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The European Snobbery on the American Tipping Culture

Published October 1, 2022 in Personal Stories & Opinions - 0 Comments

There's a funny thing you notice about Europeans when they bitch about Americans.

Where they hate our "tipping culture" and think it's absurd.

To be fair, I get where they are coming from.

I don't think they are necessarily wrong.

Sometimes though you have those Euro types who just want to feel superior in all ways possible even though they are the literal cucks of the world.

Used to be a conquering force colonizing everyone. Now they can hardly defend their region. Have their security coopted by the Americans. Sucking the Russian cock for gas. Nobody cares about their culture anymore. Cope harder, Euro losers.

Still, I can't say I disagree entirely with their perspective on tipping.

That we should all be paying a fair wage to the workers and all that.

The prices should be understood from the first second and there is no guess work as to if you need to tip or not.

Got it.

One thing though that I find funny about them is how they will say specifically that tipping is just an American habit.

Which is their way of looking down on just Americans (meaning those from the US and not some Pan-American sense of the word).

Of course, it's ironic when a Euro says that because, while said Euro is probably hyping up about how well traveled he is, such a statement only shows the reverse.

Which is another point -- the Euro who says he is so well traveled but his traveling involves countries that are smaller than Iowa and are right next door in a union that allows free travel with no restrictions on movement.

Anyway, you might point out then to said Euro that "well, actually plenty of tipping happens here in Mexico."

Or how it happens in quite a few other countries of Latin America in my experience!

Among most countries I have been to down here where you WILL encounter situations similar to back home where tipping is expected.

Granted, the expectations are lower here than back home.

For one, you'd only be expected to tip 10% at a non-touristy restaurant in Mexico.

If said restaurant has lots of foreign tourists (and not just Americans) or if it is a fancier place, then standards will be higher at 15% to 25%.

Still, even by those standards, the amount you tip is still typically lower than back home because it's a percentage of lower food costs than what you'd have paid for the same food in your country like in the US.

So maybe you go to a normal restaurant that charges 3 bucks for the whole meal and you tip 10%.

So 30 cents or some shit?

Who gives a shit?

If you're a Euro dude bitching about a 30 cent tip, then you have other things to worry about.

Of course, some Euro types might say "ah well, that tipping was imported from America! America ruined the standards down here in Mexico or whatever country!"

Though I would ask questions in response to that.

For one, how did the Americans ruin it? Did the US State Department mandate that all touristy places require tipping? No? Then how so?

Second, you might say that it's due to all of the Americans. I agree with you that the presence of foreigners increases the standards of the locals on us. But it's not just Americans. Plenty of Canadians, Brits, Germans, etc. You all have more money than the locals also and are seen as piggy banks equally. Got white skin? As much as you hate it, you are seen as a gringo until proven otherwise and, gringo or not, are known to have more money. 

Third, it's a weird idea to say that "well, us Americans exported the idea of tipping down here and we are to blame" as that strips any autonomy from the locals. We didn't put a gun to the locals head to demand we tip them. In fact, Latin America attracts plenty of folks looking for cheap cost of living. Some would prefer not to spend extra by tipping! But it's the locals ultimately who demand as such so it's not really just a thing from those in the US. 

Fourth, what about non touristy areas that have no gringos but demand tips? They aren't seeing gringos showing up that they know are accustomed to tipping. However, they still would prefer tips from the locals who show up. Did the US State Department then tell these restaurant owners to prefer tips? No. Who the fuck wouldn't prefer tips? More money in your pockets. 

Above all though, there isn't much more to say on this topic.

I just find it funny when Euro types bitch at us Americans about tipping and claim we are the only ones who engage in it or, when you bring up how Latin Americans do it also, they will cope and say "UH WELL AMERICANS TAUGHT THEM TO DO IT!!"


Keep coping due to the fact that many other people in the world (a world you claim to be so well traveled through) prefer tips also.

And that, above all, maybe your Euro way of doing things isn't always accepted as the universal way of living life and handling situations like to tip or not to tip.

The world doesn't revolve around Europe anymore.

Anyway, if you got anything to say (agree or disagree), drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

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