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Alright you degenerate anons of the…

Today, I figured I might as well invest a tiny bit into this website..

Even though it hasn’t made me a dime..

And engage in a topic that I figured might be entertaining somehow to someone.

And that is the topic of “Latina cam girls.”

You know…

The Marias and the Alejandras of every pueblito of Venezuela working hard shoving dildos up their asses in Colombia to feed their malnourished parents back home by sending the money they earn Western Union.

So I decided to spend 20 bucks today to do basic 4 interviews with a few different chicks who happen to be Latina cam models.

Which, to be fair, is kinda like giving money back into the system since I make a pretty penny often enough from affiliate money for cam model websites.

Either way, I went on the website Chaturbate to make an account and load it up with 20 bucks worth of “tokens.”

Then I basically picked a random 4 Latina chicks who didn’t seem too popular and who seem like they would answer my questions for 5 bucks a girl.

Are the answers they give true or not?

Eh, you be the judge.

I think I got my moneys worth of interesting content from these nice ladies.

And keep in mind that I’m basically just summarizing in my own words what I was told by each of these chicks.

So let’s begin.

The Colombian Who Isn’t Colombian

First, I got talking with a white light brown Latina chick who we can call Maria to keep her identity simple.

From what she told me, she presents herself as Colombian on the website but is actually from Costa Rica.

Why does she present herself as Colombian though?

Well, she isn’t worried so much about anyone trying to stalk her.

Though she did say that one dude who gave her like 50 bucks one time did say that he travelled to Costa Rica to find her.

But she never saw him and he seemed crazy apparently.

Anyway, she says that she presents herself as Colombian because, on the website, most Latinas present themselves as Colombian.

Almost like it is some little niche and the expectation, from her perspective, is that people think you are Colombian if you are Latina supposedly.

Anyway, she got into the whole cam model thing because she knew a friend who did it supposedly and she basically needed money after losing her job due to the lockdown in Colombia.

So she’s been doing it for a few odd months now and makes roughly around 400 bucks a month more or less.

And that’s it.

The Cheating Girlfriend

Next, there was some Argentine chick I got talking with that comes from somewhere in Patagonia area supposedly.

She was one white looking Latina with short black hair, glasses and so on.

Anyway, her story is a little bit similar in that she needs money now due to the times we are in.

After all the lockdown measures in Argentina, her parents have been struggling.

So, whenever her parents aren’t home, she basically turns on the camera on her laptop and does sex stuff.

Has she ever been caught?


Supposedly her parents don’t suspect a thing.

Anyway, she’s been saving the money coming in basically and using some of it to cover her own living expenses so that her parents don’t have to spend money on food for her.

Her parents have supposedly never asked her how she affords to buy her own food since she doesn’t have a job.

But she does have a boyfriend so maybe that helps them think that he chips in somehow.

Though does the boyfriend know she is doing this?


But she says that he doesn’t need to know and it’s not like she is fucking anyone.

Just stripping for money online.

Regarding how much she makes, she told me that she works like 20 hours a week on this website and makes like 700 bucks more or less a month.

What does she do for the money?

In her words, half the money or so comes from 2 guys that are frequent clients.

Both of them though are more about conversation and having a chat with her.

Be friendly and all that.

Obviously, she does sex stuff like show her tits, finger herself, etc.

But, in her opinion, while the sex stuff matters, it brings in more money for her to be interactive and make the clients feel like they have a connection or relationship with her.

Will Eat Pussy for Dinero

Afterwards, I found a room that has 2 chicks working in it actually who are actually from Colombia.

They wouldn’t say which city but I guess we can all assume Medellin, right?

Who knows.

Supposedly, they work for an agency of some sorts where basically half of the money they earn goes to the agency while the other half is split between them.

Why do they work for the agency and not from home?

“No privacy and no laptop.”

So that’s why basically.

Anyway, they don’t really know each other or hang out outside of the studio room.

They both discovered the work online when someone posted an advertisement for it.

And got paired up where they show up to this room that someone else owns to do the work.

Funny enough, neither one is attracted to women.

But they have to do sex stuff with each other because that is what men want obviously.

Which brought up the subject of what are things they wouldn’t do or would hate doing for cash on this site.

The blonde haired chick told me that the thing she hates the most is really any pussy play with the other chick.

Basically, if she is paid to eat the other chick out.

She hates that.

For the other chick? She doesn’t mind if she has to eat pussy or do lesbian shit but obviously isn’t into it.

That’s basically it.

Oh and they make like 1,500 bucks more or less a month but that money is split in half with the studio.

Then the other half is split between them.

Your Future Wife Getting Gangbanged

Finally, we have an American Latina!

I actually thought she was born and raised in Latin America at first…

But I already gave her the 5 bucks before I realized I was dealing with an American Latina.

Anyhow, I’m not spending an extra 5 bucks to get another Latina from Latin America for this article so let’s roll with it.

We can call this chick Katherine.

Or Kat.

There we go – a cute short name.

Similar to the first 2 chicks, Kat started cam modelling basically once the whole corona recession started.

Lives in the US somewhere along the East Coast.

At any rate, she doesn’t work for a studio obviously and has her own place for privacy.

Out of all the chicks I talked with, she seems to work the hardest in that she also said she has an OnlyFans.

And basically turned all of this into a full time job.

Her boyfriend knows about it also and works on the side helping cover the bills with his income working for a hotel.

Anyway, she treats it like a real job working 40 to 50 hours on this.

And makes around 1,300 bucks a month more or less.

She actually plans on quitting soon and started applying for jobs since the money isn’t that much compared to the amount of hours she puts into it.

But hasn’t gotten a job yet apparently.

Though she said she’ll likely keep her OnlyFans for the side income.

So, in the future, she might keep doing some sex work online because it can “help pay her student loans” a bit.

The most surprising detail that came out of this was when she mentioned how she had sex with both her boyfriend and 2 other guys they found on Tinder for her OnlyFans.

Basically to, in her words, make a “gangbang” video for extra cash.

How did the boyfriend feel about doing that?

“He was supportive” she said.

And that was it!

Final Thoughts

And that’s it!

There’s some more information I could add to this article.

But right now, I’m pretty tired but I do got the more interesting stuff written down here.

In the next few days, I’ll probably edit this and throw in the remaining details that seem cool.

At any rate, who here is ready to date a Latina cam model?


I thought these 4 gals were pretty nice.

Sure seems like they could use a boyfriend!

Cmon now – don’t be shy.

If she practices sucking dildos every day, you must imagine that the blowjob skills are quite top notch.

She’ll end up being a bit crazy though perhaps like this gal here.

Well, drop any comments you have in the comment section below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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