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Getting My Foot Saved by El Mexicano in CDMX

Published October 3, 2021 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Here’s a minor story today as a small update on what I’ve been to since I moved to Lindavista.

Today, I woke up.

Good start.

And I hung out with the house dog for a few hours.

At some point, I was supposed to see a chick named Jovi to watch a movie and hang out but she couldn’t make it today.

And, in general, I didn’t feel like working today anyway so, being honest, I didn’t do much.

At around 8 PM though, I felt like watching a movie with some brandy.

There’s a movie I saw a few days ago called Joker that I really liked.

So I figured I’d watch that again.

Sitting down, I put my headphones in and realized they weren’t working anymore!

This isn’t uncommon.

Over the last year, I’ve probably bought 5 cheap pairs of headphones that cost like a dollar to two dollars each.

Basic ass headphones you see people selling in the metro or wherever.

At some point, these things always stop working after 2 or 3 months at most.

At first, one side of them stops working.

Then both sides!

It’s like that phrase “what’s cheap comes out expensive” or some shit like that.

“Lo barato sale caro” is how you say it in Spanish, I think.

Or at least that’s what I remember.

Anyway, for these headphones, it’s true!

Maybe I should consider slightly more expensive ones?

Eh, given these little things are only like a buck or two each, I don’t mind replacing them every few months anyhow.

So, as I sat down today to watch Joker again, I realized the headphones were not working.

I could just watch the movie on my laptop without them but the audio for the movie on Youtube is coming out a bit low for the movie.

Therefore, I had to get off my ass to go outside to buy some.

Getting My Foot Stuck

Before walking outside, I got a text from Jovi saying she’ll visit me tomorrow.

Once outside my door, I gave the house dog some pets.

Then I walked outside.

Whenever I close the door behind me, it’s not uncommon for the dog to begin barking and making lots of noise.

Or straight up what sounds like him slamming himself against the door.

Anytime I come back, the little guy is excited AS FUCK.

I’m pretty sure he’s extremely lonely.

As a side point, I always feel like anyone who has a pet should be legally required to have a second pet to be friends with the first one.

After all, they get lonely, don’t they?!

And you can’t be there to play with them 24/7.

Anyway, once I began walking outside, I passed a neighbor who I saw walking towards our apartment building.

Who seems pretty good herself at giving the dog attention also.

The actual owner of the dog, in my opinion anyway, seems to ignore the little guy or at least I think so.

So, as I kept walking, I saw a police guy standing across the street at night.

It always makes me a little bit uneasy seeing the police in Mexico – especially at night.

While not all cops are bad in Mexico, I basically see them as thieves in official uniforms.

Way too many stories I’ve heard or even experienced of them straight up stealing from people.

And other worse shit.

Regardless, I kept on walking and contemplated maybe walking to the nearest metro station where they have little stores inside.

Surely, one of them would have cheap headphones, right?

But, at this hour at around 9 PM, a few of them might be closed anyway.

And I don’t want to buy a metro ticket to check.

So I got on the metro bus station and headed a few metro bus stops away where there’s a little supermarket.

Called Suprema or something with an S.

Well, as I walk onto the metro bus stop, I see a bus is already parked ready to take me away.

So I do a quick little jog to hurry up on inside.

However, I made it just in time but just barely.

Where the doors shut literally the second I stepped foot inside.

And after forcing my way in almost all the way through, I find one of my legs is stuck on the other side of the door.

My first thought was “surely the door will reopen so I can get the rest of my leg inside the bus.”

Because, at least in the metro stations, the train doors will actually open even if there’s not a problem!

I’ve used the train a lot more often than the bus in Mexico City and those train doors will open and shut again like 5 times if there’s even a slight detection that the doors didn’t close all the day.

So surely the bus will free my leg too, no?


The bus begins moving and now I have most of my leg inside the bus except my foot.

In which I quickly scan the door to see if there’s some emergency button to press to open the door or something for a quick second.

No button available.

And so as I begin trying to pull my foot inside, I find it’s not working as my foot is pretty well stuck.

Then some random young dudes comes up from behind me to fuck with the door.

As he’s trying to create some space by pulling on the door, I pull on my foot but it’s pretty damn stuck.

Still, I can feel it slowly coming through but could tell that my shoe was going to fall off and onto the road if I kept pulling.

Meanwhile, I did think for a second “what happens if my foot on the other end hits something as the bus goes 30 miles an hour?”

That doesn’t sound fun!

Thankfully, the door shutting on my foot didn’t actually hurt in of itself and my foot didn’t hit anything.

Before we reach the next bus stop, we did manage to free my foot.

The door dude pulling on the door and I grabbed onto my shoe in a way so that it wouldn’t fall off as I got it unstuck.

And so that’s the lesson here!

If you happen to ever get your foot stuck on a bus in Mexico City, just make sure to remember to hold onto your shoe so it doesn’t fall off as you pull on it.

Solid advice, Matthew!

No need to thank me.

Complicated shit here but I always come with the most actionable advice.

Or, of course, it might make sense to just yell at the bus driver to stop for a second but I was in the way back of the bus and I don’t think he would’ve heard me.

But notifying the bus driver is probably a more solid plan now that I think about it…

Anyway, now you know what to do in case you get your foot stuck on a Mexico City bus.

First time it’s happened to me in 4 years down here.

At any rate, I did eventually get the headphones!

The supermarket I went to didn’t have any actually but they had an OXXO across the street that had some as you can see here.

So a positive ending to a fairly uneventful incident.

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Thanks for reading.

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