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Music Elitism of Latin America

Some few months ago, I got talking with a chick from Tinder.

I forgot her name but we had been talking for probably a few days by this point.

Anyway, my initial impression of her was that she seemed quite interested in me.

It seemed like she’d be easy for sex.

Not crazy easy like she was sending me nudes typing me OH PAPI, CUM IN MY PUSSY!!

But easy enough!

Plenty of interest.

And we soon enough going through some basic questions that she was asking me.

What do I do for work?

What do I do for fun?

What music do I like?

The last question was what turned her from a CUM IN MY PUSSY PAPI to “ew.”

It is what it is!

She asked me “what music do I like?”

I answered honestly.

I like various types of music.

Rock, hip hop, some country, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, etc.


“Oh, you like reggaeton?” she asked me.

“Yes.” I responded.

The conversation changed quickly from there.

From one in which she was showing quite a bit of interest in me to a bit cold.

She wasn’t as into the conversation compared to before my answer.

Though I don’t remember perfectly right now, I guess she blocked me like 30 minutes at latest after I said that I like reggaeton.

Her last message was something like “sorry, I can’t date someone who likes reggaeton.”

It included a few more sentences to the text but it was basically that.

She instantly blocked me afterwards.

That moment reminded me of another woman I met who showed a distaste for certain types of music!

“That Music is For Poor People”

About a year ago, I had just moved to El Centro Historico of Mexico City.

And I was going to have my first date in a little while.

Sometimes I take breaks from dating and just rely on a BDSM site called Fetlife to bring me any chicks who want to directly fuck without the dating bit.

So it had been a little bit since I had gone on a real date by this point.

And, being honest with you, I can be a bit of an introvert.

I’m the type who is completely at ease sitting on a park bench and not saying a single thing for hours.

Granted, my mind is all over the place.

From running through countless thoughts to radio silence.

All the while people watching.

So, if I haven’t gone on a date in a while, my “conversation tools” haven’t been sharpened in a tiny bit.

As a guy, I always find that you have to “draw women in” to get them to naturally contribute more to the conversation.

Until that point where they pick up the reins a little bit, you have to be good at carrying the conversation well.

As an introvert, if I haven’t done it for a tiny bit, I simply lose interest and don’t have anything to say.

I get bored.

So here I have a date with a chick after taking a tiny break.

And the date starts out well.

We walk over to some park bench in that park area next to Bellas Artes metro station.

We sit down.

Have a discussion.

Soon enough, the conversation drops dead.

She isn’t contributing anything to the conversation.

Just sitting there but with a look on her face that says “so what you going to say?”

And I had nothing to say.

Wasn’t interested in the conversation and, if I’m being honest, wasn’t that into her because she looked different from the photos.

Soon enough, I felt like ending the time together because I didn’t care to be with her anymore.

Even though I said that I’d be available for longer but I probably ended the date in around 30 minutes more or less.

It’s been a while so I don’t remember exactly when I ended it.

She started encouraging me to buy her a drink at a bar but I decide to end it.

As we walk back to the metro to drop her off there, she seemed noticeably irritated.

And I’m initiating some small talk with her.

There was a band playing in the park closer to the steps leading down to Metro Bellas Artes.

And I said something like “sounds nice.”

“That music is for poor people.” She replied.

And that was it.

Granted, she might not have been elitist about the music but maybe was just pissed that I wouldn’t cough up a few dollars to buy her some beers.

“What?! My pussy ain’t valuable enough to get FREE BEER?!?”


But, regardless of what she was trying to imply, her comment was funny to me.

I never heard anyone say “oh, that music is for poor people.”

But it does remind me of reggaeton girl from before.

The truth is that, in my experience, there are people who look down on certain types of Latin music.

I join them sometimes!

After all, I think we can all collectively agree that banda and vallenato are for limp dick sissies.

It’s scientifically proven!

But there are folks who look down on other types of Latin music down here and we’ll get to that type of music elitism going forward as to how I see it from an outsider perspective.

Poor People Music!

I have had moments where I thought that some folks see some forms of Latin music as “poor people music.”

Though I think “poor people” isn’t always the right word.

Maybe more like “music of the uneducated.”

Sometimes I’ve felt that some Latinos – especially more upper class ones – might hold something against reggaeton music along those lines.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I don’t feel as strongly about this opinion but it’s been something that I’ve thought is probably true because it exists in other cultures also.

The Latinos Who Like All Foreign Music

Speaking of upper class Latinos, it’s not uncommon for them to listen a lot more to English language music than others.

Some of them might actually have a parent from an English speaking country.

It could also be that they are simply listening to some popular English language song and that’s it.

However, you do have some who trip over themselves in always showing interest in all things culturally foreign.

