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How Many Latinos Would Defend Their Country in Latin America?

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It’s about time, isn’t it?

To free the oppressed peoples of Venezuela, Nicaragua & Cuba.

Countries suffering some brutal dictatorships.

Some of whom, like Venezuela, have oil!

Not that is relevant or anything but is a detail we Americans find interesting.

Regardless, we must do something to free the people of the oppressive dictatorships in these countries.

It’ll be a job easy to execute.

When we accomplish the objective, we’ll have ENDLESS amounts of Latina women offering their pussies to us.

Greeted as liberators!

I can already see it now…

Our mission as we arrive to the beaches of Margarita Island in our submarines.

Weapons ready.

Defeat communism.

And bring freedom to the sexy Latinas of Venezuela.

Before marching onwards to Cuba and Nicaragua!

Surely such a plan won’t fail, right?

Venezuelans arrest 2 Americans in coup attempt

Well, let’s not think about that…

After all, surely nobody in Venezuela would fight us specifically?

We’re liberators!

Venezuela army trains for possible US military intervention training its citizens

Well, we got better guns than they do at the very least!

And we don’t know how many Venezuelans would actually defend their country, right?

Funny enough, we just might!

The Willingness of Latinos to Defend Their Country

As we all know, Latin America has plenty of example of foreign countries like the US invading it or giving some support to local coups against any government it doesn’t like.

Wouldn’t you think that Latinos are sick of that?

If so, it’s a question then!

How many Latinos in Latin America would actually defend their country and fight for them?

Of course, it’s difficult to tell because every circumstance is different.

If a country is directly bombed by another country, that’ll obviously inspire more nationalism and desire among the locals to kick the opposing country’s ass.

Versus another scenario where maybe the government of said country invokes some bullshit war that the locals don’t feel is worth dying for.

Plenty of Americans were willing to go into Afghanistan in 9/11 but not as many are willing to start a war with Iran.

At any rate, is there any information out there to indicate how many Latinos in Latin America are willing to fight for their country in a broad sense?

Actually, there is!

We have this map that I found that lays it out for us.

That same map came from this source here for those curious.

The polling question specifically was “Would you fight for your country/territory if it were invaded by another country/territory?

Now, before we get into the results, a few things should be noted.

Any country not mentioned didn’t get enough people from that country voting to be listed with the other countries.

Also, keep in mind that this source came from a poll done on Reddit. I imagine Latinos of Latin America who use Reddit and who answered the English phrased question don’t represent all Latinos in Latin America.

Next, we only have 1,342 people who responded to the poll.

That might sound like a lot but it’s divided over 13 countries with some countries having more considerable amount of people voting and others not having that much actually.

For example, as you can see in the data, there were 252 people who voted in total from Argentina but only 52 people from Brazil.

Also, the data does show how many people would fight for their country if their country was the aggressor versus how many people would fight for their country if it was being attacked.

Of course, a broad statement like “if you country was aggressor” doesn’t accurately detail every scenario where a country like Argentina would be the aggressor on something.

For example, how many Argentines would support randomly attacking Bolivia for whatever reason proposed by Alberto Fernandez versus attacking the Falkland Islands to reclaim it?

So, having said that, what does the data show?

The Data

Well, let’s focus first on how many Latinos would fight for their country if it was the aggressor that started a war.

The data is as follows:

  • For Argentina, 13.89% would fight with 217 saying no and 35 saying yes.
  • For Bolivia, 13.79% would fight with 25 saying no and 4 saying yes.
  • For Brazil, 9.62% would fight with 47 saying no and 5 saying yes.
  • For Chile, 17.08% would fight with 369 saying no and 76 saying yes.
  • For Colombia, 21.11% would fight with 71 saying no and 19 saying yes.
  • For Costa Rica, 14.14% would fight with 85 saying no and 14 saying yes.
  • For Guatemala, 22.22% would fight with 21 saying no and 6 saying yes.
  • For Honduras, 25.00% would fight with 24 saying no and 8 saying yes.
  • For Mexico, 15.63% would fight with 27 saying no and 5 saying yes.
  • For Paraguay, 21.15% would fight with 41 saying no and 11 saying yes.
  • For Puerto Rico, 26.09% would fight with 17 saying no and 6 saying yes.
  • For Uruguay, 13.43% would fight with 58 saying no and 9 saying yes.
  • For Venezuela, 17.05% would fight with 73% saying no and 15 saying yes.

