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Visa & Residency Guide to Uruguay

Published December 3, 2020 in Uruguay , Visa & Residency Information - 0 Comments

Want to know how to live in Uruguay on a tourist visa or with residency?

This article will provide you with the basics of how to achieve that.

 By first talking about living in Uruguay on a tourist visa…

Then moving onto the nuances of that…

Such as the possibility of doing a visa run….

And also the consequences of overstaying your visa…

Before ending it on the topic of the temporary and permanent residency programs that exist.

For those who wish to live in this country longer than what a tourist visa allows…

And do to so legally and with more security.

So let’s get to it!

Tourist Visa in Uruguay?

If you want to visit Uruguay, you will be allowed to enter the country for 90 days.

According to this source here, you can extend your visa only once for 90 days.

Overstay The Visa?

Information online regarding the fee you pay for overstaying you time seems hard to fine.

The only information I could find suggests that the fee could be around 20 USD according to this source here.

Visa Run?

Based on what I am reading online, it seems possible to do a visa run from Uruguay to another country.

Return relatively soon and get the next few months approved for your time in the country.

Read this here in regards to others doing just that.

Anyway, seems possible for sure.

Temporary Residency in Uruguay

There are different categories for temporary residency in Uruguay.

One of the more common ones used is for folks looking to work in different jobs such as being a scientist, teacher, researcher, etc.

You can also get temporary residency if you are a student, journalist, artist, a spouse or a dependent on someone living there or if you are coming to do religious work.

But what about permanent residency?

Permanent Residency in Uruguay

If you live in Uruguay, you can apply for permanent residency.

You should spend about 6 months in Uruguay during the application processing time for your permanent residency to be approved – which usually takes 12 to 18 months anyway.

Anyway, that’s all the basic information for now. More to come later.

Got any questions or comments though?

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