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Visiting Laguna de San Gregorio Altapulco in Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

In Xochimilco of Mexico City, you have a certain lake called Laguna de San Gregorio Altapulco.

Basically no gringos visit this area and very few Mexicans.

There's also a mini community called San Gregorio right below the lagoon area that you can visit.

Has a few mini churches but not much else.

Anyway, you can visit the Laguna de San Gregorio Altapulco but there are limitations.

It took me two attempts to visit it.

The first time I tried, they told me no.

Then I was in my apartment thinking to myself "fuck that shit, I want to visit."

So I put on nicer clothes.

Came with a better story for why I wanted to visit.

Asked the second Uber driver to stand up for me and explain the situation with me if he wants a nicer tip.

Then we got rockin n' rollin.

They let us in.

No bribe needed.

But they were confused as to why I wanted to visit and thought I was lost looking for the trajineras of Xochimilco.

I told them no. I saw that before. Now I want to see this.


"Just because bro. Looks nice on Google Maps."

They were nice but just confused as to why I wanted to visit.

But they let me.

There's a little community you find past the mini gate area you have to pass.

Some housing I saw.

Folks working on some fields in the distance.

We went down some narrow road.

They wouldn't let us past the second gate that was closed and would allow closer viewing of the lagoon

That was fine enough.

I got to see the lagoon and that was good enough for me.

Personally, it makes for an OK visit.

Even if I was closer, it wouldn't have been that much closer and obviously I doubt they would have let me swim in it or something.

Just for looking at.

It's technically on ejido land though so that is the reason why they are cautious with letting anyone too close.

The Uber driver was telling me how these ejido folks can be paranoid about someone wanting to spot their land, perhaps steal it somehow or whatever the hell else.

Whatever really.

I saw it. Left.

If you were to be allowed closer, I'd say you only need an hour at most here and that is pushing it since you can't do anything except look at it.

A solid 15 minutes really.

I enjoyed seeing it anyway.

Then I moved on.

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