So what about those that would fight instead to defend their country?

The data is as follows:

  • For Argentina, 49.21% would fight with 128 saying no and 124 saying yes.
  • For Bolivia, 55.17% would fight with 13 saying no and 16 saying yes.
  • For Brazil. 57.69% would fight with 22 saying no and 30 saying yes.
  • For Chile, 58.65% would fight with 184 saying no and 261 saying yes.
  • For Colombia, 54.44% would fight with 41 saying no and 49 saying yes.
  • For Costa Rica, 54.55% would fight with 45 saying no and 54 saying yes.
  • For Guatemala, 29.63% would fight with 19 saying no and 8 saying yes.
  • For Honduras, 40.63% would fight with 19 saying no and 13 saying yes.
  • For Mexico, 62.50% would fight with 12 saying no and 20 saying yes.
  • For Paraguay, 44.23% would fight with 29 saying no and 23 saying yes.
  • For Puerto Rico, 82.61% would fight with 4 saying no and 19 saying yes.
  • For Uruguay, 41.79% would fight with 39 saying no and 28 saying yes.
  • For Venezuela, 13.64% would fight with 76 saying no and 12 saying yes.

So what’s there to say on this?

Final Thoughts

There’s a few things to note.

First, if you look at the data, the Dominican Republic almost had enough participants to qualify but didn’t.

However, among those who did vote (a total of 17), all said yes to defending the Dominican Republic.

Sure would fit in line with Puerto Rico that had the highest percentage of those who would defend the land.

Of course, Puerto Rico also had a small sample size not anywhere as big as Argentina and it would be interesting to see how the numbers change for either Caribbean island in terms of how many would still defend as a percentage if we had more participants.

Second, it would’ve been cool if we could’ve seen how many would defend their country split by gender and also by political leanings.

Is a liberal more likely to defend their country than a conservative?

Just how strong and independent are women?

Third, when participants of Puerto Rico answered, they responded with the idea that the island of Puerto Rico was attacked or had to attack someone. Not that the US mainland was attacked or had to attack someone.

Fourth, it’s not that much of a surprise that Venezuela had such low support when it came to defending their country. After all, if your country is in the dumps with so many wanting to flee, how many would defend it?

Of course, as I said, the people who voted were those on Reddit. It makes me wonder if their level of support is different from the folks who have unwavering support for Maduro still living in Venezuela.

Fifth, it’s good to see that, despite getting gangraped in the War of Triple Alliance a long time ago, that Paraguay still had the strength to defend their country.

Viva Paraguay!

Sixth, obviously it would’ve been cool to see how Peru would have handled this polling. Makes me wonder though if their results would’ve been similar to maybe Bolivia given some of the similarities between the two?

Seventh, we can clearly see some lack of love from the Rioplatense countries. Makes me wonder why they aren’t as strong in wanting to support their countries? While many complain about the Argentine economy, neither Argentina nor Uruguay are THAT bad when it comes to standard of living relative to the rest of Latin America.

Eighth, after having just attended the Dia de Muertos Parade in Mexico City where the crowd kept on chanting VIVA MEXICO, I’m not too surprised that the number stands at 62.50% to defend their country.

At any rate, that’s all that comes to mind.

It’s an interesting little poll that I found on the internet that was shared on Twitter.

I tried to find other polls in English and Spanish on the topic in individual Latin countries but couldn’t find anything.

If you have any other relevant data related to this, let me know in the comment section below.

And leave any comments in general if you find this interesting.

Anyway, follow my Twitter here.

And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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