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Month Long Break from Writing

Published August 19, 2021 in Miscellaneous Information - 0 Comments

For my 8 loyal readers that check my blog regularly, I'm just posting here that I won't be publishing anything for a month.

Until mid September around my birthday.

Going to be busy doing a bunch of stuff and won't have as much time to write.

What am I going to be up to?

Well, a few things...

First, I'm moving again and need to find a new place to move to. I'd like to check out more another neighborhood. 

Thinking the one by El Rosario. Out of 3 friends I know, two have told me it's safe and one told me it's dangerous.

So I'm going to have to check it out first before committing.

But, in general, I would like to move somewhere around the far northern parts of Mexico City because I've never lived that far up north before.

Second, my birthday is coming up middle of next month in September.

Before my birthday hits, I want to have a good fucking time.

I got some friends I plan to spend the night drinking with.

But I'd also like to get some "birthday girls" under my wings.

Some chicks that can give me great ass for my birthday.

Who I can fuck the shit out of like a deranged animal.

Someone who I can role play with.

Being in Mexico, I've always wanted to role play as a US border agent who caught a sexy Mexican gal on the border.

Maybe role play as ICE instead and knock on her door asking for papers?

"Oye chica, you legal? Only way you being legal is if you suck this dick."

"Oh papi gringo".....she moans.

Or maybe role play as an American solider who is invading Mexico like we did when we took places like California, New Mexico, etc?

A girl of mine named Jovi said she's down to role play any of the above actually.

I just need to buy myself some American solider uniform or something.

So should be fun.

I do have her and the sex with her is so great that it actually has disincentivized me from pursuing other chicks the last month.

But I also have taken online dating much more seriously in the last two days. Just got over 40 new numbers from Mexican Cupid, Fetlife and Tinder.

So I'm going to spend some time going through dates and picking another girl to enjoy my birthday week with.

Third, I got some life style changes I want to make. And I don't want to be distracted by writing as I get myself into the flow with them.

Particularly with the following:

  • Learning how to cook better.
  • Incorporating more cardio into my regular workout.
  • No drinking for a month.
  • More time walking outside visiting neighborhoods I've never been to. Especially if I ever get around to writing that book on CDMX.

Anyway, I plan on obviously keeping up to date with these things after this month but it's just easier for me to incorporate things into my schedule long term if I dedicate a little bit of time getting used to doing them.

Finally, I plan on expanding my cam model work. Would like to put some more work in to making more affiliate money from that. 

The Overarching Reason

But, being honest with you, the overarching reason really is I feel like my life has been wasting away.

I don't know why.

It's all good really.

Financially, I'm very satisfied with where I am.

Dating wise, I'm great. I still have the memory burned into my head of Jovi's face when I was fucking her last time and it was hot as fuck.

Shit, I'll remember for a long time.

Not saying I'm a fuck god but seeing her face while fucking her did boost my ego a bit.

Sexually, I'm happy as a clam.

Socially, better than I have been for a year now.

Still, I feel something is missing.

On one hand, I guess I feel maybe I've lost time?

Over the last year, I have been emotionally in the dumps just thinking about shit and my drinking getting to a bad point.

And, even though that is getting fixed and I'm in a better place mentally than I have been in a long ass time...

I still got some work to do on that.

And I feel like I'm lacking purpose in life despite the ducks being in row.

Everything else good but I'm feeling like I'm missing something deeper.

And I'm not sure what.

A purpose or whatever it might be.

Got that feeling again a few days ago when watching Rocky 2 like in this scene here.

Spirit & Purpose

For the last year, this blog has been a purpose for me in some respect just to finally document all my experiences and observations I've had over the years living in Latin America.

So, while I got shit I will be doing in the next 30 days like I said above...

The main reason I'm taking this 30 day break is so I can reflect better and, more importantly, live life even better than I have been over the last year.

Get the ball rolling to help me find that spark again.

So I'm taking this 30 day break to get the ball rolling on that.

I put in all my energy writing over 450 articles in the last year for this blog but it's time for me to put all that energy into finding spirit and purpose in life.

I've been "waking up" more in the last month upon the realization that I really am wasting my life away.

Feeling angry at myself almost upon the observation.

What is life without spirit?

Without purpose?

It really is time to dedicate all my energy that I've used into this blog into improving my own life.

A month might not be much time to change things but I want alone time without thinking about this blog as I focus more on myself during this period.

So I'll be gone for a month at least.

Be back writing at a slow pace (10 or more articles per month) by September 21st.

Some cool stories to be published by then.

I'm just announcing this because I know some check my blog regularly for any new articles.

This way you know there is no need to check for at least a month until around mid September.

And, being honest, I've felt some weird responsibility that I've placed on myself to keep writing at the pace I have been. 

Especially since, in my first year writing for this blog, I put out so much content.

So I don't want to somehow feel guilty for not putting anything out there while I focus on some personal goals I want to kick into shape this month.

So it's time for a small break for about a month.

Of course, given the time, I'll probably have some stories to put out there when I'm back writing in a month.

Plus, at least nobody thinks I got shot up by the cartels during this month either as for a reason why I'm briefly gone.

Check Out My Past Articles!

And free to check out any of the articles I've written in the past during this break.

There's over 450 there!

Or send me an email whenever in my contact form on my website if you want to say hi. I check it sometimes. 

And enjoy this last minute video on motivation that I quite like.

Anyway, see you all next month!

Best regards,


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