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Hiking Cerro de San Miguel Volcano of Milpa Alta

Published December 31, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

Having lived in the Milpa Alta town of Santa Ana, there was a volcano I heard about known as the main volcano for the town.

It's called Cerro de San Miguel Volcano.

Very close to the town anyhow as you'd imagine.

I figured I'd might as well check it out since it apparently is known as the main volcano.

The experience wasn't too much so I'll keep this short.

Arriving to Cerro de San Miguel Volcano

Milpa Alta has a bunch of volcanos or mountains for you to climb and makes for a good hiking area.

One of the best areas in Mexico City actually for hiking.

Cerro de San Miguel Volcano is one of your options and actually one of the easiest in my opinion.

You need absolutely no hiking experience whatsoever to get to the top.

To start, you obviously should get to the town of Santa Ana Tlacotenco obviously.

Then you'll be going to the south of the past and reaching a busy road called Nueva Carretera A Oaxtepec.

On Google Maps, it's a yellow road.

Here is what it looks like right before you get onto the next road.

Cross that road to get onto Benito Juarez street on the other side.

From there, it's just a straight walk up.

Here's what you'll see at the start of Benito Juarez street and immediately after.

Then here's some photos from close to the beginning of the walk. 

The beginning of the road is not too rural with some housing.

Once you pass some of the initial housing, it'll get more rural with basically no housing left and some fields of crops.

Most of them nopal and some of them maize as you can see here.

It's a very easy and well paved road anyhow going to the top.

You could also just get a taxi to take you to the top.

No reason to hike it up unless you want to.

If you do, I think it was maybe 20 minutes what it took me to get to the top?

Something like that.

Here's more pictures to the top.

Then, when you get there, you'll turn right onto a path that isn't very paved.

And, if you keep walking another 10 seconds or so, you'll see this below here.

It's a big soccer field below.

That's what is waiting for you.

There's also another path that you can see in that photo that'll take you down there.

If you go down the path I went to get to the top and described here, you'll seemingly have to go a circle around to get to the part where that path will lead you to a soccer field.

On Google Maps, you'll see another path to take past that big road I mentioned that takes you more directly to the narrow path leading to the soccer field.

Either path will take you there anyhow.

Obviously, you won't see any gringos in the area either.

I went down the path and didn't see any obvious gringos.

This isn't really an area popular for them obviously.

And obviously it's free to hike and get to the top. Nobody charging anyone to hike this place.

Safe? Yeah, felt perfectly safe.

Pretty cool too that they put a soccer field there. What a great place to play some sports. I dig it.

Nothing much else to say anyhow.

If you got anything to say or any questions, drop them below in the comment section.

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Thanks for reading.

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