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Time in the Heroico Colegio Militar in Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 0 Comments

My taxi driver was driving me around Mexico City.

I had him take me to this college "just because."

He thought they wouldn't let us get into the college.

They had security.

Given we had driven up to this point, I told him "let's see."

He asked them from his window if we could go on and explained that he had "a tourist."

They took a look at me.

Then walked to ask their superior if they could let me in.

They said yes.

With some guide/escort into the area.

And just the museum they had.

Some military museum.

They asked him later half jokingly if I was a spy.

I was the only one in the military museum.

Saw it.

Took photos.

Moved on.

The people seemed nice.

I liked it.

Here's photos.

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