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Where to Find the Best Street Art of Iztapalapa

Published December 31, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Where should you go to find the best murals of Iztapalapa of Mexico City?

I've taken photos of literally over 1,000 murals in Iztapalapa and spent basically 24 hours or however long it has been riding around in a taxi visiting every corner of Iztapalapa that I could find.

While living in Iztapalapa for 3 months in a neighborhood called El Manto and was visiting the area for a month before that.

I'm not an expert on Iztapalapa by any means but, as of 2022, I think I know where to find some of the cooler murals that I saw.

Of course, that's for 2022.

I want to emphasize that -- given the nature of what we are talking about -- the coolest murals to find could change in a year or two for obvious reasons.

Perhaps they start making even cooler murals in other parts of Iztapalapa that didn't have any before.

Maybe some get removed or ruined that were cool before.

Whatever really.

Anyway, let's get to some tips I have before covering the areas.

First Tips

First, Iztapalapa is a huge area of Mexico City. Get a taxi to help ride you around.

For one, you don't want to spend 50 hours walking around. Your feet will hurt!

Second, it's safer. I didn't have any issue taking over a thousand pictures of Iztapalapa but, as I wrote here, there was one incident where some gang members wanted to stop my taxi to ask why I'm taking pictures and where, in another neighborhood that I wrote about here in Coyoacan, I almost got into some trouble with  gang members for taking pictures.

So, when going into areas like this for photo taking, it isn't a bad idea to have a taxi driver with you.

You'll less likely get bad attention as the driver will just keep on driving and, even if you do have a conversation with someone, you at least have another person with you to back you up.

Third, how much is a taxi? As of 2022, you'll be paying around 100 to 150 pesos per hour. You could go by the meter but, if you go by the hour, know that is what you should be paying more or less. 

Fourth, how dangerous is it though?

Not all of Iztapalapa is the same.

This area gets a very bad reputation but it really isn't as bad as people say it is in my opinion.

But some areas are much sketchier than others.

You'll be OK though.

The only time I ever got odd attention was that one incident of being seen taking pictures of everything and grandma.

But, while living there on a day to day basis doing day to day things that are more normal, nobody cared about me or gave me shit.

Just don't do stupid shit and you'll be OK (with some luck too perhaps).

Fifth, obviously ask your taxi driver ahead of time if he is willing to drive your ass around for 4 to 6 hours if you plan on doing a full day riding around. You could actually spend way more than 6 hours like I did because, like I said, Iztapalapa is so big and it would take yo a while to cover it all.

Sixth, pick your taxi up at a taxi stand obviously. There's one that is reliable outside Cerro de la Estrella metro station. They have two lines though and, from what I remember, I think one of them has more informal taxis and the other one has more formal taxis. I could be wrong but that's what I remember.

Seventh, even though I think you'll be OK in terms of safety (especially if you use a taxi, common sense and drive around during the day), I do recommend you don't travel with too much stuff on you just to be safe.

So maybe 50 bucks or 1,000 pesos for every 5 hours you plan on using a taxi (even if he's going at 150 pesos/hour rate, that still leaves 250 left).

Eighth, I'd offer to buy the taxi dude a torta or some water if you're using him for 6 to 8 hours. At least some water. Dude is basically your employee at that point and not just a regular taxi driver. I always offer at least a bottle of water to buy from whatever corner store. 

Ninth, I'd never leave my backpack or anything in the vehicle when getting outside to take pictures of something. Even if he seems nice, just take it with you so he doesn't speed off with your shit.

Tenth, be very mindful of not taking a picture that has someone too obviously in it. Some people -- especially more dangerous and sketchy areas -- can be very worried that you are taking a picture to kidnap their ass later or they might be a gang member thinking you are the police.

At least that's what I've been told on several occasions by taxi drivers in the area. 

Not saying everyone is like that.

They also will just be weirded out if they think you are taking a picture of nothing in an area not known for tourism and they happen to be in the way of your picture.

So obviously just be mindful of not trying to weird out too many people when taking pictures.

Eleventh, take your own toilet paper if you ever need to use a public bathroom if you are using a taxi for a long trip of some odd hours. Public bathrooms here in Mexico City expect everyone to walk around with shit dripping down their legs because they only offer either no toilet paper or such a pitiful amount that it surely wouldn't be enough. So carry your own.

Anyway, let's get to it.

Where to See Awesome Murals of Iztapalapa of Mexico City

There are plenty of cool murals all over this area but there were some areas I saw that had murals I liked more than others.

1. Along the Ermita Iztapalapa road.

2. Colonia El Manto

3. Colonia Los Angeles and Colonia San Juan that are close but south of Constitucion de 1917 metro

4. Colonia Progresista north of Constitucion de 1917 metro

5. Colonia San Juan Xalpa

6. Pueblo Culhuacan, especially Calle Morelos that is in front of the Ex Convento de Culhuacan

7. You'll see some murals on some of the walls on the outside of the Central de Abasto market (though the area in the immediate surroundings of that market isn't great for murals)

8. The cablebus ride starting in Constitucion de 1917 metro will offer you the BEST views of murals from the sky looking down. If you are limited on time to see murals in Iztapalapa, this is where you go to see a ton quickly and move on.

Anything to Add?

Here's some photos of some murals I took.

If you have anything to add or any suggestions, drop some comments below.

And follow my Twitter here.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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