It’s always been my opinion that some of these types do so because they want to come across as more “educado” or cultured.

I remember one dude at a house party in Pachuca who was like this a bit.

Always reminding me how much he “LOVES THE CUBS” because I told him that I’m from Chicago (I’m not but I say that sometimes because plenty of Latinos have never heard of Iowa).

To him also discussing his love for other gringo music.

Does he listen to this music on the regular always every single day or was he trying to impress me by trying to relate to where I’m from?

Your guess is as good as mine – I don’t know.

I only met him once.

But you do have upper class Latinos who do genuinely only listen to foreign music for whatever reason (foreign parent or they think it’s a better look).

To also the type of “gringo hunter” Latina who does the same.

Simply because she fetishes the foreign, wants to impress gringo men she dates, come across as educated or whatever else.

These same type of Latinos (all of the above in this section) would also be the most likely to find your interest in local Latino music to be weird as I wrote here.

The Anti-Patriarchy Women

Next, when it comes to reggaeton specifically, you have some Latina women who don’t like reggaeton because they see it as “sexist” or “of the patriarchy” or however they’d describe it.

Something along those lines.

That it objectives women.

Now, when you get talking with these women, you find they tend to be agreeable with your points.

Aren’t women always agreeable?

Haha haha haha haha haha…

But, in all seriousness, you can find holes in their logic.

For example, the newer reggaeton music of today is, in my opinion, less “objectifying” of women than music of the past like this music video here.

And Latinas I talk with always agree that when the subject comes up.

Which I find weird.

Why then the hate towards the newer reggaeton?

A lot of it (not all) comes across to me as limp dick shit of “I love you, you love me.”

It’s not as common to hear shit like FUCK THEM, FUCK THEM GOOD.

And most of the bars these days play the newer shit.

It’s not like these women are listening to older music to hate.

So I don’t get it.

I always chalked it up to local Latinas hearing maybe an occasional new song that pushes boundaries for them but mostly their opinions just being a reiteration of a common talking point.

Typical of women, you see?

Incapable of original thought. Just recycle the popular opinion of the day.

Don’t cancel me feminists – I’m a comedian!

Dave Chappelle vs Fake Woke Netflix Employee

In all seriousness, it’s the truth that you do have some women who will say that they don’t like reggaeton because of the reasoning above.

That it’s sexist or objectifying of women.

Oddly enough, when you get one of them “in the mood,” it’s easy to  get them moving their ass against your crotch to “baila Morena, baila Morena” as you can see here.

“It’s sexist!!!” they yell.

“Until I want you to fuck my pussy, papi.”


The Limp Dick Gringo Trying to Appease Latinas

Next, you have some gringos actually who dislike reggaeton.

Some of them, from what I have rarely seen, seem to take on what male feminists do in the US.

Basically just agree with whatever women say to appear “more woke” in hopes of getting a weak ass handjob.

When I was in Bolivia, I remember meeting a gringo guy from Wisconsin named John as you can read here.

I only knew him for a few months since my time in the country was limited.

He didn’t like reggaeton.

Now what would a gringo from Wisconsin (few Latinos in the area) with limited Spanish have to say about reggaeton when it was also his first trip to Latin America?

As you can see in that article, the dude fell in love with a local gal.

Maybe that influenced his opinion on reggaeton?

Who knows!

But, over my few months there, he did have some minor changes in opinions on things after he started dating her.

Not much worth mentioning but his attitude on reggaeton was one.

Where, at the party where I had more time talking with him, he didn’t seem to dislike the reggaeton playing the party.

But his taste changed shortly afterwards.

Though, to be fair, I can’t say with 1110% confidence that the Latina pussy made him change his mind.

So I’ll leave it at that!

Still, there is the rare gringo you meet down here (rare in my experience) who seems to dislike reggaeton and, based on your interactions with the guy, you suspect that it’s similar to the male feminist trying to win brownie points with women.

But I’ll leave this group up for discussion among others since I have limited experience with this group and it’s just a theory of mine that I believe exists out there.

“Too Stereotypical!”

And speaking of gringos who like to pander to other groups…

Back when I lived in Ohio, there was some white guy who went to the same fraternity that I visited often in college.

He had some weird name that I couldn’t even tell you what it was despite knowing him.

He would tell people to just “call him V.”

But it wasn’t like he was trying to be cool.

Well, maybe he was…

But his legal name was legit some weird ass shit.

It was like Roosh V for those who know that guy?

Roosh V also has a weird ass last name and his first name isn’t that common among Americans.

Granted, I don’t even know if “Roosh” is his legal first name but it’s the same idea!

The name itself is so weird that you don’t hear it often.

