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1 Year Anniversary of Iberian America

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Living in a part of Mexico City known as Pedregal de Santo Domingo....

I was laying in my bed looking at my phone with not much to do that day.

But was reading anyhow this conversation going on in this Telegram chat for foreigners who live or visit Latin America.

For some reason, I felt like in that moment to get off my butt and make this website.

It must've had something to do with the conversation but I don't remember what it was.

Anyway, I had been itching to make a website about my experiences for a long while now actually before that moment.

At times, I would sit in front of my computer fucking around with domain names thinking "maybe this is what I can call it?"

Then I would check it out and the awesome domain name I was looking into happened to be taken already.

Well, on that day, I had a boost of energy in me to get the damn issue resolved now.

We're picking a domain name and sticking to it!

Now, for those who don't know, I'm very picky on domain names.

It has to be perfect or else I'll kick my ass everyday afterwards shaking my head going "god damn it, what a terrible name!"

I prefer domain names that sound cool.

For example, if I was to make a domain name for Iowa, it'd ideally be something like

However, is taken.

Billy Bob Corn Grower out in some little ol' town has already taken it probably.

So if I can't get a domain name with the exact words for the place or thing I want to make a domain name of...

I might look up alternative names that exist for that place or area.

Or I might pick something that ""

If it was about Ohio, it'd be ""

Or ""

Or ""

So on and so on.

If I can't have the name of the place itself, I'll look up synonyms of some nice word and pick one that has the same letter as the place or topic that the website is about.

Then I can look at it proudly and go "damn right, that's my site right there! I own that shit!"

Why bother?

Well, domain names don't matter so much in the grand scheme of things.

But having a nice domain name makes me feel better about the website I'm going to tackle.

Plus, it gets me laid -- I can go up to nice ladies at bars and go...

"Hey girl, want to know something? I'm the owner of ""

"Oh Papi!!!" she moans

At any rate, that's how that day started with establishing

I couldn't get a domain name for the following (and I tried):


All taken!

Even when I began looking into ""

I believe other variations of the term "Iberian America" were taken.

Iberian America was literally the only term left about this region in those exact words that was not taken.

So I took it!

Checked it twice.

Made a Twitter account for it the next second.

And a gmail account.


I am now the PAPI of Iberian America.



If anyone in college ever has to do a 15 page paper on "Iberian America" anywhere in the world....

They'll find my website.

Full of articles about sticking your dick in the locals, drinking yourself to death and complaining about the locals.

Very professional!

In fact, ever since I did start this website, I'm pretty sure like a 10th of my traffic comes from people actually looking up the term "Iberian America" and stumbling across this website.

Hahaha jajajaa hahahaaha jajaja hahaha jajaja hahaha jajaja

Or as the Brazilians say.....


Iberian America as it Stands

As of now, this website has the following numbers:

  1. 831,913 Words
  2. 2,068 words per article on average
  3. 402 articles
  4. 4,779 views total
  5. 1,027 visitors
  6. 112 comments total

With the last view months having an average of around 500 to 600 views a month so it is picking up a tiny bit.

In the grand scheme of things, you can say that is a bit pathetic.

All that content and so little views.

To be fair though, over half of my articles are not even 6 months old yet (not ranking in Google) and none of them were written with proper SEO to rank in Google.

Nor have I done any Guest Posting or advertised my articles in anyway online.

Effectively, I've laid low focused on content production instead of promoting what I made.

In short, I don't care so much if I'm not the most popular guy in town.

I mostly focused on this website as one giant project so that I can finally document everything I have ever experienced or observed about life down here.

Going Forward

Going forward, I plan on doing things a bit differently with this website.

First, before I do advertise any articles, I feel the need to "clean up" some of them.

Mostly in terms of grammatical errors.

Keep in mind, I haven't edited any of my articles ever.

I just write and publish.

Half the time while drunk.

So I need to "clean up" some of the articles so it's not as messy.

But that'll be a casual work I plan on doing.

While doing that, as I said in previous articles, you'll be getting more investigative articles out of me at a slower pace.

Not so much 200 articles every 6 months or so like before...

But maybe a 100 every year.

Something like that.

And focused more on the "now."

Many of the articles I've written have been focused on the past since I was simply trying to do catch up with all of my experiences and observations over the years I had been down here previously.

Now that is done...

You'll obviously get more articles about my life nowadays.

And going into the future...

There will soon be less content on Mexico and more on the rest of Latin America as I get traveling again.

At any rate....

Above all else...

1 Year!

Again, we made it one year!


Here's an article to celebrate.

Get out the liquor bottles.

And blast out the reggaeton viejo.

No, no that new shit that low T gringos listen to...

The old shit!

And celebrate!

More years to come.

Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,



Dazza - June 23, 2021 Reply

Congrats! May it continue well into the future!

    Matt - June 23, 2021 Reply


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