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The Street Art of Iztapalapa in Mexico City

Published October 1, 2022 in Mexico - 2 Comments

Iztapalapa is known for a more dangerous reputations in Mexico City but it also has a lot of murals all over the place.

Here's a video on the subject.

A lot more murals than I have seen in any other part of the city.

Similar to how you have murals in other areas of the city, this does remind me of how other areas (like Pedregal de Santo Domingo of Coyoacan) has a shit ton of Volkswagen Beetles as you can see here (even though other parts of the city have that too).

And so, to be fair, I tend to see murals also in other areas of the city that are more "informal" and have more crime.

Like Pedregal de Santo Domingo of Coyoacan as you can see here.

There are probably reasons for that.

For example, as I referenced in this article here, poorer areas of Latin America sometimes have efforts to make themselves look nicer through public art.

It's not unique to Mexico City.

On top of that, as I wrote about here, richer areas tend to have more bold politicians that wish to clean the area of any public art along those street food places. 

One can assume that they can more easily get away with doing so due to less poor locals who would vote against them and might even agree with them.

And, on top of that, there is always that concern of that "image" they are projecting to tourists as nicer areas tend to have more tourists.

At any rate, the public art of Iztapalapa is so far one of my favorite things of the area.

Every street has something to look at.

I included photos of what I have seen below in this article (I think most have been in iztapalapa but it's always possible a few might be in Tlahuac as I've been spending the last few months in both areas).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the art!

In the coming months, I might add more as I continue to live in and go through Iztapalapa where I'll probably see more street art along the way.

I got nothing else to say though.

If you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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And enjoy the art below.

Thanks for reading.

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K - October 5, 2022 Reply

Very cool shots! Makes me want to visit Iztapalapa.

    Matt - October 5, 2022 Reply

    Iztapalapa, despite its rough reputation for being violent, does have something to offer in some respects.

    For one, it’s one of the better areas (if not the best) for street murals. You’ll find murals in the rest of Mexico City (though one of the nicer areas is trying to get rid of them on street food spots because it’s seen as something poor people do) but Iztapalapa is definitely the best place I have seen in Mexico City for murals.

    You’d like Milpa alta too because you’ll occasionally see some murals that have more of a “rural” feel to them — images of corn for example. Granted, Milpa Alta is more rural and so the murals reflect obviously the area.

    Outside of murals (which really is one of the main things Iztapalapa has to offer), you got two other things at least worthy of checking out:

    Cerro de la Estrella mountain (easy hike up for a good view of the city. I got up there in 30 minutes).

    They also have some market here called Abastos. If I remember right, I think it’s the biggest or one of the biggest in Latin America? Can sometimes be dangerous though. That occasional story of a shooting happening between two gang members breaks the news once a year or however frequently it happens. You’ll probably be OK visiting though. Most likely.

    Iztapalapa has a few other things to see too but I’d say those are the main highlights (outside of cultural events that occur every so often like the Enchilada event they had recently, Grito de Independencia for this specific area, etc).

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