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Visa & Residency Guide to Nicaragua

Published December 3, 2020 in Nicaragua , Visa & Residency Information - 0 Comments

Want to know how to live in Nicaragua on a tourist visa or with residency?

This article will provide you with the basics of how to achieve that.

 By first talking about living in Nicaragua on a tourist visa…

Then moving onto the nuances of that…

Such as the possibility of doing a visa run….

And also the consequences of overstaying your visa…

Before ending it on the topic of the temporary and permanent residency programs that exist.

For those who wish to live in this country longer than what a tourist visa allows…

And do to so legally and with more security.

So let’s get to it!

Tourist Visa in Nicaragua

From what I read, you will get 90 days if you arrive to Nicaragua.

And can extend that for another 90 days in Managua, Nicaragua when you want when your initial 90 days is almost up.

Overstay The Visa?

Supposedly, according to other foreigners online, you will be fined about 2 USD a day for everyday you overstay your visa in Nicaragua.

Specifically, it seems to be a fine of 50 Nicaraguan Coroba per day – so roughly more or less 2 USD a day.

Some sources report a tiny bit more than 2 USD a day and some less.

So it might vary but that is more or less what you will be charged.

Visa Run?

From what I have read, visa runs are possible in Nicaragua.

Just make sure to go to a country that isn’t part of the C-4 group.

Meaning Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

So perhaps Costa Rica since it is right next door.

And when you come back, you should get another 90 days from what I have read.

Residency in Nicaragua

From my understanding, there are basically 2 ways to get residency in Nicaragua that lead to permanent residency.

At least from what I have read.

The first is through the rentista or pensionado path.

This is where you live in Nicaragua because you have some source of money coming in monthly that can support you living there and you can prove it.

For the pensionado side, you have to prove at least 600 USD per month and it will likely come from some pension plan or something similar. You also have to be at least 45 years old for this option.

For the rentista side, you can be of any age to apply and you also have to prove at least 750 USD per month instead. That amount of 750 USD also has to come from things like investments, stocks, certificates of deposit or something like that. You cannot, from what I have read online, use your salary for the money required here.

Outside of the rentista / pensionado option?

You can also get permanent residency through the investor path.

Here, you will have to invest 30,000 USD into a business in Nicaragua.

And that’s the basics!

More information to come later on this subject.

Got any questions though or comments?

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