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Did Hitler Escape to South America?

Published April 9, 2021 in Miscellaneous Information - 1 Comment

Going years back, I remember when I took a flight to Patagonia Argentina.

As you can see in this photo here.

I arrived at the Argentine city of Ushuaia.

The southernmost city of the world.

Here are some more photos of the place.

At any rate, I was feeling rather lonely.

In my travels, I see plenty of wonderful areas.

Some of the best mountains and lakes that South America can offer.

But, as is often the case, you don’t always have a friend to enjoy those experiences with.

Especially if you are traveling alone.

Suffice to say, you look to make a friend.

What better place than a bar?

So after stopping by at some nice looking restaurant I found on Google that offered high quality steak and fine Argentina wine...

With the sound of “Walk on the Wild Side” playing in restaurant here….

I decided to hit up some nearby bar.

Maybe make a friend.

And listen to the stories of a local who knows this place better than I do.

Stories that can make my time in Ushuaia even more memorable.

Once inside this nearby bar recommended to me by the cute waitress with the nice ass at the restaurant from before…

I sit down and order the usual.

A Cuba Libre.

Any Cubans to shout “Cuba Libre!” with at this bar?

No – this is Argentina, sir.

But there are other foreigners….

Sitting next to me happened to be an older German gentleman with a funny moustache.

Who, in his words, has spent decades in Argentina.

And did he have any memorable stories?

Well, after buying him a beer, he got talking.

Constantly about “the war” and about “how to operate a submarine in times of crisis.”

And also about how “those damn Soviets are a bunch of bastards.”

“Interesting” I mumbled with my Cuba Libre.

During those few hours, I couldn’t help but suspect that I had seen this man before.

He looked oddly familiar…

Like someone in this deep fake video.

Either way, the night ended as he excused himself.

As he walked out, the bartender yelled out “Hasta luego Adolf!”

“Mierda” I muttered as I realized who it was.

Louis Theroux meets Adolf Hitler

You Don’t Believe My Story?

Regardless of if you believe my story or not…

I swear it happened!

It is a topic anyway that sometimes gets discussed.

As you can see in this Joe Rogan video here.

As I was watching the video a week ago or so, I was a bit drunk laying in my bed enjoying the content.

And realized that this could be a good article idea for my website since it has to deal with Iberian America!

Did Hitler escape to South America?

Honestly, I have no idea as I write this right now.

I was going to look into it a week ago but I stumbled into bed as I had one too many “Cuba Libres.”

So this is Round 2 of my investigation into if Hitler escaped to South America.

Simply pulling together all of the research I can find online regarding this topic.

So, if you are interested, let’s find out together!

Here is what I could find out.

The Skull

One of the most important pieces of evidence is the skull that was taken from the bunker where Hitler’s body was claimed to be discovered.

The skull itself is reported to have had gunshot damage.

However, DNA and forensic tests were conducted on a piece of the skull and concluded that the skull likely was that of a woman as you can read here.

Though, to be fair, it was reported in the media quoting another academic here saying that “When doing a diagnostic of the skull, you have a 55 per cent chance of getting the sex right. That’s not much better than chance.”

However, there is more evidence to look at beyond the skull to help us figure this out.

Hitler’s Teeth

Next up, there are different sources out there that I briefly looked at regarding dental evidence.

One of those sources is a book called “The Last Days of Hitler, The Legends, The Evidence” by Anton Joachimsthaler.

Another is this article here by the Washington Post.

What a lot of the evidence regarding his teeth comes from is this…

First, two associates of Hitler’s personal dentist were brought in for questioning once to look at the dental remains.

They confirmed that the dental remains belonged to Hitler and his wife Eva Braun.

Next, French forensic pathologist Philippe Charlier concluded that some of the teeth studied were in alignment with 1944 X-Ray records of Hitler’s teeth.

That last study can be read more about here and concluded that the teeth analyzed definitely belonged to Hitler.

Still, there are claims that Hitler managed to escape to South America with different reported sightings of people who look like him.

So let’s go beyond the DNA evidence and check out the different claims out there.

Escape to South America by Submarine

To Ushuaia?

Well, not necessarily.

But somewhere in Argentina apparently.

The theory goes that Hitler had two corpses dressed as himself and his wife to be burned.

From there, he left late into the night to Denmark before flying into Spain.

From Spain, he would’ve taken a submarine to Argentina.

Of course, the idea doesn’t seem completely crazy as it is well known that high ranking Nazis did escape to South America.

And even if Hitler had arrived to Argentina…

Did he stay there?

Depends on which theory you read.

There is one theory proposed in the book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams.

Once they arrived to Argentina, the theory goes that the Nazis had provided money to Juan and Evita Peron.

Juan Peron being the President of Argentina at the time.

Once they arrived to Argentina, they would’ve stayed at Hacienda San Ramón, which his close to San Carlos de Bariloche.

So he did move to Patagonia!!?

My story made sense!

Afterwards, it is argued he moved to a mansion at Inalco, which is close to the Chilean border near Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Before ultimately his wife Eva Braun left Hitler in 1954 with a daughter to the Argentine city of Neuquén and Hitler died later in 1962.

However, not everyone agrees that he stayed in Argentina.

There is one theory that he eventually made his way north to Paraguay.

Not exactly Ushuaia.

Where he basically lived in a bunker that was turned into a hotel after he was claimed to have died in 1971.

