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Latin Americans Defining Special Latin American Characteristics That Aren’t Special

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While leaving some park in Xochimilco a few odd weeks ago, I got into a taxi to take me back to my apartment.

Along the way back, the driver begins small talk with me and starts talking about how great Mexico is.

Asking me the usual questions of "do I like Mexico?" "Do I like Mexican food? How long have I been here?" and so on.

Anyway, during the conversation, the guy begins making some comments in favor of Mexico.

One of the comments in particular was weird to me and came about during a brief bit he was going on about in regards to the women.

Soon came after his questioning on if "I like Mexican women."

But what was weird about it was him saying something along the lines of how "the women are very conservative here" or something like that.

Something along the lines of "they like being taken out. Flowers and everything. They like to be treated nicely. Mexican women like to be treated nicely. It's something about the women here. More conservative."

I didn't try arguing with the dude.

For one, you just know you shouldn't.

It's a weird thing I find when local dudes try asking me about if "I like the women here."

Like who the fuck is going to say no?

Pussy is pussy.

Who gives a fuck where it comes from.

And also I wouldn't go around nor have I ever seen anyone back home ask foreigners "do you like our women?!?!"

Often feels like it comes from a weird point of insecurity.

And, when it comes to how "conservative" the women are, you just don't disagree.

Even if you've met plenty of Mexican women who suck dick on the first date, it's obviously not very polite to tell a local that "no, actually your women are sluts."

Putting that aside, the odd thing I did find about his comments and what is relevant to the topic is his emphasis on "our women like to be treated nicely."

Flowers. Nice dinner date. The whole nine yards.

To which I can only think to myself "who the fuck doesn't?"

Any woman in any country wouldn't mind a random ass dude spending lots of money on her.

But he was making it seem like this was a specific thing for Mexican women.

That it's worth commenting on just how much more their women prefer to have flowers and nice dinner dates.

It's an odd thing because, as you would expect, women in any country of the world like that.

So why bring it up?

Reminds me of another moment long ago.

"Latino Parents Are the Strictest in the World"'

When you listen to Latin Americans and US Latinos discuss their parents and being raised in a Latino household, you hear stories sometimes of "the chancla."

Basically some Latin American parent hitting their kid with a flip flop.

In doing so, they'll use it as an example of "just how rough" Latino parents can be in compared to other races or ethnicity.

Years ago, I remember a Mexican American chick named Rosa who went to the same college as I did telling me about "the chancla."

Long story short, she often took "the chancla."

And said something along the lines about how Latino parents "gaslight way more than parents of other races."

Something like that.

It's been almost a decade since she was giving me the story one night at some frat house in Ohio.

Anyway, I didn't question it to her but it did seem weird to me.

In my own family, though I do love my parents, they have had a history of making shit up.

Saying shit didn't happen when it did.

My sister has told me a bit of her own experiences on it and I've seen it also.

But it just seemed weird to me why she'd make this a "Latino thing."

Does she go around asking her friends of other backgrounds if their parents gaslight a lot?

Most of her friends were Latino from what I knew.

Though, to be fair, I do think "hitting your children" is not too rare down here in Latin America as I have seen personally having lived in lots of different homes that sometimes have families living there.

Like the apartment I live in now in Iztapalapa where I've seen the mom of the family who runs the place hit her daughter.

And I mean literally hit (or smack I suppose) her 6 or 7 year old looking daughter in the face.

It's something you can read about here as I remember reading another article on the topic.

Though, above all, I think the use of corporal punishment down here comes down to socioeconomic factors but that isn't to excuse either when it does happen.

Anyway, going back to the point, I don't think what Rosa said was true about gaslighting being more common among Latinos than non-Latinos.

If you're a parent who is OK with corporal punishment, I feel most parents of most backgrounds (read: almost all) are either going to make excuses for it or straight up deny it anyway.

After all, you're the type to engage in that so why wouldn't you lie about it regardless of your race or ethnicity?

Not like we care about morals here.

On top of that, regardless of the morals of corporal punishment, no parent wants to be told or admit to their children of any age that what they did was wrong.

When you were wiping someone's ass the day they were born, you don't look to taking "constructive criticism" from them someday.