Though at least “Roosh” is pronounceable.

This dude’s first name that began with a V was so unpronounceable that it was legit better to just call him V.

Looking back at it, if I had to guess, he must’ve been Eastern European.

Polish? Ukrainian?

He was white and his name looked as crazy as what you’d expect from someone from Eastern Europe.

But your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, he was very “woke” in how you imagine that.

Where he very much tried to always “be on the high horse” when it comes to “woke” issues.

Always trying to “one up” other people on “wokeness.”

So I remember coming back from my long trip through South America and he asked me about what music he should check out from the region.

I shared with him some Youtube playlist that I liked that included salsa music.

Several of the songs actually being shit I would hear on the radio!

Though, being fair, I only heard it in Colombia.

But it was music you could hear in public in some parts of Latin America!

And his response?

“This music is too stereotypical, Isn’t this promoting stereotypes of what Latinos are like?”

I shit you not.

Mr. White Dude who isn’t Latino and who has never been to ANYWHERE in Latin America is going to educate the guy that has spent close to 2 years in Latin America by this point on what “real Latin music” sounds like.

Unfortunately, Youtube did take down the playlist years ago or else I would share it here as it was good.

Maybe Youtube agreed with him? Or maybe it was due to copyright claims?

Who knows…

Anyway, you do have this type of gringo who feels some need to show to others how he “listens to the REAL music of Latin America.”

Or how he tries “THE REAL FOOD” of Latin America.

Or, as I wrote here, how he visits “THE REAL AREAS OF LATIN AMERICA.”

Not your lame ass salsa!

Not your tacos!

Not your cancun!

Even though all 3 of the above are part of THE REAL LATIN AMERICA, you dipshit.

This is the type of gringo who is one of the following:

  • Either is trying to be “more woke” than you by claiming you are promoting stereotypes and how he knows THE REAL LATIN AMERICA.
  • Or it’s the gringo who actually has spent time here and wants to feel like more of an expert on the region than you.

Which is the next group to mention.

The Bigger Expert Than you

I’m not going to elaborate too much here since it’s actually a little bit similar to the type of “music elitist” in the last section.

This type of gringo who, as I wrote here, wants to come across like he knows Latin America better than you do.

To be fair, I think a lot of gringos can be at fault for this.

A lot of them who actually have spent decent time in Latin America.

Maybe I can be at times!

I’m open to that criticism.

But I also try not to be a jackass about it to others in real life.

Because I get Latin America is a huge ass region and your experiences are as valid as mine.

With the differences between what you experienced in another country versus where I spend my time in this country over here.

Not all countries are the same nor is every region in a single country the same.

Texas isn’t Maine.

Barranquilla isn’t Bogota.

And Colombia as a whole isn’t Bolivia.

Which is why I heard more of that salsa music in Colombia than Bolivia when I was talking with V.

At any rate, this is a type of gringo who also might try to be a “music elitist” by showing how he listens to the REAL music of Latin America that isn’t some famous band that is popular today.

As I said, I can be a tiny bit like this.

More often with reggaeton than anything else.

As readers know, I do like to take a giant piss on newer reggaeton music than older reggaeton.

“Escuela vieja” or some shit like that.

But you genuinely enjoy Bad Bunny or whoever else is popular today?


Stepping away from the shit talking, I can’t say nothing in all seriousness.

If you enjoy that or any type of other Latin music, then all I can say is cool.

We have different tastes but, when I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’ll agree your tastes are as valid as mine.

Anything Else?

So any other groups to mention that can be “music elitists” of Latin America?

If you have thoughts, share them in the comment section below!

Would love to hear them.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

And enjoy this awesome cumbia music here.

Best regards,



Dazza - October 19, 2021 Reply

I have to say, I can’t stand reggaeton or any of that shite but I do like ‘Rock en Espanol’ some of it is excellent – Soda Stereo, Los Prisioneros, Los Pericos (Argentine reggae… sounds better than you think!), Los Dug’s Dugs, Vilma Palma e los Vampiros, The Mexican band ‘Mana’ have a great song ‘Rayando del Sol’ – that’s a tune… I got to discover a lot of these tunes listening to a station called ‘Radio Oxigeno’ in Peru and it had my kind of playlist and there were some great songs that I discovered. Saying that – it seems that a lot of South Americans love Euroshit like ‘Ace of Base’ who must be the worst musical group on the fucking planet because they kept playing their dirge on a loop and Mexicans and the rest of the Latin American music love Depeche Mode – if you want to get laid more than you already do – put on your tinder profile ‘TE AMO DEPECHE MODE’ and let me know how you get on!

    Matt - October 21, 2021 Reply

    Los Prisoneros and Vilma Palma are pretty good.

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