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Missing America: Happy Late 4th of July!

Sometimes I don’t understand it.

When talking with another American guy about the logic of living in Latin Ameirca, his words were “the decision to live in a foreign country will never make complete logical sense.”

The older I’ve gotten, the more I agree with this statement.

Granted, to be honest, this statement was thrown me way about a day or two ago on Whatsapp.

Still, it was by another foreigner who has lived a decent time down here in Latin America.

And has been an observation that I have had also over the time down here.

With enough time, I’ve come to realize that I am not logical either.

And, to be fair, sometimes I laugh at the ideas other foreigners come up with for they live here.

Like the warmer weather or good food.

Both of which you can find easily enough in the US for example.

Hell, even I’ve laughed at myself at times.

The truth is that, for a lot of people, I feel that, to a certain degree, we may not understand 110% for why we choose to live down here.

I could, as I have in other articles, given the reasons for why I live down here.

Where I break down the logic and break down the life story and all that jazz.

And it'll sound as logical as any of the other gringos giving their reasons also.

But, at the end of the day, it is my opinion that, for various gringos, there'll always be a certain madness underneath the surface of logic for our reasoning to live down here.

Where, at a certain point, some of us might not even understand it perfectly either.

Maybe we understand 99% of the story and logic but there's that fundamental 1% that some don't necessarily understand.

Still, I find myself happier down here overall and that's what matters.

However, there are days where I miss America.

Missing America

I never hated my country.

There’s a part of me that mises my country.

Hell, I even wrote an entire article to my memories of America here!

Honestly, I think the US is a better country than any country in Latin America.

Granted, because of the low cost of living, I can enjoy life down here much more than life in the US.

I always said it like this -- I would always prefer to be born an American without any question due to the privileges that come from being an American.

But I prefer living in a country like Mexico (though I would never want to be born a Mexican).

But I miss America.

It’s a great country.

It has its faults like anywhere else.

But I miss it.

I connect more with people from home than anywhere else.

And sometimes I think about life back up there.

It’s a good country.

There was never anything about it that I didn’t like.

Still, my normal arrangement down here has always been to visit home every 6 months.

When I do it like that, it actually is a perfect setup for me.

I can visit home and enjoy America almost like a vacation.

Similar to how Americans vacation in Mexico but the other way around.

Then, with about 2 weeks in the country, I feel ready to hit the road again and go back to Mexico.

Personally, I don't think I'd be happy living in the US for longer than 2 weeks at a time mostly.

I always got the bone in my body to want to go back.

However, because of the COVID situation, I haven't really made the effort to go back for about a year and a half now.

It's not so much a fear of COVID but more logistical reasons that have made things to where I have been here without a vacation home longer than preferred.

As a result, I'm in much need of that 2 week vacation.

Typically, it's always around July when my mom's birthday and 4th of July is around...

Or around November and December for the holidays.

Plus, the time between those two periods is 6 months anyhow so it works out well.

Happy 4th of July!

And speaking of 4th of July....

I guess you can say this is my obligatory 4th of July article!

Yeah, I'm about 5 days late to publishing it...

But cmon!

I run on Mañana Time and all that !

Got to adopt to the local culture, don't you know....

What did I do to celebrate this 4th of July?

Well, I told my parents Happy 4th.

Had a phone call with my sister.

I can't remember if I had a date that day but I think I had someone come over late at night to hookup.

And I had some Burger King -- a shit ton of chicken with fries.

At any rate, since I haven't been able to get my 2 week vacation, here's a bunch of music to help us celebrate America's Birthday!

It's not all necessarily AMERICA related but it's good music that has been part of my playlist for the last few hours.

So grab a bottle of liquor and get out some double meat bacon burgers to celebrate 4th of July a bit late with the music below.


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