It's just how it is.

So Rosa's idea that this is some "Latino thing" regarding parents gaslighting just seemed weird to me.

But we left it at that.

A Youtube Video

Finally, I saw a video on Youtube recently that reminded me of this topic again.

It's a more visual example for you all to demonstrate what I am talking about.

Here  it is titled "Dating Mexican Women: 8 Secrets to Successfully Dating a Mexican Women."

Dating Mexican Women: 8 Secrets to Successfully Dating a Mexican Woman!

You all see?!?!

These are SECRETS that NOBODY knows on how to date SPECIFICALLY Mexican women!

Not Syrian women!

No North Korean women!

And not your flat cardboard ass, no tits Swedish women!

This is for your TOP DOLLA Mexican women!

And so what are the tips?

Well, similar to the taxi guy, I'm going to ignore the tips I disagree with like those regarding how "chivalry is still expected" because it's not for polite company to tell Mexicans that some of their women are just as down to suck cock 5 minutes into a date like women of other nationalities.

But, similar to the taxi guy, we do have similar statements that could be said about women of any background.

Like how her tip 7 has to do with Mexican women being indecisive on what to have for dinner.

Or how her tip 3 includes a statement on how MEXICAN women will tell you that they are not angry but then stop talking with you.

......As if that isn't true of women anywhere?!!

Or, even more funny, her tip 8 is "to be faithful" to Mexican women and not cheat on her.

While I don't disagree with her that Latina women can be territorial, I'm positive that I've never met a woman from any country that is OK with her man cheating on her.

So why mention it?

Final Thoughts

Above all, it just seems weird to me when people try emphasizing certain things about people of certain backgrounds as if these details don't apply to literally everyone fucking else.

There are certain groups I notice that are most guilty of this, including:

1. Liberal foreigners who live down here and want to emphasize JUST HOW AWESOME Latin America is!

These are the types who could never imagine a day saying ANYTHING critical about the country they are in and just want to serve as a cheerleader for said country.

These same types will then say shit about how awesome the country is when those same details can be seen in other countries.

2. Prideful locals who want to emphasize just how DIFFERENT their country/race/ethnicity is. They want you to think of their women as "traditional" perhaps or whatever the fuck else. 

3. Red pill guru types are sometimes guilt of this also with their "top 10 tips for dating Latina/Asian/whatever the fuck else" women. Their top 10 tips are mostly exaggerated bullshit about how much better the women are here than back home or just generalized statements that could apply to women of most of the planet.

Like how they claim that "you need to be dominant" with the local women or some shit like that.

.....As if women anywhere else get off on submissive ass bitches?

4. You also have some dudes who just straight up forgot about shit back home because they never experienced it or were away for too long.

So they end up saying shit about life down here that is true but is also true elsewhere and isn't overly noteworthy.

To be fair, I've been guilty of this.

When I began traveling at 18, there were things about life back home that I have never done to this day like rent an apartment in the US.

I am from the US but I have never once in my life rented my own apartment up there.

I have no idea what it's like.

In talking with my sister about life back home, she has once in a blue moon told me stuff like "this happens back up here also."

Whatever that "stuff" is as I can't remember but I know she has said that to me before.

So I'm guilty here as well -- sometimes I just forget shit or didn't experience it up there when discussing life down here.

Above all, this is a certain detail about some folks when discussing life down here in Latin America.

Something I've been guilty of also.

Where you emphasize something that isn't unique to Latin America.

On one hand, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world as long as you aren't trying to make it sound like it ONLY happens down here.

Whatever "it" is.

But if you are one of those types that is purposefully over exaggerating something when you know it isn't unique to "your people" or whatever, that is weird to me.

It is what it is though.

Anyway, if you got anything to add, drop a comment below.

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Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


PS: I remember taking a taxi ride in Tlahuac area not long ago and the taxi driver was nice and trying to give me tips on living in Mexico. He was telling me how Mexicans love to "chingar" with others. I guess this example is similar to everything else in this article. After all, a lot of nationalities have locals who would "chingar" with others if they could get away with it. Not necessarily the most Mexican thing to do.

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