keep in mind, Alex was a young man just like myself.

Both of us being in our 20s.

And, over the mini chat with the European chick, she found it odd how we both live in Mexico.

She didn’t speak English from what I remember so the conversation was in Spanish.

While it was many some odd months ago, what I remember her saying to us was something like the following if I could paraphrase:

“Aren’t you guys basically in retirement? Like what do you guys do for work? Wouldn’t you be better off living in the US making money up there?”

As I said, I don’t remember her exact words but that was the basic sentiment behind what she was saying.

Essentially, how it’s a bit foolish for us to be living in Mexico when we are still young.

And how “she didn’t begin traveling until only recently.”

Either way, the conversation wasn’t hostile or anything.

Just a little bit of weird judgement passed onto our decision to live down here.

And, being honest with you, it’s not unusual to hear comments like the above.

Though, in my experience, it’s usually the parents back home who would be expressing these ideas out of understandable concern and confusion as to why their kid is living in Mexico.

But the point here is that there is a certain type of judgement sometimes passed from older expats onto younger ones in Latin America.

What do I mean?

The Judgment of Older Expats in Latin America

There have been a few other moments that I have seen where similar judgement is passed from older expats onto younger ones.

When I was living in Cochabamba, Bolivia, there were house parties I went to and there was one where this older lady seemed judgemental about my time traveling Latin America at the time.

To also moments of confusion expressed by older folks in other moments.

On Twitter a few days ago, I saw the same sentiment in a Twitter thread funny enough, which reminded me of this topic.

It’s not a big topic to go on about so we’ll wrap this up now.

You get the idea anyhow.

Older expats judging younger expats for traveling and not working a career first in the US or somewhere else.

While I do think some of their points can be valid but it depends on the circumstance.

First, you do have some expats who are poor as fuck living down here.

I’ve been like that before.

And it’s understandable the judgement on this one if said expat continues poor and never finds a way to make it work until he’s 40.

We can all see the upcoming train wreck with that one.

However, some expats can really have a lot of fun on little money down here assuming they aren’t stressing too much and assuming they eventually get their shit together while still young.

Having said that, I also think there’s a bit of jealously among these older expat types.

That’s how it comes across to me.

Some type of “ugh, I had to WORK a job I HATED for decades before I could return! And you just come down here and have the experiences I never could when I was young?!? FUCK YOU!”

You see jealously from older folks on other topics too.

Like how us younger folks have more energy, more sex and aren’t 20 years from a heart attack.

And, keep in mind, these older folks who are 60 and older most likely couldn’t have begin traveling when they were our age.

Primarily because you didn’t have the internet nor a debit card.

And, if you go back far enough, flying as much more expensive.

All around, it can be harder for older folks who have never lived abroad to understand how we pull it off in general.

While those who do get it and live abroad themselves can be judgemental that we aren’t pissing our lives away at jobs we hate for decades like they did.

That’s how I see it anyhow.

Not much more to say.

If you have any comments, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

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Dazza - November 9, 2021 Reply

She is just being a passive aggressive jealous twat! Par of the course…

In her day, she wasn’t able to go to many places and it was expensive – why doesn’t she go back to wherever and make money (or retire) there? And when the answer comes back then you just go ‘Same reason as you, luv’! And I am sick of being rained and snowed upon every year!

I like your take on it “Some type of “ugh, I had to WORK a job I HATED for decades before I could return! And you just come down here and have the experiences I never could when I was young?!? FUCK YOU!”

She is too old to hang around with the kids, nobody gives a shit what she thinks and she isn’t up on whatever the kids listen to (Limp Bizkit or whatever…) so the next thing she can do is go extreme-passive aggressive on you and take a dump all over your life and do it with a smile.

She probably spent 40 years working as a secretary in some insurance office in Upper Austria (she sounds like a German speaker…) and now she has her pension she can now be free of the cats and perfect the Spanish she learned at night school for years and yeah – it’s jealously – pure and utter envy wrapped around a pretty pink bow.

Fuck her and everyone like her.

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