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UFOs in Latin America

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that we have gotten more news of UFOs in the news and social media.

Soon enough, all the sex tourists will be leaving Latin America to go to foreign planets to get that exotic alien pussy.

Will come up more holes than any Human Female could ever provide!

Plus, as the rumors put it, Alien Females know how to give head better…

So who doesn’t like that?

In all seriousness, I figured I might as well dedicate an article to this topic about UFOs.

But for obvious reasons, I am forced by my overlords to keep the theme relevant to…


“Iberian America.”

So without wasting anymore of your precious time of your lunch break from work….

Here are some notable examples among many that I could find on the internet of people discovering UFOs in Iberian America!

Or Latin America anyway.

You get the idea.

I only included examples by the way that have video entertainment behind it so we can all can have something to watch for each example.

Quick Note: UFO in Spanish seems to be “Ovni.”

In this video, you will need to know Spanish to understand the videos included but you don’t really just to see the UFOs spotted in each of the videos.

Most of the videos will be in Spanish but not all of them.

So let’s get to it.

UFO Seen by Chilean Pilots

Based on my initial research, it really seems like Chile is a popular place for UFOs.

At least compared to most other Latin countries I looked at.

Must be some intergalactic trip to Patagonia or something.

Either way, this was the first example that came to mind as I remember seeing this video below here before.

Where Chilean pilots reported seeing some UFO flying around and letting out something that looks like a gas or whatever it could be.

From the video description, this occurred supposedly close enough to the Chilean city of Valparaiso in November 2014.

Between San Antonio and Quintero to be specific.

UFO in an Argentine Town

Next, we have some Argentine town known as Capilla del Monte.

This is supposedly an area that has had a lot of experience with UFOs in South America.

And the people here, at least based on the video, really seem into the whole UFO thing.

Identifying as aliens themselves in a way.

And, based on the video, seems like they even have little events held where they can pretend to be aliens.

In a way, it looks like this village is basically trying to encourage tourism to its area based on the UFO stuff they promote.

Like the annual UFO festival that they supposedly hold.

How much do the people here really believe in UFOs versus using this as a way to generate tourism dollars?

Well, I’m sure both are part of the mix, right?

Looks interesting anyway.

UFOs in Encarnación, Paraguay

This is probably one of the more interesting examples of a UFO in Latin America that I’ve so far during my time writing this article.

Here’s a video of it.

It was seen in Encarnación, Paraguay.

The reason why I say it is interesting is because the UFO in that video looks oddly enough fairly similar to the UFO seen near the American Navy recently as you can see here.

Triangular shaped with some weird glow to it or such.

UFO in Uruguay

Next up, we have a more well known example from Uruguay.

In October 2017, people from various points in Uruguay, including Montevideo, spotted some weird objects in the sky that they couldn’t explain.

For those interested in reporting on this issue, here’s a media company from Uruguay talking about it but that’s the basics.

You can see the images of the UFO also in the video.

UFO in Brazil

Now, to be fair…

Who really cares about the UFOs?

What we really care about are the aliens behind them!

So, in this next video, we have 3 witnesses (in English this time) explain their experience seeing an actual alien in Brazil.

Here’s the video

The only thing I have to say is how disappointed I am in the 3 chicks who claimed to have seen an alien.

After all, we finally have an answer to one of the world’s biggest mysteries…

Does life exist elsewhere?

And they couldn’t even bother to team up on the alien and capture it.

It was apparently only 1 alien they saw…

So basically a 3 against 1 fight.

Surely they couldn’t kidnapped the little guy!

UFOs in Bolivia

In this video, you can see UFOs flying around Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

Now, if we’re being honest, this actually makes sense.

If I was going to fly to another planet, I’d pick a place that is beautiful.

And Salar de Uyuni is one of my favorite parts of Latin America.

I wrote an entire article on my time there here!

Here’s the video.

UFO in Peru

Here’s another interesting example in this video here.

A UFO was seen by Cusco, Peru.

The object you can see again is triangular or has some glow to it…

A bit like the example we saw in Paraguay and also in the US!

Enjoy the video.

UFO in Colombia

Next, let’s change it up a bit and not use something from the mainstream media.

Instead, here we have a normal video recorded by some random person in Cali, Colombia showing what he sees as UFOs in the sky.

Check them out here.

UFO in Venezuela

The video you see here will show a UFO in Venezuela.

The UFO can be seen starting on 1:05 in the video.

It supposedly was shot in the Venezuelan state of Barinas on September 10, 2020.

The UFO kinda looks like the white tic tac that was seen in the US as you can see in this video here.

Same one?

UFOs in Central America

I don’t really feel like having a subsection for each Central American country.

So here’s a bunch of interesting UFO videos I found in each country of Central America.


UFO in the Dominican Republic

Interesting enough, we have a little video series on Youtube about UFOs in the Dominican Republic with different footage provided of each encounter.


UFO in Puerto Rico

I actually remembered hearing about this incident below on, if I remember right, the Joe Rogan podcast.

Though I don’t speak whatever language the title of the video is in (I think it’s French?), it looks like it is saying that a UFO was seen over the airport in Puerto Rico.

So here’s an interesting video of just that.

UFO in Cuba

Are you tired of lame media coverage and poorly shot videos of UFOs in Latin America yet?

Well, don’t worry!

Here I found a documentary in Spanish about UFOs in Cuba.

Enjoy all 55 minutes of it!

Though, in the case of Cuba, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UFOs they saw were actually just vehicles from the CIA trying to assassinate Castro.

They did give that a try like a billion times so who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

UFOs in Mexico

Finally, we will end this article with a video in English for those who didn’t understand the language in most of the previous videos.

Here is a video of some pilot guy talking about his experience finding UFOs as he was flying towards Mexico City.

Now that video itself didn’t show any actual UFOs…

So here’s another video of some UFOs in Mexico City.

I included a second video here since I’ve spent so much time in Mexico and am biased towards this country.


Final Thoughts

So have I had any personal experiences with UFOs in Latin America?

Well, not Latin America.

I have seen flashing lights in the skies but always assumed they were planes or some shit.

Never seen anything fishy down here.

The only time I remember anything weird was when I was like 5 or 6 or some shit...

I can't remember the exact age.

But it was in the first house my parents lived at...

And I remember sleeping on the floor and there was this window in the next room I could see.

For some reason, I was horrified in the moment and thought something strange was by the window.

Maybe aliens? Ghosts?

Or maybe it was all just a dream?

Who knows.

I was pretty young.

And so are any of these stories in the article examples of aliens?

I know that technically UFO is just an unidentified flying object…

But let’s be real – nobody gives a fuck about hot weather balloons.

We want aliens damn it!

Specifically hot alien babes who will engage in sexual intercourse with us.

Well, I can’t say that these are aliens obviously in any of the examples.

But it was interesting to find examples of UFOs in Latin America.

If you want to find more interesting examples yourself, you’re going to have to search up “ovni en x Latin country.”

Type it in Spanish using the Spanish word for UFO being Ovni.

And you’ll get a lot more results obviously than what media in English would provide.

Though I did try to provide a fair amount of media in English since not everyone reading this understands Spanish.

Also, here’s a Wikipedia article on documented UFO encounters on our planet. In that article, you’ll be able to find some documented cases in Latin America also that weren’t mentioned here.

Anyhow, got any comments or examples of UFOs yourself?

In Latin America or anywhere?

Drop them below in the comment section.

Follow my Twitter here.

And thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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ive been in mexico city a long time. ive seen a ufo once years ago or what i thought was a ufo by the bus station up north.

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