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Road Rage in Lindavista

Published October 29, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

So, as I wrote before, I have been planning a visit back to the US for roughly 4 to 6 months.

A nice little trip to spend time with family, take a break from Mexico and prepare for the future.

Whatever the future may hold.

And today I have spent some time thinking things over.

Stuff I’d like to cross off my list of things to do before I head home for a bit and while I’m home.

One of them being apply for Turkish citizenship possibly since my dad was technically born in Ankara.

Get a new debit card.

So on and so on.

After I finished planning my time before and back in the US, I went outside quickly to get some food.

Initially, I thought of maybe getting some Mexican food.

A huarache perhaps.

But then I opted for pizza since I can just eat some of it and have some of it for later.

As of recently, I’ve been going to bed very early at around 8 PM.

Grandpa time.

And while quite a few parts of Mexico City have street food available until 4 AM, the area I am in now doesn’t.

So having some pizza ready later into the night after waking up would be nice.

After ordering my pizza, I walked over to the nearest OXXO to buy some extra toilet paper.

Then back standing outside the Pizza Hut waiting for the food to be ready.

As I was standing outside, I noticed some commotion out in the distance a little bit.

It’s not uncommon to see drivers in Mexico City lose their shit.

For example, I remember one time seeing two drivers get into a wreck and one trying to escape the scene of the accident.

Consequently, the taxi driver chased after him and rammed his vehicle into the side of the road and stopping him from driving anymore.

Road rage can be intense sometimes in Mexico City.

It’s one reason for why, when you get a random chick from outside of Mexico City to visit you, most prefer to just take public transportation instead of driving in their own vehicle to see you.

Assuming they have a vehicle anyhow.

So, similar to the incident described above, I got a front window to some more road rage in Mexico.

Down the road, you could’ve seen some commotion going on as I said.

One dude on a motorcycle yelling at some couple driving a blue car.

They kept on driving towards my direction.

I didn’t think much of it as I heard the yelling.

Just sounds like another day in Mexico.

I looked back at my phone for the moment.

Then, all of a sudden, I heard a LOUD THUMP.

I looked up.

And there was Mr. Motorcycle Dude next to the blue vehicle right in front of me some odd feet away.

There was one rock on the ground.

He tossed another.

Sped off quickly.

Surprisingly, the window that he hit didn’t break somehow.

It sure sounded pretty loud by the two thumps that I heard.

And, from a distance, you could see some relatively minor window damage.

I say relatively because of the size of the rocks that he threw and how loud the thumps were.

You really would’ve expected a lot more damage to the windows.

But somehow it only left a few tiny spots of noticeable damage.

As I said, the guy sped off.

There was one dude behind the wheel and a woman sitting next to him.

The guy in question looked visibly shocked.

You could almost see him mutter the word “no mames” in typical Mexican fashion.

Right away, the dude handed his phone to the chick sitting next to him and they accelerated as fast as they could.

And I emphasize “as fast as they could” because they likely were not going to catch the guy alone.

There was not only a fair share of traffic that the guy would have to get around but also they’d be chasing a motorcycle.

Not likely to catch him.

Still, it was only about two or so minutes later when I saw a police vehicle speed down as fast as it could down the same road going the same direction.

I could only assume that they notified the police and they might’ve been on it?

But that’s pretty generous of me to assume such things.

You can’t always assume that the police in Mexico will actually do their job.

Many times, they don’t.

However, to be fair, this is Mexico City.

Relative to the rest of Mexico, the police in Mexico City are a little more responsible and efficient in getting the job done.

Not that I have much faith in them but I’d always have more faith in them than maybe the police in Estado de Mexico.

And, as you can see in this video here, the police in Mexico City have been known to pursue violations and even put in the effort to catch a dude on a motorcycle.

C5 CDMX Video


But who knows why the incident occurred.

Maybe the vehicle dude almost hit the motorcycle dude.

Shit that happens like you see here in another incident of road rage in Mexico City.

And who knows if the police ever did anything.

Anyway, here’s a photo of where the incident occurred.

As I was waiting for the pizza to be made, the dude way in the front made small talk with me about the road rage incident.

He seems to be some dude who makes money somehow collecting cardboard out of the trash?

Sure seemed like that was his job for the day.

And he went off about “no mames, people here are too intense.”

Well, as I said, when you are dealing with Mexico City traffic, I guess we can understand where that intensity comes from.

It’s definitely not the best city in the world to be driving around.

For various reasons like police looking for bribes, bad drivers and road rage.

Among everything else.

I’d always prefer walking around, taking the metro or using UBER than drive a vehicle around here.

Anyway, that’s the little story for today.

Just another example of the chaotic nature of Mexico City and the intensity of the traffic in this city.

If you have any comments, drop them below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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