However, according to this source, another theory claims that he actually made his way up north to Brazil “hunting for buried treasure using a map given to him by friends within the Vatican.”

Where his stay in Brazil lasted until at least 1984 and that source above includes a photo of what is apparently Hitler in those days.

But it’s possible that Hitler went even more north than Brazil…

It was made public knowledge that apparently the CIA even opened up a investigation into the possibility that Hitler lived in South America.

According to this source here, the CIA released a memo in which it gained information from a “reliable source” claiming that Hitler was alive in Colombia in 1954.

They even have a photo of him apparently as you can see here.

The photo apparently shows him sitting down with another SS trooper.

He apparently went by the name “Adolf Schüttelmayor” while in Colombia.

Well, regardless of if Hitler escaped to South America or not…

I can’t blame him.

This is one very fun continent to live on with plenty of nice people, great food, warm beaches and chicas lindas en mini faldas.

In all seriousness…

Most of the evidence that I am seeing anyway regarding this seems to center around photos of people who look questionably like Hitler.

Final Verdict

Well, if Hitler did survive to South America, he probably wouldn’t be alive now given the old age factor.

I’m more inclined anyway to believe that Hitler died in the bunker in Berlin.

For different reasons.

First, I feel it would have been likely that someone would have recognized him.

Even if we believe that any of the photo evidence actually shows Hitler…

That would imply that Hitler didn’t feel the need to change his face (and apparently not even his first name if we believe the story about him in Colombia).

Second, as I got reading into this, there seems to be some witness testimony that I could find online of people who saw Hitler’s dead body before the Soviets arrived.

For example, there are two books that come to mind…

The first being “With Hitler to the End” by Heinz Linge.

And the other being “The Last Days of Hitler, The Legends, The Evidence” by Anton Joachimsthaler.

Where it was reported that Hitler’s valet, known as Heinz Linge, opened the study door in the bunker.

To which he smelled a scent that is often associated with hydrogen cyanide and also noticed the dead bodies of Adolf and Eva on a sofa.

Where there was also some blood coming out of his right temple.

The gun that Hitler used to shoot himself was seen by his feet.

It was apparently the case that a few other individuals in the bunker also saw Hitler’s dead body before they were burned.

I could go on about this regarding the historical accounts provided by folks who were there in those final moments before Hitler was burned.

But then you have the DNA evidence.

Granted, as I was writing this, it did dawn on me that Hitler could’ve, in theory, had someone rip his teeth out maybe.

And leave those behind perhaps for the soviets to identify as him?

Afterall, that seems to be the main piece of DNA evidence that I could find regarding Hitler’s body.

And if you had to choose between getting your teeth removed (and likely later replaced) or getting killed…

Which would you choose?

Granted, that’s just speculation.

On the other side, I can see some reasoning as to how he could’ve made it a few decades surviving in South America.

For one, there were fascist governments in the 20th century in a few countries that might’ve felt sympathy to him.

Here’s a Wikipedia article about that topic here.

Second, you did have various high profile Nazis survive a few decades and more running around South America.

And if you are Hitler, I can see extra protection and caution provided to help him hide until he would’ve died of old age.

Especially if that theory about him moving to a rural location in Argentina was true...

I get some folks would argue that he would be too high profile to hide away in South America...

But let's get real.

If Hitler really was paying off some Latin fascist government to let him chill down here...

And let's say he moved to a isolated mansion in the rural countryside with only villages and a few small towns nearby...

Perhaps in El Chaco of Paraguay for example.

How many people would notice and think "Hitler?"

How many people in rural life El Chaco cared about him?

I have no idea.

But I would imagine most people in rural Paraguay by El Chaco or whatever rural area wouldn't be thinking "Hitler."

Especially since, from my knowledge, Paraguay didn't have that big of a role in World War 2.

So I could totally see him hiding out in isolation in a very rural part of South America that wasn't as tuned in to World War 2.

Especially if he had support, the collaboration with a local Fascist government and if he changed his appearance.

Granted, he would be known as "that weird foreigner" to the few locals nearby since I can't imagine too many foreign guys moving to El Chaco or whatever rural area in the 1940s.

But you get my reasoning here -- I can see it working out if he changed his appearance and lived in a very rural and isolated area with no neighbors.

Third, it is well known that the CIA actually did work with former Nazis (some of whom lived in South America) to fight against communism as you can read here.

With the more notable example being the CIA using the help of former Nazis to capture Che Guevara in Bolivia as you can read here.

So if Hitler did survive and was in hiding, it doesn’t seem to me that the CIA at least would’ve felt too compelled to go after him.

Which isn’t to say that there weren’t other groups hunting down former Nazis like the Mossad.

Because of those points and also the fact that there were high profile Nazis who escaped to South America in hiding for decades…

I’m not entirely against the idea that Hitler could’ve escaped also.

But, as I said, the DNA evidence does it for me as of now.

To me, that weighs more heavily compared to the other points mentioned.

As far as I could tell, it seems more probable that he died in the bunker.

But I only looked into this fairly briefly.

There’s a lot more research that has been done on this topic obviously.

But if you have any interesting evidence or stories that you heard regarding this topic…

Or if you just have an opinion about it in general…

Drop it below in the comments.

Anyway, enjoy this funny video by Doug Stanhope about the Nazis below to end this article on a tiny bit of humor.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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