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A few days ago, once I woke up, I remember feeling a bit weak in my head.

Laying in my bed, I’m waiting around for a tiny bit for my head to feel a bit better after some heavier drinking the night before.

But also the feeling of hunger hits my stomach and I know I need to get some food again.

With some food in the fridge, I could cook some steak or whatever.

But, being honest with you, my cooking skills are absolute shit.

If I could cook better, I’d probably cook more at home than eat outside.

It’s been a small goal of mine that I don’t care much about but have inched some progress on over the last year or so when it comes to improving my cooking skills.

Anyway, I don’t feel like fucking around with that and want some food from outside.

Not quite sure though…..

Tacos? Nah, not feeling that.

Some Dominos meat & cheese bread? Nah, I don’t want to wait 15 minutes for them to cook it.

Burger King? Not feeling that either.

But then it hits me – enchiladas.

That sounds right!

If I remember right, I think I got some enchiladas with red sauce for about 2.5 bucks.

I also remember buying some pastes (meat filled pastries) to have later in the day for dinner.

Once I walk downstairs from my apartment, I wave at the security guard who is chilling on the couch.

And then begin walking outside.

Once outside, I pass by this restaurant that I always have felt the need to try the food at but never got around to it.

Still need to actually.

But the food I’m interested in is this chicken meal they advertise outside.

It looks good in the photos and so that does entice me a bit…

But then, remembering I’m in Mexico, I always decide against it.

The reason being that, in my experience, Mexico can often be shit when it comes to properly seasoning certain things like hamburgers or chicken.

Which is ironic as fuck because Mexico is great as seasoning other things like enchiladas and typical Mexican food in general.

But, compared to my time in the US, I find Mexicans on average could learn a thing or two with seasoning things like hamburgers and other meals.

Though it does depend also – the restaurant is more of a middle income looking place so I know it’s a hit or miss.

Maybe they do the chicken right or maybe they don’t.

If it was more upper scale, then I’d maybe have more confidence.

Still, that’s a side point – I’ll try them soon enough!

Anyway, it’s sprinkling outside a tiny bit as I’m walking towards the cook for the enchiladas.

There’s this street food guy near my apartment who I have mentioned in other recent articles..

Where he basically cooks a wide variety of Mexican food and hits the spot every fucking time.

Literally one of the best street food guys I’ve encountered in all my years in Mexico City because of the wider variety of food he covers and how well he covers each food he does.

A literal goldmine of Mexican food on the street.

With good prices also.

All in front of Copilco Metro station.

If anyone wanted to know how to find him, I’d recommend him for sure.

The Mexican Player Shooting His Shots

Anyway, let’s cut the foreplay and get to the meat of the story.

As I said, I began walking towards a street food guy by metro Copilco of CDMX past a restaurant that I was always intrigued by on a cloudy day with some sprinkling outside.

When I got around the corner, I saw a random Mexican guy with his pants around his knees.

Some homeless looking dude with medium brown skin and fucked up hair and a huge ass forehead.

He was standing between two benches that were empty with nobody near him.

All the while he had his hand around his limp dick jerking off furiously.

Similar to what I wrote in this article here, you sometimes just have to laugh as I have always said before.

You see something crazy like this and you have to not let it bother you.

Just laugh it off.

It’s Latin America for you.

At any rate, this guy clearly seems to be in an episode of sorts.

He is jerking off furiously as I said with eyes wide as fuck like he is envisioning Jesus Christ himself bent over begging for some Mexican cock.

Meanwhile, this dude is muttering some shit to himself like he is speaking to someone.

At any rate, as I said, you simply have to laugh it off and keep on going.

Keep walking.

Because, for all we know, this motherfucker might try to re-enact a scene from the Boondocks here.


At any rate, I get the enchiladas and pastes.

Then, as I’m walking back, I wonder to myself if the cops have taken this guy away yet.

But once I get up close, I see that he is still there but slightly more coherent in his ramblings.

I stop for a second as I buy some chocolate for 5 pesos from this street stand that sells things like chocolate, chips, etc.

While I’m waiting a second for the lady to get behind the counter and take my 5 pesos, I notice that the homeless guy is getting more intense.

With the limp dick in hand jerking off like his life depends on it, he grunts out to random ass chicks walking past.

Though, being honest with you, I wasn’t entirely clear as to who he was grunting at the whole time I was in the area.

Especially as Spanish isn’t my native language and also there were numerous people passing by.

With one older gentleman (who could’ve been in his 70s) stopping by just looking at the motherfucker in bewilderment.

Some skinny bald medium brown skin dude with plenty of wrinkles just looking concerned at the homeless coomer.

But, as I said, it was clear that the dude was saying shit to at least a few random chicks.

Just shit like “how sexi you are” and “nice ass” and “want me?”

With one chick wearing one of those large white masks sitting on some concrete with her phone out staring at this dude also.

For some reason, though he wasn’t yelling at her, she did seem to have a look of concern on her face.


At any rate, she got up and left for some odd reason.

I guess she was busy that day.

Only after seemingly taking a photo of him.

In hindsight, I kinda wish I had taken a photo also but I’m not sure if I’d have the legal right to publish it on a blog of someone else.

Maybe if I blur out the face and cock.

At any rate, I get my chocolate and carry on back to my apartment.

The Point

Honestly, it doesn’t bother me at all anymore.

I remember being amazed at all of the homeless people I saw in my first year living in Mexico City.

Where I’m from, you don’t see anywhere near as many homeless people outside (from a small town though).

And even in the rest of Latin America that I have been to, I don’t remember the quantity of homeless people outside leaving any impression on me.

Having said that, Mexico City can overall be a good place to live but it comes with its downsides.

On this note, the amount of homeless people here has always seemed worse than in other areas.

But much worse in the touristy areas like Roma Norte, Condesa, El Centro, etc.

Where I’m at, you don’t ever see any tourists (at least I haven’t), so you don’t see as many homeless folks.

That’s one reason why I like where I am right now – less aggressive homeless folks.

It only gets annoying though when they don’t leave you alone begging for cash.

A homeless dude jerking off furiously and throwing his hottest pick up lines at random women?


Granted, maybe not as entertaining to the local gals but definitely something to laugh about after the fact I find.

As I said, you have to learn to laugh when you live down here long enough.

To not let things bother you too easily.

Enjoy the ridiculousness.

At any rate, in all seriousness, hopefully the dude got the help he needed because he was clearly in an episode or on something.

Though, in all likelihood, he probably didn’t get much help and instead maybe an ass kicking from the cops.

Who knows.

Haven’t seen him sense.

Which might be a good thing!

Maybe his revolutionary pickup skills got him a nice lady to settle down with.

His assertiveness and confidence definitely could work on a certain type of lady I feel.

“Oh papi….ya tienes mi corazón…”

“ya cállate puta. Kiero poner mi berga en tu bokitaaaaaa”

At any rate, it’s a simple story of ridiculousness you sometimes see down here.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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