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The Latinos Who Fear the Sun in Latin America

Published September 28, 2021 in Mexico , Personal Stories & Opinions - 2 Comments

This will probably be the shortest article I have ever written on my website.

Normally, I try to write articles over 1,000 words so they have a slight chance of being found in Google but I’ve had a lot of brandy tonight and I don’t give a fuck if this article gets seen or not.

Still, I’ve been writing articles on much smaller aspects to life down here in Latin America as I’ve covered a lot (though not all) of some of the bigger and broad topics.

So this will be one of those articles but I simply don’t have various stories to tell you to expand the article over a 1,000 words.

The story and observation being this anyhow…

Where, today, I walked to the nearest Dominos in Lindavista of Mexico City.

I requested a pizza.

Specifically, the “Meat Lovers” pizza.

As usual, they told me it’ll be ready in 15 minutes.

It’s usually ready in 5 to 10 minutes actually.

Anyway, instead of standing in front of their restaurant waiting, I decided to take a small walk before returning to pick up the pizza.

I don’t like standing still for a length of time. I prefer walking.

So, during the walk, I marched on over to this touristy area of the city called the Basilica.

I’ll probably write an article on it soon enough.

Along the way, I noticed two Mexican women walking towards me.

They soon passed me.

As they walked along by, one of them (an Asian Mexican looking chick) was using an umbrella despite it being quite hot outside.

It was a bit hotter than normal.

No rain to be seen!

Not a cloud in the sky.

Still, she wanted to use an umbrella that day.

And that’s the story!

I’ve seen it a few times in Latin America – people using umbrellas despite the lack of rain.

I remember the first time seeing this actually!

Some odd years back, I remember seeing some random ass person in La Paz of Bolivia use an umbrella while outside despite the lack of rain.

In the moment, I was a little bit confused seeing someone have an umbrella out without rain.

But I kept on going forward.

It wasn’t a big issue but was just slightly weird.

Over time, I’ve come to realize that it’s not unusual actually.

Back in my small town in Iowa, I can’t remember anyone using an umbrella outside when there isn’t rain.

Though, if I’m being fair, maybe there’s someone who does but I don’t remember ever seeing that.

In the broader US? Sure!

We have plenty of foreigners anyhow and even some natural born Americans who might go along with the practice.

That practice being, from my limited understanding, using an umbrella to simply block out the heat of the sun.

To be fair, I’ve never asked these folks down here if that is what they are doing.

I can only assume so because I read on the internet years ago, when looking into the expat life in Asia, that apparently people in some countries over there use umbrellas for the same reason.

To block out the heat of the sun?

I also remember reading that some folks do it because they don’t want to be too tan and want to always appear lighter skinned.

I have no idea if any of the above is true as to why folks use umbrellas when outside despite the lack of rain.

I’ve never asked anyone, like those two chicks mentioned above, for why they are using an umbrella despite there not being any rain.

Still, based on what I have read years ago, I always guessed that was the reason.

But I genuinely don’t have any idea.

Over the years here, I’ve seen other folks use umbrellas despite the lack of rain in Latin America.

I’m used to it and it’s not an unusual thing for me to see.

Though, back during my first days down here in Latin America, it wasn’t a big thing either.

Just a tiny bit strange but not worth giving a second thought to.

Though, as I said, I’m now even writing about small aspects to life down here as I expand into whatever topic comes to mind.

And, as I was walking, I saw those two chicks and thought “hmm, that’s something to write about! Surely there’ll be some other small town Iowa dude who finds that peculiar and will want to read about it!”

So here’s your article!

Maybe someone else will notice the contrast between how it is back home and how some people use umbrellas down here despite the lack of rain.

It’s not really much to talk about but I suppose it is one other minor aspect to life down here.

A quick mention but nothing more to be said.

If you have any comments though, drop them below in the comment section.

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And thanks for reading!

Best regards,


PS: For anyone else who has never seen this before, check out the comment by Dazza below. Apparently it's not an umbrella but something called a parasol.


Dazza - October 2, 2021 Reply

They’re not umbrellas, they’re called a parasol! They look similarish to an umbrella but aren’t so – they are lighter and a bit flatter around the top and doesn’t form a bell shape to protect you from the rain – popular in East Asia because the ladies here want white skin and don’t want to go ‘brown’ – interesting you stated it was an Asian-Mexican lady using one as it’s very common in East Asian culture for the women to use them when the sun is out.

It’s definitely to block out the sun, sometimes here, you see young ladies wearing hat, sunglasses and their arms and legs fully covered in some very hot and sunny weather. Cultural differences and all that!

    Matt - October 3, 2021 Reply

    Thanks! Had no idea it was something different. Does look like an umbrella to me lol. I’ll make sure to edit in your comment to the article for the clarification in case anyone else gets confused on the topic.

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